All Men Are Goats Or Where Are The Real Men?

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All Men Are Goats Or Where Are The Real Men?
All Men Are Goats Or Where Are The Real Men?

Video: All Men Are Goats Or Where Are The Real Men?

Video: All Men Are Goats Or Where Are The Real Men?
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the wolf of Wall Street
the wolf of Wall Street

As has long been known, women and men are very different. This applies not only to physiological signs, but also to logic and behavior, and much more. There are jokers who say that women and men are from different planets, which is why it is so difficult for them to understand each other. But as they say, there is some truth in every joke. Many guys simply cannot understand the feelings and logical thinking of the ladies, and they, in turn, cannot master men's feelings and logic. Solid puzzles. Hence, disagreements occur, and more and more women agree with the opinion that all men are goats.

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Experienced psychologists almost every day hear from their clients how terrible her young man is. They can spend hours talking about how badly she was treated and how unhappy she is, and that there are no more normal men left. Such ladies just need a psychologist as a listener, since they completely refuse to accept any help and advice, and continue to complain that "my mother said, I am tormented with him."

Some form of masochism

Most of the fair sex love to suffer. They like to feel abandoned, betrayed and taken advantage of. They like to complain about their life, talk about how bad everything is, but they do not want to change anything in their life scenario and in the criteria for selecting a partner. So, for example, it is more likely that if a girl remembers the beginning of her painful relationship, then you can see that the man did not become bad.

He was like that initially, just behind the veil of love that enveloped the girl, she could not discern these qualities at once. Even when he committed acts of unprecedented impudence, the lady found an explanation for this, since she was in love. Falling in love sooner or later passes and this is what we end up with - tears, swearing, parting and, after that, complaints to girlfriends that all men are goats.

Why does it happen that over time the girl radically changes her attitude towards who is her life partner? Everything is very simple. All the negativity that the man brought into the relationship can no longer be ignored by the girl. She was tired, began to get nervous and annoyed with and without reason, thereby realizing that the reason for this behavior was her partner. As a result of this realization, the girl tries to change something and starts, of course, with the guy she was with all this time.

Also, often the reason is not in the man. For example, at one point the lady simply began to get very tired, feel irritation and hatred for her life. On this basis, frequent quarrels with a young man began to occur. Without realizing it, a woman will every time do so that all conversations will come down to screams and scandals. In the end, one of the two will begin to get sick of such daily quarrels.

Then a decision will be made to end the relationship. If a guy is the initiator, then we can safely say that the club "all men are goats" will be replenished by one new member. Why is this happening? Because the girl will not until the last notice and admit her guilt in parting, since, in her opinion, nothing terrible has happened. And from that moment on, she will despise the entire male sex and hide a strong resentment.

all men are goats
all men are goats

It also happens that a girl is trying with all her might to drive away from herself the thought that her man treats her terribly. She will deny reality to the last, give a chance every time and think that now it will definitely change. There may be an infinite number of such chances, but the young man will never take advantage of any of them.

If both couples realize that everything will soon be destroyed, then their best solution would be to visit a family psychologist who will help solve the problem. The sooner you realize that you need professional help, the better. The key is not to deny the reality when you start to notice changes in your behavior.

Why are all men goats? 2

The man is arranged in such a way that they are used to hiding their real feelings behind a mask of indifference. Every time they try to maintain external calmness in any situation, however, a real hurricane can be created in their soul. This makes it difficult to get mutual understanding in a couple. Girls begin to think that they are doing something wrong, because they simply do not see the return from the guy.

They are trying with all their might to destroy this mask, but they very rarely succeed. As a result, the couple cannot come to an understanding and mistakes are made, which are very difficult to forgive. This leads to a break in the union, and the lady is again disappointed in relationships and men in general.

all men are goats
all men are goats

Almost every woman is used to focusing on the problem, thereby developing and worsening it even more. That is, for example, she discovered some unpleasant trait in a guy and now she will think about it every day, thereby exaggerating and inflating even the most insignificant and easily solvable problem into something huge, which later will prevent her from being silent and as a result, a serious quarrel will occur. It would be easier to start thinking about positive qualities that would probably more than cover this minor minus.

Then there was no quarrel out of nothing, and everyone would be happy. This rule must be learned by many of the fair sex. In addition, it is important to monitor your psycho-emotional state so that later you do not get lost over trifles and do not inflate the elephant out of a fly. Simply put, ladies, just watch yourself and your thoughts. The order must be in the head too, otherwise problems cannot be avoided for sure.

It would also be useful to find out exactly what stereotypes about men suit girls in guys:

  • Hard temper;
  • Highly excitable and nervous;
  • Miser;
  • Doesn't take everything seriously;
  • Likes to spend time watching TV / playing games;
  • Spends most of the time with friends or in the garage;
  • Sissy;
  • Abuses profanity;
  • Smokes or drinks, or both;
  • Treats with indifference to his appearance;
  • There is no desire to provide for the family;
  • Constantly lazy;
  • Refuses to help with cleaning;
  • Blames everyone for his failures, except himself;
  • Braggart.
man looking in the mirror
man looking in the mirror

Yes, the list is impressive, but we hasten to please a little - not every girl agrees with this list. Everything is individual, so it is quite possible that there will be such a young lady who will appreciate your rich vocabulary of abusive words or love of alcohol. Absolutely everyone can find a mate, but not everyone will be able to maintain this relationship for a long time. Both should work in pairs and you can't argue with that.

