Number Of Sexual Partners. You, Me, He, She - Together A Friendly Family

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Number Of Sexual Partners. You, Me, He, She - Together A Friendly Family
Number Of Sexual Partners. You, Me, He, She - Together A Friendly Family

Video: Number Of Sexual Partners. You, Me, He, She - Together A Friendly Family

Video: Number Of Sexual Partners. You, Me, He, She - Together A Friendly Family
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guy and two girls
guy and two girls

The number of sexual partners depends on the country of residence. There are many countries in the world where today it is allowed to have more than one wife. Basically, up to three is allowed. The rules for keeping them by the husband are prescribed for the wives; the older wife must give permission to the husband to take another wife for himself. But who sticks to them? There is its own chaos.

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In Russia, according to the law, one wife is allowed, but a husband can get himself another mistress, sometimes more than one. However, women, either in revenge on their husbands, or by themselves, can also acquire lovers. Why is it that people are usually not satisfied with one sexual partner?

Legacy of times

The fact is that in ancient times, when a man was a breadwinner in the family, suppose he had to go hunting to get the family game. There were tragic cases. A large number of men died and women, as a result, were always more than men. For the clan to replenish and children were born, it was necessary that one man was responsible for several women. The lives of men were also taken away by wars, without which the ancient world could not exist.

At the genetic level in a man it is laid down that he can have as many women as he wants. Hence the problem in the modern world. For women, the problems come from the mysterious Amazons, who had the men they wanted, but only for procreation. At the same time, newborn boys were ruthlessly destroyed.

In some countries, the tradition is still preserved, where one woman has several husbands, since in these countries there are more of the latter than women. The legacy of the past sits firmly in the genes. Therefore, the number of sexual partners varies greatly.

Children are more direct in this matter. The grandmother asked the grandson of the ninth grader which of the girls in the class he liked the most. The grandson answered with anguish in his voice: "Oh, grandmother, I like them all!" So, who will forbid him? Boys like all girls and girls like all boys. In the modern world, there is a more loyal attitude towards the choice of the number of sexual partners. People can get married and divorced several times, no one blames them for this, and the law allows it.

number of sexual partners
number of sexual partners

So is it a sport or … 2

Another question is how many sexual partners each individual person, both man and woman, can afford during the year. The survey was conducted on dating sites in different countries, where people usually look for sexual partners. And no commitment, no consistency. Just partner for one twice and goodbye. This kind of sport has emerged recently. A man can be married, but he wants romance on the side.

In France, the poll gave such a result that if a Frenchman had up to 15 different contacts in a year, then the average statistics is normal for this country

In Austria, it is also considered normal to have up to 15 different partners per year

In Belgium, the rate is slightly lower, with only up to 12 different women

For the countries of Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, this rate is even lower to 10

In America, Italy and Holland, the rate drops to 9

In Russia, the number 9 is named

But the average is even lower - 7

how many sexual partners should there be
how many sexual partners should there be

Recall that this is according to polls on dating sites. Normal people, who are the majority, live and do not register on dating sites. They live at home and don't turn their heads around. The above figures are most likely a deviation from the norm. One gets the impression that this is just such an industry.

Believe it - you don't believe3

It is safe to say that not a single self-respecting woman will give the exact number of her partners that she had before the wedding, since there may not be a wedding. Therefore, to tell or not to tell the truth, everyone decides for himself. At the same time, men, as a rule, do not want to know exactly how many partners there were before him.

Girls are also not very eager to find out the number of former girlfriends from their chosen one, the main thing for her is that he is now with her. Guys only think about whether a girl can produce healthy offspring. And in this matter, the number of sexual partners before him plays a decisive role, as it entails possible diseases that can be transmitted to children.

number of sex partners
number of sex partners

If the partnership is not associated with the subsequent birth of children, then there is nothing to be offended. People simply satisfy their sexual needs and do not interfere with anyone. They live for today and do not make plans for the future. No responsibility, no one owes anything to anyone, and sex is always there.

Galina Rudes and Scott Stanley - scientists from the University of Virginia, came to the conclusion, after years of research, that the more sexual partners a girl had before marriage, the more unhappy they are in marriage.

And the fewer partners there were before marriage, the better and happier girls live in marriage. Apparently, they compare their husband with those partners who were and suffer from the fact that the husband is not like them.

Naturally, a husband cannot replace two dozen or even three dozen men who came before him. And he doesn't even know about it.