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Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

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Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend
Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

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at for a girl
at for a girl

So, the month called "30 more days before the holiday" has passed, which means it's time to start frantically running around the shops in search of the perfect gift. Along the way, torturing the search engines with the query "what to give a girl for Valentine's Day." Stop. Now is the time to stop, breathe out and turn on logical thinking. To find out the answer to this sacred question, you need to ask yourself a few others.

The content of the article

  • 1 Who is she?
  • 2 What is her type of perception
  • 3 Top-15: what to give a girl for Valentine's Day
  • 4 What you definitely shouldn't give
  • 5 Practical advice

Who is she? I

There aren't many options here.

  1. Beloved
  2. Unconquered
  3. Wife
  4. Mistress

It's worth starting from complex to simple. If the gift is for a mistress, it makes sense to surprise her with something incredible. Most likely, she can't wait until the marriage is dissolved and the man will completely belong to her. She feels like an important part of a man's personal life, perhaps even more than a wife.

Whether that's true or not, it’s better to get her to keep thinking that way. She should be given something special, incredible, breathtaking and surpassing all her wildest expectations. Of course, only if the man wants to continue the relationship with her.

If this is a wife, there are two options for the development of the situation. In the first - starting from February 15 to start listening to all her desires. Then there will be no problems with the gift at all, because women often talk about what they want. In the second - to agree to give nothing to each other that day.

In a long-term relationship, sooner or later, gifts turn from pleasant surprises into boring obligations. The best thing would be to agree on a joint vacation, for example, going to a restaurant, a romantic walk or a vacation trip. In most cases, the money for gifts to each other is still taken from the family budget, unless, of course, the couple consists of complete romantics. Then what's the point of fiddling around, inventing something and giving each other useless things if you can just have a good time together?

What to give a girl for Valentine's Day
What to give a girl for Valentine's Day

It's pretty easy to find a gift for your beloved. The couple have been together for some time, and most likely, this is the same candy-bouquet period. The easiest way to surprise and delight is now. Luxurious bouquets, soft toys, unexpected surprises, sweets and coffee in bed - no matter what a woman says, at the beginning of a relationship it will be pleasant to anyone.

It is as easy as shelling pears to pick up a gift for an unconquered girl. Here the whole secret lies in the female inability to remain silent. So, the instruction: we take the girl's friends, find out from them what she dreams of, give a gift. And then we enjoy the emotions of the gift, based on the fact that the friends have already discussed with her how caring and gallant she has chosen, and how he values ​​her.

What is her type of perception2

When the goal is determined, it's time to determine the type of its perception. There are three such types in total.

  • Visuals. These are the girls who love everything with their eyes. To determine that a girl is a visual, it is enough to listen carefully to her speech and find out where she likes to rest. She will talk about her favorite places quite often. If among her favorite expressions there are phrases like “I can't believe my eyes”, “I saw how …”, “I would like to take a look” and so on, she is most likely a visual. Such a girl loves to visit museums, exhibitions, loves good art films, and her instagram has its own style. Such a girl should be given something beautiful that will delight the eye. Most likely, she will be pleased with a set of home clothes from a popular brand, a good photo album, decor items, jewelry or bijouterie. For such girls, it is worth paying attention to the gift wrapping, the gift cannot be simply presented.
  • Kinesthetics. Those who love everything soft, embossed, pleasant to the touch, they get their emotions through touching something. You can recognize them by the phrases “I feel wonderful”, “I feel that something is wrong”, “I am overwhelmed with emotions”. Everything in their apartment is cozy and as comfortable as possible for life. To please them, you can give a soft toy, a warm blanket, cozy slippers, a large cup for tea, a certificate to the SPA.
What to give a girl for Valentine's Day
What to give a girl for Valentine's Day
  • Audials. Girls of this type constantly wear headphones or listen to music. From them you can often hear phrases like “I don’t want to hear about it”, “Tell me more” and others. They also have a very good memory and hate being interrupted. An easy-to-learn musical instrument such as a bongo or ukulele would be a great gift for them. A ticket to a concert or bar where a musical evening is scheduled or wireless headphones.
  • Discretes. This is a special type of girl. Quite introverted people, not eager to meet. They are socially awkward and try to be as independent as possible. Such people do not like it when someone invades their personal space. So the gift should not violate these boundaries. It is better to give something useful. A good book, gift set, or gift card.

Top 15: what to give a girl on Valentine's Day-15

In order for sure not to make a mistake with a gift, you can choose a universal one from this list:

