How To Find A Good Girl For A Serious Relationship?

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How To Find A Good Girl For A Serious Relationship?
How To Find A Good Girl For A Serious Relationship?

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Choose a good girl
Choose a good girl

In the modern world, starting a relationship with someone is the number one problem. But it is not so hard to find someone as to determine if this person is worthy. That is why the question "How to choose a good girl?" causes so many difficulties.

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  • 1 What is a "good girl"?
  • 2 What else do you need to know to find the right girl?

What is a good girl? I

Before thinking about how to find a good girl, you need to determine which girls are considered good. Each person has his own ideas about what is "good" and what is "bad", so it turns out that all young ladies are good, but not for every man. Moreover, each has its own positive and negative sides. Therefore, in order to find yourself an ideal life partner, you need to be clearly aware of who is the ideal for you.

What else do you need to know to find the right girl?

A criterion such as the goal of the relationship is very important: it can be the creation of a family or just a good time together. Remember that not every girl needs a long-term relationship, but not everyone will be happy with a one-time meeting.

And most importantly, how to establish a relationship with her? Not all guys are ready to seek the location of a girl for a long time, and they often deliberately torture young people. Others, on the contrary, seek to conquer the coldest and most alienated. We bring to your attention a small list of common types of girls with brief characteristics:

A girl with dignity

Level: Intermediate. Such a conquest is not difficult. As a rule, these girls are very beautiful, possibly athletic, have one or more hobbies. It is difficult to give a definite assessment of the character, it can be quite adequate, and even bitchy, the one who considers himself better than others.

Pros: hardly anyone would call her an ugly duckling or a gray mouse. If she is also reasonably smart, you will definitely not be bored with her.

Cons: in search of a gentleman, she will consider candidates to match herself.

How to choose a girl
How to choose a girl

How to achieve sympathy: adjust to her merits. If you are good enough, cool and brutal, you can support any conversation - boldly move forward. If not, take matters into your own hands: go in for sports, start reading sensible books, learn more about her hobbies, etc. When you rise to its bar, you can go for an attack.

Girl with high self-esteem

Level: Intermediate. In many ways, she looks like a young lady with dignity (see paragraph 1). She must be very beautiful, which more than compensates for the girl's complex character

- straightforward and demanding. Often needs financial support and makes this the main criterion when choosing a life partner.

Pros: Outwardly, most likely, just a goddess, probably devotes a lot of time to caring for herself. Not particularly demanding on the physiological and mental data of the partner.

Cons: relationship with her is psychological and financial slavery. It is highly likely that she is not a mistress, since she is used to solving everything with money.

How to achieve sympathy: the criterion of appearance does not matter, so both the crooked and the lame have a chance. A win-win option is the presence of large cash income.

Girl for serious relationship
Girl for serious relationship

Future escort employee

Difficulty level: easy. The search for such a girl should be done in clubs, at private parties, etc. Often goes into complete separation, has an unenviable reputation in the area. Ideal for those who don't like the effort of trying to build a relationship.

Pros: it is quite easy to win its favor, most likely, this fortress has fallen far more than once.

Cons: probably the presence of many bad habits and, as a bonus, a magnificent bouquet of sexually transmitted diseases. Not often inclined to long-term relationships, but maybe this is for the best.

How to achieve sympathy: it is enough just not to be boring, it is desirable to love noisy parties.

Keeper of the family hearth

Level: Intermediate. If you are looking for a woman who is ready to take on the responsibilities of your service, you should pay attention to this option. An economic, meek, often religious girl from a good family with a "correct" upbringing.

Pros: knows how to do everything around the house, is ready to give birth to as many children as you want. He never rereads, does not complain, does not ask for money, and also manages to take care of himself. Avoids contact with friends if you tell her. In general, it follows any instructions.

Which girl to choose
Which girl to choose

Cons: finding one in our time is almost impossible. You may have to work harder if you want to lock the girl in four walls and become the only earner of the family.

How to gain sympathy: Most likely, this victim of patriarchy is unable to present himself as free and worthy of normal human relations. If you are only interested in your own benefit, and your conscience will allow it, you can play on it.

Strong woman

Level: Intermediate. An excellent option for someone who is not eager to make decisions and take on extra responsibility. The character is strict, but not aggressive. The requirements are moderate. It's good if she is looking for someone soft and weak-willed as a gentleman.

Pros: independent, decisive, often has a good career. Able to provide a fairly comfortable living environment.

Cons: Often requires a man to look after the house while she works for the good of the family. Does not tolerate wrangling. Perhaps he does not seek to have children.

How to gain sympathy: do not argue or interfere with her work, and also follow all her instructions. As a reward, she will surround you with enough warmth and care. But do not be completely helpless, otherwise she will find someone more worthy.

A girl for a stable relationship
A girl for a stable relationship

Clear girl

Difficulty level: easy. Usually, these persons do not have the broadest horizons, a noticeably distinguishable manner of speech, uncomplicated character and interests. Special features: tracksuit, the habit of squatting, the presence of seeds and other attributes of clear girls. Best compatibility with clean guys. You can find it in entrances, parks, on the territories of vocational schools, etc.

Pros: quite good-natured, undemanding and unpretentious.

Cons: Finding common interests and common ground can be difficult. If you are too smart and well-read, you will soon get bored with each other.

How to get sympathy: Try to fit the image of a clear-cut guy and don't get too smart.

High society girl

Difficulty level: difficult. There are similar characteristics with ladies who have self-esteem, but such a character trait as bitchiness is excluded, since she cares little about how much better or worse she is than others. Smart, modest, loves good books, music, has a good sense of humor, probably has several hobbies. Good, no matter how you look at it.

Pros: For many young people, just perfect.

Cons: sometimes he does not understand and does not perceive courtship at all, possibly due to the fact that he is always in the clouds. Sometimes she is so passionate about her hobbies that she deliberately avoids relationships.

A girl for a stable relationship
A girl for a stable relationship

How to gain sympathy: Long and patiently seek attention, but don't be too intrusive. If you have any shortcomings, try to cover them with advantages.

Of course, all the listed types of girls are exaggerated images, and the list itself is for the most part a collection of inflated stereotypes. All this should show that all people are different, there are no ideal ones, neither men nor women. Therefore, you should not evaluate young ladies as goods. And in the question "How to find a good girl?" it is necessary to be guided by the heart and mind equally. And in order to conquer it, you need to be worthy yourself.

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