Should I Confess My Love To A Man First Or Wait?

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Should I Confess My Love To A Man First Or Wait?
Should I Confess My Love To A Man First Or Wait?

Video: Should I Confess My Love To A Man First Or Wait?

Video: Should I Confess My Love To A Man First Or Wait?
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Secret feelings
Secret feelings

Love is not always pleasant and does not always bring only positive emotions. This, for example, happens when a person experiences secret feelings. They are usually in no hurry to open them, and therefore you have to suffer and be killed every day for your sigh.

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  • 1 5 reasons to wait for a better moment or why you should postpone a declaration of love
  • 2 How to tell if a man is hiding his feelings from you
  • 3 But how to understand that a man likes you if he hides it hard?

Why can't you rush to show your secret feelings and how to understand that a man is hiding his feelings from you? Let's figure it out further.

5 reasons to wait for a better moment or why you should postpone a declaration of love

Many girls are familiar when they are literally torn apart by an overwhelming feeling of love for their new acquaintance or longtime friend, but they are in no hurry to admit it. Some may argue that this is wrong and that by her silence, the girl is losing precious days of her life, which she could have long spent in the arms of her beloved. But it is worth saying right away - such silence is justified and further reasons will be listed, after reading which it will immediately become clear why you should not rush.

It takes a little time

Sometimes we can easily confuse love with affection. You can feel that you feel good with this person, have fun and, in general, you are having a good time, but no more. To understand how you really feel, you need to wait a little with a declaration of love and see what happens next. If over time the feeling only grows, and you understand that you feel something deeper, then this is it - love.

Declaration of love will not help

There are often cases when they try to stop someone who wants to leave with words about their feelings. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then in no case try to shout about your feelings, thereby hoping that you can influence the person's decision and make him stay with you.

If he wanted to leave and stop communicating with you, then in this way you are trying to forcefully persuade him to change his mind. As the saying goes: “You can't be cute by force,” so in such a situation it is better to let the person go. Soon you will definitely find better and it is with him that you will find the long-awaited happiness.

A man in love
A man in love

The right moment

Sometimes it happens that it is no longer possible to wait and keep the cherished words and your secret feelings. This can make you involuntarily talk about them and often this happens when the situation is most favorable.

It can be as a joint walk in some beautiful place, or a sudden outburst of feelings during simple everyday activities, when you understand that what this person is doing now touches you and overwhelming feelings come out in the form of a phrase from the cherished three words. For the sake of such confessions at a certain moment, it is worth waiting a little, as you will remember them for a lifetime.

The main thing is not to forgive this time while you are still in a relationship. And what to do when the ex confesses his love, read further on the link.

You can be sorry

As mentioned above, in order to understand whether love overwhelms you, and not just passion or affection, you need to wait a little. If this is not done, then soon you can understand what you really wanted to get from this person and regret the words said earlier.

Secret feelings
Secret feelings

Anything that you talk about without sincere feelings will oppress you and interfere with a normal life. In order not to find yourself in a similar situation, you just need to wait a little and make sure that your feelings are not fleeting.

Love is perceived in different ways

To understand for sure that the words you said will not be passed by, but taken seriously, you should also make sure of the intentions of your prospective partner. Do not press on him, let yourself know how he feels about you.

Do not deprive the person of the opportunity to become imbued with love for you gradually, as over time he will begin to see a response from you, and you will see that he is also not indifferent to him. Thus, both of you can feel butterflies in your stomach and a pleasant and warm feeling that you immediately want to share with your beloved.

How to tell if a man is hiding his feelings from you

It so happens that you sometimes notice that a guy who, by a happy coincidence, you like, is trying with all his might to hide his true feelings. Why is this happening and how to understand that he has really secret feelings for you?

A man hides his feelings
A man hides his feelings

To begin with, it is worth answering the first question - why do men hide their feelings?

In principle, men are hidden by nature. They always try to hide their emotions, as they are sure that this will make them weaker in the eyes of their friends. It also happens that a man has repeatedly encountered such girls who literally broke his heart right after they found out how he felt about them. In order not to step on the same rake, he prefers to be silent and confess only if he sees that he is interesting to you.

But how can you understand that a man likes you if he is strenuously hiding it? 2

Watch his mood next to you. It usually gets better when you appear and disappears somewhere when you say goodbye. He will also try to touch you without realizing it and will always be called to help you. In addition, he will try to impress you with humor and see if you laugh even at something you don't understand. So he will understand that you also want far from friendly relations with him.

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