A Loving Person Will Forgive Everything: Truth Or Fiction? The Answer Is Here

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A Loving Person Will Forgive Everything: Truth Or Fiction? The Answer Is Here
A Loving Person Will Forgive Everything: Truth Or Fiction? The Answer Is Here
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Both females and males face betrayal. Betrayal is a powerful blow to self-esteem. Bad deeds on the part of a loved one destroy that happy world in which consciousness has been for many years. During such periods, misunderstanding, anger, feelings of abandonment appear.

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  • 1 Is it worth parting because of betrayal?
  • 2 What are the consequences?

After an emotional shock, the question arises: is it worth forgiving betrayal? There is an opinion that a loving person will forgive everything, endure and close his eyes to his partner's mistakes. But is it really so?

Is it worth parting because of betrayal? I

Articles in glossy magazines, notes in microblogs, statements of psychologists on television - everything lies in wait for the fact that loved ones must be forgiven and given a second chance. A loving person will forgive everything - psychologists and editors of publications want to convey this idea to girls and women. But will it become easier for a woman after forgiveness? Most probably not.

Under the tough pressure of public opinion, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity often forget about their own pride and self-respect, forgiving betrayals and betrayals from their beloved men.

What happens next? And then the ugly actions continue, with each of them the woman gradually loses a part of herself and becomes unhappy. This leads to self-destruction and depression. No, a woman, of course, can convince herself that any person has the right to make a mistake, that it is necessary to seek compromises and enter into the position of loved ones.

And this, in principle, looks convincing. But inside her, a real incandescent fire is going on, misunderstanding, resentment, and on a subconscious level a feeling of hatred for the once beloved partner appears.

A loving person will forgive everything
A loving person will forgive everything

A person who betrays a beloved partner does not respect or appreciate his feelings. And with a greater probability, after forgiveness, he will repeat his actions again and make it even more painful. Forgiven betrayal is a challenge that suggests that this can be done in the future. What does a man think in such cases? What has been forgiven once will be forgiven the other. If a young man initially had a minimum of a partner, then after her mercy it will finally disappear.

It is naive to assume that after such a brave step, a person will change, take pity and never do anything wrong again. Unfortunately, this does not work with the male psyche. And more often than not, gentle and patient women get their share of unhappiness over and over again.

A loving person will forgive everything - this is what the partner will be guided by in subsequent betrayals. This does not mean that her partner is a tyrant and abuser, he may well communicate politely and respectfully with other ladies. This suggests that a woman does not put herself into anything, showing a similar example to her man.

However, each case is individual and unpredictable. It is impossible to accurately predict the future situation in one pair or another. Therefore, forgiveness of adultery is a purely personal matter for every woman.

to forgive or not
to forgive or not

What are the consequences? 2

The hardest blow that a man can inflict on a partner is cheating. Sometimes, of course, infidelity also happens through a woman's fault - a disdain for intimacy with a partner, a morning of interest in sex.

It still doesn't excuse the traitor. In such cases, it is necessary to solve the problem together, contact the specialists and disassemble the situation in parts, and not run to the side to relieve themselves. What an act of mercy for a woman can turn into:

Low self-esteem. When cheating, self-esteem will drop in any case. However, when you forgive treason, your own bar will fall to the level of the baseboard. An offended and offended woman will see a traitor every day, and the feeling of her own insignificance will more and more manifest itself. It is easier to experience this state when parting and living apart

whether to forgive a guy
whether to forgive a guy
  • The emergence of paranoia. Any betrayal is a factor that sows further suspicions, sometimes reaching paranoia. After betrayal, a woman can never trust her partner as before, even with all her desire to do it. On a subconscious level, suspicions will still arise, the brain will paint unpleasant pictures, which will lead to eternal stress and internal tension.
  • Constant analysis of the situation. If the partner manages to pray for his guilt and beg forgiveness, the woman will walk away from the shock for a long time and replay the situation in her head. In fits of anger, pictures and bed scenes with her husband will appear, which will only intensify the situation, cause a feeling of hatred and a desire for revenge.

Sometimes in a woman's insulted consciousness, the only suitable option appears to respond to betrayal - to respond with the same coin. However, psychologists argue that "treason for treason" is a tactic of not quite fulfilled and adult personalities. In a fit of despair, do not sink to the level of a traitor. Thus, he will not be able to prove anything, and after the reciprocal betrayal, the woman will feel even worse.

Read how to forgive treason correctly in our article.

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