Why Doesn't The Girl Respond To Messages And What Should You Do

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Why Doesn't The Girl Respond To Messages And What Should You Do
Why Doesn't The Girl Respond To Messages And What Should You Do

Video: Why Doesn't The Girl Respond To Messages And What Should You Do

Video: Why Doesn't The Girl Respond To Messages And What Should You Do
Video: THIS is why a Girl Takes AGES To Reply to Your Texts ⬅️ 2023, March
girl takes a selfie
girl takes a selfie

Oh, this female ignore! Every man has faced this unpleasant circumstance at least once in his life. For once and for all, on the vastness of the world wide web, you were suddenly lucky to meet the girl of your dreams.

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  • 1 Make sure it's ignored
  • 2 Reasons for ignoring
  • 3 How to behave to avoid being ignored

Having gathered your will into a fist, and in some cases even sipped a little for courage, you begin to frantically remember all the secret techniques that will defeat the stranger from the first message. After picking up a couple of obviously winning phrases, checking them a thousand times for spelling and punctuation errors, crossing yourself, press the coveted "send" button. Wiping the sweat from your forehead and holding your smartphone tightly with your trembling hand, you sit and wait for a "miracle". A minute, ten, half an hour, an hour, 5 hours pass - but for some reason the "miracle" does not happen. Sound familiar? Then let's figure out why this is so.

Make sure it's ignored

First, let's try to figure it out, are you really being ignored? Alarms include the following:

  • On the girl's page for a long time, the "online" icon has been treacherously glowing, but your message remains unread;
  • Right now you notice active activity in a general group, chat or on its wall, in the form of correspondence, comments, likes and other things. But your long-suffering message still goes unnoticed;
  • You decide to take a desperate step and send her an SMS again. But it repeats the fate of its predecessor.

So, making sure that you are simply ignored, a logical question arises: "Why?"

Reasons for ignoring2

In fact, there can be many reasons for this behavior. However, the most common ones are described below.

The fair sex is in a bad mood

And here, as they say, nothing can be done. The girl had the imprudence to get out of bed on the wrong foot. Or she had a falling out with her best friend. Or she missed the seasonal sale and was left without beautiful shoes. Or the stars just didn't align. Guessing can be long and tiring, but the fact remains - Madame, as they say, is not in the mood.

pipe girl
pipe girl

She is offended at you

Moreover, it does not matter at all whether you are familiar in real life, or if you somehow managed to hurt her feelings during the correspondence that took place earlier. Now she will ignore you by all means in order to evoke in you even the slightest feeling of guilt and remorse. Of course, it would be nice to find out the reason for the offense, having at least a little conversation with the girl. But there is one small problem. All your messages remain unread.

You humiliated her

Well, or suppose he insulted. Inadvertently or deliberately, she wrote a little differently than what she wanted to read. And maybe even completely wrong, not the essence. Even if she misinterpreted everything herself. Be sure, the beautiful representative of the weaker sex has already rolled her eyes in a mannered manner and is not even in a hurry to open your message.

Your dialogue has become uninteresting

The topics of conversation have ended treacherously, she has no questions left for you. Each of your subsequent remarks makes her only half asleep. And worse than an offended girl can only be bored.

pipe girl
pipe girl

You're too complicated

Accordingly, you ask difficult questions. Or maybe you have bombarded her with tons of awkward or provocative questions over the last hour. Didn't think that the girl would need a certain time to answer them, well, or a desire? Not? In vain!

Her thoughts and time are occupied by others

It is possible that on the same site your beautiful interlocutor could meet a more interesting interlocutor. And now, seized with emotions and conquered by the wit and eloquence of your opponent, she simply does not consider it necessary to continue the dialogue with you. Alas. You're just not the same.

I learned something shocking about you

For example, facts from your past life that you would rather hide. Something that in the slightest way could compromise you and put you in an unfavorable light. Well, since not all girls can boldly and frankly discuss some points, I preferred the good old game called the Silent Woman to your excuses.

girl with smartphone
girl with smartphone

I did not appreciate the manner of your communication

Yes, you can imagine, probably, after all, she shouldn't have written using slang, diluting her essay with selected abusive pearls. Well, and from grammatical errors and parasitic words, too, few people experience spelling orgasms.

