And Do You Love Me? Aha! Do I Need To Prove Love?

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And Do You Love Me? Aha! Do I Need To Prove Love?
And Do You Love Me? Aha! Do I Need To Prove Love?

Video: And Do You Love Me? Aha! Do I Need To Prove Love?

Video: And Do You Love Me? Aha! Do I Need To Prove Love?
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do i need to prove love
do i need to prove love

Any person's dream is to love and be loved. Love inspires us, instills hope and gives strength to live, create, dream. Manifestations of love enhance the acuteness and brightness of feelings. And the search for an answer to the question "How can you prove love" sometimes pushes lovers to the most rash acts.

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  • 1 Pros and Cons of Evidence of Love
  • 2 The parable of love
  • 3 Expressions of love
  • 4 This is not worth doing
  • 5 You can think about it
  • 6 Conclusion

Pros and Cons of Proofs of Love

Many may argue: "Is it worth proving anything at all?" Why waste precious time on this useless activity? After all, if such a need arises, then a worm of doubt and distrust has crept into the relationship.

But sometimes proof of love is necessary to refresh feelings, once again feel loved and desired.

Parable of Love2

The parable of the lovers fits perfectly into the topic of today's conversation:

Once a young man, embracing his beloved, quietly said: "I love you very much." "Very very?" the girl asked incredulously. Feeling the warmth of her arms embracing her, she slyly demanded: "You love, prove it!"

The guy reacted in bewilderment to an unexpected request for him: “How can you prove love? And why ?! " After a pause, the girl replied: "And you shout about your love so that the whole world can hear." Breaking the prolonged silence, the young man, leaning over to his beloved, quietly whispered: "I love you."

"Why in a whisper?" - the girl did not understand. The guy's answer surprised and at the same time delighted her: "Because for me the whole world is you, my beloved!"

Expressions of love3

How can you prove love? Or maybe you don't need to prove it? You need to feel it. Feel with every cell. Everything that you do for your loved one should come from the heart - sincerely and purely.

This is not worth doing4

Before you understand what the proofs of love are, you need to comprehend what in no case should you do so that your half does not doubt the sincerity of feelings:

And do you love me?
And do you love me?
  • Remember the phrase "Jealous means love"? However, life has shown that jealousy can never prove your love, since this feeling is just a selfish claim to possession. Therefore, try not to annoy your loved one with jealousy and not give a reason for it yourself.
  • Try to contain your negative emotions, even if there is a good reason. The increased timbre of the voice, sometimes turning into a cry, not only does not add love to the relationship, but, on the contrary, can easily reduce them to zero.
  • Never discuss your previous partners. Moreover, do not compare them with the current ones. This always evokes feelings of resentment, annoyance and bitterness.
  • Don't demean your loved one’s self-esteem. As a rule, this is not forgotten or forgiven.
  • Don't overuse nicknames. Even if they are harmless, they can be just unpleasant, and sometimes even cause a negative reaction.
do i need to prove love
do i need to prove love

You can think about it5

Love needs no proof, love needs manifestations:

  • The easiest way to find beautiful words and phrases, poetic lines. But they must come from the heart. It is important that not just words sound. It is important that the words are filled with feelings. In our age, the possibilities for communication are great: telephone, SMS - messages, Skype, email, social networks, etc. And your SMS with gentle words of love in the midst of a working day can not only give new strength to your partner, it can even inspire. After all, she is proof that they remember you, think of you, love you.
  • Praise. She is often forgotten, but praise is proof that you and your deed are appreciated. There are plenty of situations for this: repairs in the apartment, a repaired tap, a grocery trip, even a trash can taken out on time. Be wiser, praise your loved ones more often. It is not for nothing that they say that an affectionate word is pleasant to a cat.
how to prove love
how to prove love
  • You can choose gorgeous flowers and present them with words of love. You can buy an expensive gift. This is nice, but life shows that for the most part, gifts do not prove love.
  • The best expression of love is caring. Sometimes the phrase "How do you feel, maybe a cup of tea?" means more than a thousand of the most beautiful words and a million of the most expensive gifts. The most passionate vows will not replace the manifestation of tenderness - tenderness of eyes, feelings, hugs, tenderness of actions.
  • Love does not need just words, love needs deeds. They are the true proofs of love. And it is not at all necessary to move mountains for a loved one. It can be enough just to cook his favorite borscht deliciously, meet him with an umbrella in the pouring rain, knit warm socks or clean the apartment before the arrival of his half. Your fantasies and love will tell the situation on their own. Go for it. Love and be loved.
what love proves
what love proves


The same happens in the relationship between a man and a woman. How can you prove love? It is important to forget about yourself, your ambitions and live for the happiness of your loved one. Then you won't have to prove anything. After all, to express your feelings, you only need a few seconds and a few words. Sometimes life is not enough to prove it.

And about how men fall in love with women, you can find out in our article further on the link.

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