The Main Reasons Why A Girl Ignores Messages From A Guy?

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The Main Reasons Why A Girl Ignores Messages From A Guy?
The Main Reasons Why A Girl Ignores Messages From A Guy?

Video: The Main Reasons Why A Girl Ignores Messages From A Guy?

Video: The Main Reasons Why A Girl Ignores Messages From A Guy?
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girl ignores messages
girl ignores messages

Communication in the network is not able to completely replace the living, but it plays an important role in people's lives. Many people meet here. At the University of Chicago, psychologists conducted a survey among 19 thousand people who were married. Of these, 34% met online!

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  • 1 She is not looking for new acquaintances
  • 2 The girl is just busy
  • 3 Do not come near me, I am offended!
  • 4 She runs from obsession
  • 5 What if the girl continues to ignore?

Mostly guys write first. But when a girl ignores messages, the chances of a good relationship quickly drop. Young people need to understand why this is happening and how to get out of this situation.

She is not looking for new acquaintances

If a guy wrote to a girl on the network for the first time a month ago, and she did not answer, this indicates only one thing - she does not want to get acquainted. The reasons for this are different. Maybe she already has a young man, or she was not interested in the page of a new fan.

What should a guy do in such a situation? Try to write to her again after a while. Not the same "Hello", but something more original to stand out.

If there is no answer again, and the girl is stubbornly silent, it is better to leave her alone. The following reasons are relevant for those who have already communicated with the fairer sex, but she suddenly stopped responding to messages.

Girl just busy2

Sessions, competitions, other important things - all this can displace the thought of the guy with whom she is texting from the head of the weaker sex. For this reason, a girl can ignore messages all day. But if she is interested in a guy, then in her free time she will definitely respond.

So the guy just needs to wait. If she answered the next day, then everything is in order.

Don't come near me, I am offended! 3

Yes, silence is the surest way to "punish" a man for his wrongdoing. Many girls think so. She could be offended by the accidentally said unpleasant phrase, the fact that the guy did not ask how she was doing, or forgot to write when he promised.

To understand what is the matter, the stronger sex needs to analyze the dialogues with the lady lately. You can reread the correspondence more carefully. Maybe she began to respond more coldly after some phrase. It is important to try to understand that this could offend the girl.

does not answer SMS
does not answer SMS

If the reason for the offense is still not clear, you just need to ask her "head-on" what is the matter. When a girl is really offended, she will respond to such a question. The main thing is to be the first to take the initiative, even if her anger is contrived and unreasonable, and then gently smooth over the situation.

And to help the guys, our next article is about why girls get offended and what to do about it?

She runs from obsession4

Persistence and obsession are two different things. You do not need to go ahead and from the beginning of communication talk to the girl about future children or confess your love. Simple compliments are enough. At first, the fair sex will be flattered by statements like “I would like our daughter to have your eyes,” but if they are repeated often, they will scare the lady away, and she will begin to ignore the messages.

Also, girls don't like it when guys talk about past lovers they've been courting for several years. And then she moved to another city, but he found her there, but the relationship did not work out … A new acquaintance would not be delighted that a man humiliated his dignity for the sake of a girl, not seeing that he was not interested in her.

why doesn't she answer
why doesn't she answer

The abundance of messages will speak of an obsession, and the girl will most likely start to ignore the guy. If only a few hours have passed after the correspondence, and he continues to fill her with SMS-kami, this will annoy the fair sex.

The girl ignores messages from the obsessive guy, because he causes her pity and fear, and not love and admiration. There is no need to try to blackmail her (“If you don’t answer, I will get drunk in the evening / I’ll be unhappy / I cannot sleep”). And all the more, it is impossible to react aggressively to ignore.

What if the girl continues to ignore? 5

You just need to wait. Take a break. There is no need to inundate her with messages any further, nothing will be achieved. At pick-up trainings, coaches say that a girl who is "freezing" should be given time to live on her own wave, take a break from the obsessive attention of a fan.

After a while you can "accidentally" meet with her. Make a casual conversation and not remember unpleasant moments in correspondence. Try to carry positive emotions, analyze what the girl likes and what does not. Is the conversation going well? So it's time to finish it! The meeting doesn't have to be very long. It is necessary to appear before the girl in a favorable light and hastily leave.

the girl does not respond to messages
the girl does not respond to messages

When a girl ignores messages - it's not the end of the world, the problem can be solved. And in the world there are still many free representatives of the fair sex. The main thing is to distinguish when the ignore is just a girl's whim, and when it is a consequence of her own shortcomings.

And why girls do not write first, we read in detail in our article further on the link.

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