How To Understand That A Man Has Serious Intentions. We Will Answer

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How To Understand That A Man Has Serious Intentions. We Will Answer
How To Understand That A Man Has Serious Intentions. We Will Answer

Video: How To Understand That A Man Has Serious Intentions. We Will Answer

Video: How To Understand That A Man Has Serious Intentions. We Will Answer
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men are serious
men are serious

Every girl strives for family and children with age. After all, it is so natural and laid down in the fair sex by nature. But not always a woman can understand the plans of a young man who is nearby. Yes, young ladies are more mysterious and unpredictable people, but how to understand that a man has serious intentions is sometimes very problematic.

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  • 1 Recognizing you as a couple
  • 2 Spends a lot of time
  • 3 Prefers you to friends
  • 4 Shares his "toys"
  • 5 Emotional in quarrels
  • 6 Meeting friends
  • 7 Joint work activities
  • 8 Not only talking, but also actions
  • 9 Focusing on your beloved
  • 10 Doesn't avoid meeting with parents
  • 11 Thoughts about children

The more a girl is attracted to a guy, the more persistently she looks for signs of the seriousness of his intentions towards himself. The most interesting thing is that over time, the stronger sex behaves more and more unpredictably. If, for example, thirty years ago, acquaintance with the guy's parents meant that it was going to be a wedding, now this is far from the case. Morals have become more free and the young man, changing girls, at least every year, will introduce each one to his mother.

However, there are several signs by which the thoughts of most modern men can be determined.

Recognizing you as a couple

In joint conversations and making plans for the near future, a man increasingly begins to use the word "we". He can do it without even realizing it. But this definitely means that he is already accepting his status as a busy man, not a bachelor.

Spends a lot of time2

Another sign is a lot of time that a young man spends with his girlfriend. And if you think logically, men do not devote much time to love adventures that are not important to them.

Prefers you to friends3

Your chosen one prefers to spend more time with you than with his friends and relatives. Of course, just refusing to meet with friends does not mean anything. But if this happens systematically, then you are definitely a priority for the guy.

man loves
man loves

Shares his “toys” 4

We all know how important cars or technology are for men. It's not for nothing that they are called big children. And if a guy shares his “toys” with you without any fear, this is a certain sign of trust.

Emotional in quarrels5

If you are fighting, then the man is as emotional as you are. After all, if you think sensibly, then a young man will not waste time and energy on a scandal with a girl he does not need. Of course, only if the conflict is small and ends in reconciliation.

Meeting friends6

The man introduces you to the circle of his closest friends and acquaintances. For some people, this step is more serious than meeting their parents. This may mean that he wants to brag about you and get the approval of his loved ones, while at the same time showing trust in you. After all, just another girl a guy will never admit to his personal "men's club".

beloved man
beloved man

Joint labor activity7

Working together is also a positive wake-up call. If a man admits you to his non-work affairs and sees your help, then he subconsciously notes to himself that you can not only relax with you. Joint affairs will once again prove to him that he can rely on you in any situation.

Not only talking, but also actions8

Making certain plans for a common future can also say a lot about a man's intentions. And these plans differ from simple conversations in that the guy begins to act. He can offer to move in and try to live together, and he himself will find and pay for housing.

Concentration on the beloved9

Another clear sign that a man is serious is a complete lack of interest in other women. In the company, he looks only at you and no attempts by another coquette can confuse him.

declaration of love
declaration of love

Doesn't avoid meeting with parents10

The young man carefully prepares for meetings with your parents. He communicates with them with pleasure and shows respect and reverence with all his appearance.

Thoughts about children11

Talking about children can also be classified as serious. This does not mean that the man is going to have a child in the near future, maybe he is not even ready for it yet. But definitely with a girl, whom he does not see in the role of the mother of joint children, the man will not talk about such topics.

Of course, all people are different. For example, for one guy, having sex on a first date doesn't mean anything serious, but for another, it can be the beginning of a serious relationship. Or a situation where a young man constantly tells you about his ex-girlfriend can also be interpreted in different ways. Either he is still passionate about his former relationship, or, on the contrary, wants to share painful memories with you, which means he wants to become closer.

beloved woman
beloved woman

Do not worry that a man is not serious if he does not shower you with declarations of love and expensive gifts. Men are more practical creatures, and most likely he will direct all efforts to develop his career or even find a new, more prestigious job. This can only mean that he perceives you as not just another girl, but his future wife, for whom he is trying to create comfortable living conditions. This behavior is more justified than the banal flowers that everyone can give. But behind such a man you will feel like behind a stone wall.

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