Have You Seen A Girl Who Loves Money? What Are The Reasons?

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Have You Seen A Girl Who Loves Money? What Are The Reasons?
Have You Seen A Girl Who Loves Money? What Are The Reasons?

Video: Have You Seen A Girl Who Loves Money? What Are The Reasons?

Video: Have You Seen A Girl Who Loves Money? What Are The Reasons?
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girl in gold
girl in gold

The question itself may sound like a serious accusation against the girls, but calm down! Here, no one wants to offend anyone, but only to state the facts. And they are unambiguous - a woman has the right (and most often uses it) to demand a sense of security from her partner. This is inevitably related to his financial condition. So girls really love money. At the same time, it does not work the other way, because the average guy does not really care about the financial situation of his partner. The most important thing that is attractive in the female field is a positive attitude (towards the world and towards it personally).

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  • 1 Threat: the hunt for money
  • 2 Threat: the only chance for a decent life
  • 3 It's completely normal
  • 4 The ideal of a man is never destitute
  • 5 Sense of security and stability
  • 6 Caring for the interests of one's own and the child
  • 7 Research

It doesn't look very fair, but the theory of absolute equality should probably be regarded as a fairy tale. Men and women perceive the world differently, they have different needs and ways of realizing them. In a world in which masculinity is associated with development, power and wealth, this is how it should work. And there is nothing wrong with that. If making the same money side by side with a partner is what makes a person happy - this road is open. But in discussions of gender differences with sincerity, things are very weak.

The Threat: The Money Hunt

After the above conclusions, it seems that money is not a problem. A woman has the right and even should evaluate a man's well-being by choosing a suitable partner. Unfortunately, things are not so good. And here there are many dangers, including the biggest one - when his financial position becomes the most significant point, and perhaps the only significant criterion for selection.

Stereotypes that girls love money, and only them, do not pay attention to other qualities of a loved one, did not come from nowhere. There are known cases of relations between a man and a woman, in which it is exclusively about money. Just look at the young mistresses of very mature billionaires. What can a person who already stands with one foot in a cemetery give them, besides financial security? Many do not understand this.

Threat: the only chance for a decent life 2

Unfortunately, there are also known cases when relations are regarded as an insurance policy for the future. A woman does not believe in her abilities and strengths, so she is looking for a wealthy guy in advance. She instilled in herself the conviction or society helped her in this that nothing can be achieved without male help. It is sad. "Love" resembling a deal is the peak of humiliation.

Money is important, and in most cases it is not necessary to perceive it as a problem. In a woman, nature is inherent in taking care of her own safety and provision of resources - this is how they have chosen partners for millennia. Thanks to this, human children survived, and as a species, people did not die out. If money is perceived as a chance for a stable life and security, it is not a shame. There is no need to pretend that it is not. Just do not get hung up on just one financial condition.

All girls love money
All girls love money

This is completely normal3

If a person occupies a high position, therefore, he earns better. Therefore, one should not be surprised that a woman has a desire to enter into a close relationship with a successful man. If fate does not give you the opportunity to take care of yourself, you need to create an alliance that will make life a little easier.

This is not a relationship based solely on money, desire for possession, and vanity. A woman can really love her partner, and his financial situation will only be a pleasant addition to everything else. It is not surprising that out of several candidates, the gaze will almost involuntarily turn towards the more resourceful. So common sense tells a person.

The ideal of a man is never destitute4

It is worth telling yourself honestly - money matters, and this will not change even with general hypocrisy, when everyone insists that the main thing is a rich inner world, a broad outlook and a kind heart. It is strange if a person imagines an ideal partner - he will never be poor and destitute. This is also not surprising.

Girls are in love with money
Girls are in love with money

The girl first always looks at the financial condition of the partner. Her instinct is aimed at this: she strives for a relationship with a man who copes better than others, has a better chance of survival. If it turns out that the individual is barely making ends meet, and she needs to support him, his beautiful personality with all the advantages loses its meaning. So the instinct of self-preservation tells her.

Sense of security and stability5

It is unlikely that women associate a partner's financial condition only with the pleasure of shopping, their own laziness and convenience. Overwhelmingly, they view finance as a way to achieve a goal, and not as a value in itself. It's not just good clothes, exotic vacations and an expensive car.

This includes questions of much greater importance - her personal sense of security and stability. It is clear that where there is not enough money, even the most sincere feelings may not work. Love needs an environment in which it can flourish. Experience tells the girl.

Why girls love money
Why girls love money

Caring for the interests of one's own and the child6

Finally, although this may have been the starting point, being a partner allows a woman to think about things fundamental. When she feels on her own skin that a loved one gives her a feeling of security, and his resourcefulness excludes unforeseen shocks and problems, she realizes that this is the one. He is not only a good contender for the role of companion, but also the father of her children.

Do not deceive yourself - hobbies, deep feelings and mutual understanding are not enough for a woman to think about him in this sense. Motherhood is of great importance in life. The child needs the love of the parents, but good clothes, diapers and food will be helpful too. This follows from a sense of responsibility.


While most women claim to value a man's courage or a sense of humor, the truth is more prosaic. Scientific research shows that the old folk truth has more in common with reality - girls love money. What's more, research results indicate that ladies looking for one night's adventures follow the same criteria!

Girls love money
Girls love money

After decades of fighting for gender equality, it is becoming increasingly difficult for women to accept that they would like to give up their careers and take custody of the home. However, as the latest figures show, ladies still want their partners to be the financial support for the family. Experiments at the German Institute for Economic Research prove that women are looking for a partner who earns more than them. The paradox is that modern society often condemns women who want a rich man. They are envied, unpleasant gossip circulates around them.

However, the latest data are consistent with previously published research by Dr. Katherine Hakeem at the London School of Economics. The experiment showed that 64% of women dream of a partner who would have a high income. None of the interviewees stated that they would like to have a boyfriend who earns less than herself.

So it is: girls love money. The roots of this lie in deep evolutionary processes. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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