Also, after reading the list, you may get the opinion that all girls are very demanding. This should not be ruled out, but the majority of ladies are not to blame for this, since elementary upbringing is to blame for this. Every mother strives to raise her daughter like a princess. This, of course, is not so bad, since in this way the mother protects her child from the mistakes of her youth. But, alas, having matured, many continue to behave as if they are queens and everyone owes them. From here we get a large list of qualities that are undesirable for a man, since they are looking for an ideal prince for themselves.

What should women do? 3

It's time to change yourself and your attitudes. Understand that no one is perfect. Even you are not perfect, despite what your parents told you so. Each has its own flaws, and whoever you choose as your boyfriend will have enough of them too. It is worth learning to close your eyes to shortcomings, if there are much more positive qualities, and just accept a person as he is. Don't forget that he will also have to put up with your cockroaches in his head.

Psychologists are sure that those negative qualities that, according to the girl, seem unpleasant to her in a man, helped to start this relationship. If it were not for this trait in the male character, then it is likely that the lady would not even have noticed him. In addition, they are sure that those people who have too high expectations, and they are waiting for a real prince without flaws, after entering into a relationship may begin to have big problems and nervous breakdowns out of the blue due to the fact that after so many searches, she is all I couldn't find the perfect one either.

man looking in the mirror
man looking in the mirror

They also ask such ladies to descend from heaven to earth and finally realize that everyone has their own shortcomings. It is important to learn to live with them and look at the positive qualities and think about them more often than about the bad ones.

Please note that an adult is already formed as a person and you will not be able to re-educate him for yourself. Perhaps your friends or mom say that if the person wants, then he will change. This is not true. He lived for more than one year on this principle and if you do not like something, then no one will fix it. Even with a strong desire, it will simply be impossible to implement.

If you understand that you don’t want to end the relationship because of some flaw, then you should reconsider your attitude towards this person and talk to him. If the situation is too difficult, then it is better to seek help from family psychologists who will definitely be able to resolve the differences that have arisen between you.


Yes, they even decided to investigate such an interesting thing in order to figure out why all men are goats.

Psychologists in one research center decided to do this research. They were interested in what is the reason for this behavior on the part of women and why the overwhelming majority of women consider this statement to be true.

a man carries his portrait
a man carries his portrait

To participate in this experiment, girls were selected whose fate is not cloudless. More specifically, they invited female representatives who were abandoned several times, some were abandoned even on their wedding day, with small children or pregnant women. In general, the "most interesting" candidates from all over the country and with a wide range of income levels.

The man for this experiment was selected as follows. More than ten men from decent families were invited, where they were brought up as real heroes of fairy tales about princes. They were responsible, loving their parents and friends, with decent jobs and high wages, without any bad habits. Also, before starting a conversation with them, it became clear that for the sake of their future wives they are ready for anything and that they are ready to become a good father to their children.

Simply put, those same men of dreams. Some of the candidates, of course, have already been married, as such are snapped up like hotcakes. The married people were asked to get rid of the rings and not give themselves away. Also, in order to bring everyone closer to the most accurate results, they were asked to dress in almost the same thing, namely, wear suits and a white shirt. The men also had to take off all their accessories, which at least somehow hinted that he had no financial problems.

Well, as they say - "fly in the ointment" was launched by one guy who was a pathological womanizer, a scoundrel and a scoundrel. It is after meeting with such women that they begin to insist that all men are goats. As for his appearance, he did not stand out from the crowd. Even, on the contrary, he was lost against the background of decent handsome men. He was also dressed in a suit and white shirt, asked to take off his accessories and stand up to his “colleagues”.

man with disco ball
man with disco ball

Of course, they didn’t tell the girls that this was some kind of research. They were told it was just this type of quick date, but slightly modified. After that, the girls and boys were introduced and asked to talk to each other for a certain amount of time. After successfully passing all the candidates, the girls were asked to choose a photo of the one who, in their opinion, was more interesting and attractive. In general, with whom they would like to start a relationship.

Many have probably guessed what the result was. Almost all, namely 90% of all female representatives, gave their preference to the insolent and womanizer, despite the large selection of successful and more interesting candidates. Everyone said that only one of the guys was interesting, and the rest would practice communicating with the ladies.

The statistics were extremely shocking to psychologists. It was not clear to them why the overwhelming majority chose the very same goat, which is similar to their many exes. But later, having collected their thoughts and conferred, they managed to make a verdict and say what they managed to find out during the experiment.

Psychologists have come to the conclusion that all those ladies who say that all men are goats choose such life companions for themselves. Simply put, they have a developed "nose" for scoundrels, and without realizing it, they complicate their lives.

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