  • Styling and styling technique. High-quality expensive equipment is always appreciated. Not every girl can afford it, but getting it as a gift is very nice.
  • Shellac set with lamp. Manicure is also expensive. In addition, many girls perceive the process of manicure as a kind of meditation.
  • Paired T-shirts or sweater. It would seem that this is original. Nevertheless, such a gift will emphasize the cohesion of the couple and will be especially pleasant for the girl.
  • Thermos or tumblr. In the conditions of modern mobility, it is not only pleasant to receive such a gift, but also very useful.
  • Portable charging. In order not to worry about where your beloved disappears, and not to waste your nerves trying to get through to a discharged phone - present a charger. This is convenient, since modern phones are not very resistant to Russian frosts and quickly lose their charge.
  • Magnetic board. Leaving a love message or a reminder will be more convenient on a stylish board than on stickers.
What to give a girl for Valentine's Day
What to give a girl for Valentine's Day
  • Travel scratch map. The card can be served with the sauce from joint travels. After each trip, the country visited is erased and becomes colored.
  • Gift Certificate. The most versatile gift of all. You can always miscalculate with a specific item, but choosing a certificate for a round sum to your favorite store as a gift is a great idea.
  • Joint photo session. I will delight you with pleasant memories for a very long time, plus, this is a great reason to make a girl feel like a star.
  • Cozy stylish plaid. A drop of tenderness and care on the cold February evenings did not stop anyone.
  • Fitness tracker. Everybody wants to have this fashion accessory now. Especially considering the current fashion for sports
  • A quality home spa set. Sometimes you just want to come home from work on Friday night, get into a hot bath and take care of yourself.
  • Certificate for impressions. It will definitely be difficult to forget such a gift. Adrenaline and vivid emotions are a worthy gift.
  • Photo book about her. Any girl is, in fact, a bit of a narcissist. It will be pleasant to look through a book about yourself, with the best photographs and nice lines.
  • The date is a surprise. No matter how pragmatic the girl is, an unexpected date will suit everyone's taste.
Whatt to choose for Valentine's Day
Whatt to choose for Valentine's Day

If there are no specific wishes, but really want to surprise the girl, then you can choose one of the following gifts:

  • Tangerine jam
  • DIY cake (under the strict supervision of an experienced cook)
  • Cup clothes
  • Photo collage on the wall
  • Mobile Printer for Smartphone
  • A closed ecosystem in a small bottle
  • Her portrait
  • Certificate for assigning her name to the star
  • Fondue set
  • Full length mirror with lamps

What you definitely shouldn't give3

It is definitely not worth giving cosmetics. Ninety percent out of a hundred would be a mistake. The huge variety of cosmetic products makes it impossible to choose cosmetics for a girl, even for herself. It is important to take into account a billion nuances: what color suits the color type, what type of skin it is needed for, what is the purpose of makeup, whether there is an allergic reaction, and so on. You shouldn't make such a mistake, it is much better to donate the certificate to a premium cosmetics store.

Cookware and various household appliances will be highlighted in red letters in the list “what cannot be given to a girl for Valentine's Day”. First of all, it is insulting. Still, a girl is not a housekeeper, for whom a man wants to make life easier by buying things necessary for homework. Secondly, it is still insulting. You want a surprise and a holiday, but you get what is “useful for the family”. With rare exceptions, this can be either what the girl herself asked for, or, well, very expensive and elite equipment. Although in the second case it is still worth thinking a little more.

What you can't give a girl on Valentine's Day
What you can't give a girl on Valentine's Day

Also, don’t give clothes. No, this does not apply to an expensive fur coat. There is no need to donate clothes for the reason that size ranges may vary. And if she does not sit perfectly - in whatever direction the size differs - the man will not be comfortable. Either he thinks she is too fat, or he thinks that she needs to lose weight. There is no third. Besides, you can not guess with the style. If you really want to update your wardrobe as a gift, it is better to offer to go shopping and buy whatever the girl wants. Or again, get by with a gift certificate.

Anti-aging beauty products or weight loss products will end the relationship right here and now. A woman is always beautiful. It doesn't matter how old she is or how many wrinkles she has. It doesn't matter if she herself is an ardent adherent of sports and the fight against cellulite. A man cannot afford to be distracted even for a second and make a girl think that she needs these beauty products.

In case the girl believes in omens, the following gifts should be avoided:

  • Mirror (collects negative)
  • Clock (a symbol that there is little time left)
  • Handkerchief (to tears)
  • Stabbing objects and knives (to a quarrel)
  • Scarf (for parting)
  • Pearls (symbolizes tears)
  • Animals (according to omen, donated animals run away)

But according to etiquette, you must refuse such gifts:

  • Underwear
  • Alcohol
  • Linens
  • Your photos
  • Cheap jewelry
  • Cigarettes, cigarette holders, lighters and more
  • Money

Practical advice4

To definitely like the gift, you should follow a few simple rules. Gifts should be presented in a beautiful holiday package or at least in a gift bag. It is worth adding a greeting card with a signature to the gift, the gift can be forgotten, and many people prefer to keep the postcards.

What to give your girlfriend for Valentine's Day
What to give your girlfriend for Valentine's Day

There is no need to ask: "What to give". In most cases, no one will be able to answer this question at this point. In addition, this will show that the giver himself did not decide to bother looking for a gift too much.

When a gift is being presented to a recipient, one should avoid excessive words about how the gift will be useful. Also, do not exaggerate the merits by focusing on how difficult it was to find a gift.

There are a lot of options for what to give a girl on Valentine's Day. Some say the best gift is a book. Others are like an iPhone. Still others say that it is definitely not worth giving a trip to a beautician, a set of pans and an anti-cellulite cream. In fact, all this is rather arbitrary. Perhaps this particular girl has been dreaming about Darsonval's set or Alekseev's soul for six months now. What to do, you have to give, even if these gifts seem inappropriate.

The only thing is that it is better to give such exclusive gifts in private, so as not to tell others about what shortcomings the girl sees in herself and how she is going to fight them. Otherwise, there will be no more good mood this evening.

In order not to make a mistake with a gift, only one thing is enough - listen carefully and secretly record. Only such a procedure can guarantee a man happiness in the eyes and a smile on the face of his beloved on this holiday.

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