She's actually busy

This reason is both an explanation for female ignorance and the most beloved male excuse. But whatever it was, the girl really at the moment may not be able to answer you. It remains only to wait … and believe in a "miracle".

Plays with you

Insidious female representatives are fluent in a thousand and one ways to seduce a man. You may not believe, but all kinds of disregard for a man is one of them. Thus, the girl gives you a little strength test. She hid and carefully observes your actions, trying to understand if communication with her is so important for you. But there is good news: if all of the above reasons do not apply to you, and the latter is just your case, then there is a great chance that the lady will be the first to tire of playing and break her vow of silence.

girl with phone
girl with phone

How to behave to avoid being ignored

So, several hours have passed since the message you sent, but there was still no answer? So it's time to take control of the situation and act decisively. How? Read below.

React calmly and do not lose your composure

Even if you have suffered the sad fate of being ignored today, this does not mean that it will be so tomorrow. It is in your power to radically change everything.

Don't be annoying

It is not necessary to "bomb" the girl with messages with special persistence. Otherwise, the chances that she will answer at least one of them will be zero. And even more so, do not try to write curses and curses to the poor girl who did not bother to make you happy with a lightning-fast response.

the girl speaks on the phone
the girl speaks on the phone

Write competently and interestingly

Be simple and original at the same time. Write so that with each of your messages the girl becomes more and more interesting. Intrigue her with something. All the fairer sex are terribly curious. This technique works flawlessly. Start with neutral topics, and don't forget to compliment.

Remember your sense of humor

The man who managed to make a beautiful lady laugh has already halfway achieved her. This quality will undoubtedly be credited to you, given the fact that it is somewhat more difficult to do this in correspondence than in the moment of live communication.

Do not rush things

It's funny to watch how a guy, having barely met a girl, on the very next day inundates her with messages with pleas to meet. Take your time, give a charming stranger the opportunity to get used to your company, get to know you better.

Blake Lovely
Blake Lovely

Put your page in order

Before you write to the lady of the heart, make sure that when she comes to visit you, she is not shocked or, even worse, scared. But she will come, do not even hesitate. And everything that is placed there will be carefully analyzed, deciphered, and possibly interpreted in its own way. Therefore, if you are counting on long-term communication, carefully filter the topics of your publications.

Forget about passive aggression

Messages like "ok, well, keep quiet" are unlikely to arouse interest in your interlocutor. But they can easily turn her against you.

Awaken her imagination

Regularly stirring up the girl's interest in her person, you can not worry about your message being ignored.

You, of course, can argue indefinitely on the topic of mysterious female behavior and try to find even the slightest clue that will help you unravel this mystery behind seven seals. But you must agree that it will be much more effective to analyze the situation and turn it around in your favor. And if, after carefully reading this material, you still have questions, and you vaguely imagine what it is to write to a lovely young lady so that she will certainly answer - keep several ready-made examples.

girl with phone still from movie
girl with phone still from movie
  • Hello! You look great! My name is Artem, and I think we crossed paths with you at the club last week. Please correct me if I am wrong. Although, to be honest, I would really not like this.
  • Hello, today I woke up with an interesting idea that I plan to bring to life in just a couple of hours. With great pleasure I can and I want to share with you. Let this be our first secret together.
  • I wonder if a girl with an ideal appearance can have any flaws? What do you think about this?
  • Hello! You and I have as many as 3 common friends. Therefore, we can assume that we already know each other "in absentia".
  • Would a beautiful stranger refuse to keep me company on this dreary evening and walk (for now) through the vastness of the virtual network? I solemnly swear not to get bored with boring monologues and pledge to keep the conversation going on any topic you choose.
the girl speaks on the phone
the girl speaks on the phone

Even if, you have provided all the above rules, made work on the previous mistakes, and your message remained ignored, you should not make it a tragedy of your whole life. Take it easy. As an experience, albeit a sad one, that you needed at this stage. Surely in the near future you will meet another girl (and maybe not just one) who will appreciate you and enjoy communicating with you.

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