Fatal Mistakes On The First Date That Lead To A Breakup

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Fatal Mistakes On The First Date That Lead To A Breakup
Fatal Mistakes On The First Date That Lead To A Breakup

Video: Fatal Mistakes On The First Date That Lead To A Breakup

Video: Fatal Mistakes On The First Date That Lead To A Breakup
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girl with boxing gloves
girl with boxing gloves

It would seem that the first meeting went well! Well, or almost perfect. Okay, so-so, but better than then …

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  • 2 Frivolous intentions
  • 3 Male share
  • 4 Modesty
  • 5 Maybe you should play along?
  • 6 The Silent Spy
  • 7 Finding a Spy
  • 8 No one is to blame

If you are reading this article, then you don't give a damn about your relationship with this person. Or your wounded pride, spurred on by curiosity, is trying in vain to find an answer to the question "Why didn't they call me back?" Put aside the bottle of wine (ice cream bucket / cigarette / fortune teller's ad) and let us figure it out.

Top reasons why your failed love hit "ignore":

Serious intentions

Even if your interlocutor at the beginning of the meeting mentioned that he was tired of short-term meetings and senseless intrigues, your offer to meet your parents could have scared him pretty much.

The guy praised your lace dress, and you are already showing him pictures of the wedding. If he restrained himself and did not run away from you through the back door during the date, then he can boast of remarkable self-control.

We have no doubt that you have delicate taste and excellent self-organization. But it is not necessary to demonstrate it by telling a new acquaintance about how many guests you plan to invite to the celebration. It is also not worth discussing the names of future children on the first date. At least wait until dessert arrives.

The men grinned arrogantly at this point? Hold your horses. In the modern world, girls have learned not to dream of a wedding and children (some skillfully pretend, but there are also many real freedom-loving Amazons). Therefore, do not risk making jokes on the first date on the topic of a joint future. In addition, if it turns out that your companion every night dreams about white dresses and cakes with doves, then soon you yourself will regret your irrepressible sense of humor.

Why don't they give a second chance
Why don't they give a second chance

Frivolous intentions2

If you have not discussed the short-term nature of your acquaintance in advance, your counterpart may not appreciate the excessive number of jokes "below the belt".

Light spicy hints are enough for a first date. Otherwise, either your partner will misunderstand you, and you will get only sex from him, or you will not get anything at all - if you create the image of a stupid dummy or a boastful Don Juan, they simply will not want to waste time on you.

If sexual jokes are not your thing, you better skip the topic.

Important: retelling vulgar anecdotes by heart is not the same as having a good sense of humor.

Male share3

To all the guys reading this article, pay for the girl on the first date. Our compatriots have not yet submitted to world trends, and therefore most girls expect a guy to pay for tiramisu / pizza / borsch / shawarma on the first date. Do not react to their modest attempts to pay for yourself and steadfastly take out your wallet. Try not to look like you have renal colic. Your facial expression will betray your pain of farewell to money and giblets.

Why a partner doesn't reciprocate
Why a partner doesn't reciprocate

On your first date, you ordered yourself a bottle of French wine, a glass of Bavarian beer and three hot ones, and then it turned out that you “forgot” your wallet? Most likely, this is the reason for being ignored. Even if the wallet was forgotten absolutely sincerely, the girl is unlikely to believe it. Apologize and invite the girl to dinner. And please check your wallet before leaving the house, okay?


Girls, who told you that melancholy chewing arugula is charming? Some thoughtful men take a girl to a cafe on a first date, not only out of a sincere desire to feed her, but also dreaming of testing the theory: what a girl's appetite for food is, is the same in bed.

Maybe you should play along? 5

Now to the guys: this theory is very controversial, but quite amusing, we agree. Do not treat her as the ultimate truth: if a girl ate three burgers in one sitting, savory smearing barbecue sauce on her cheeks, this does not mean that in bed she will be beyond praise. But you can check. However, do not be surprised if a week's supply of food disappears from your refrigerator in the morning.

girl in a yellow t-shirt
girl in a yellow t-shirt

Silent Spy6

If your partner asks you questions, then he wants to get to know you better. Or he pretends well, but the bottom line is the same: the more you evade an answer, the more suspicion you cause. A mysterious girl is, of course, cool. But don't overplay and don't turn into Rubik's Cube.

Girls are even more distrustful and cautious than men. Therefore, if your companion asks you questions on a date, be sure: she has an extensive dossier on you in her head. The fewer items filled in it, the less likely you are to end up in her bed.

Find for a Spy7

Think back to yesterday's date. Has the interlocutor managed to insert at least a word into your endless stream of boasting, complaints, whining and stories about themselves?

Nobody likes it when a dialogue turns into a monologue, and two interlocutors turn into an orator and a listener. Get out of the habit of annotating every line and inserting stories from the series “What's that! Here I had … ".

What to do if you get rejected
What to do if you get rejected

No one is to blame8

You were nice, the evening was amazing, but you didn't fit together. It happens. If the failed second half avoids meetings, write and ask what the matter is. Only without threats and accusations. “The evening was good. Did I do something wrong? If we are simply not on the way, I will understand, just ask, tell me honestly. Anyway, thanks for everything. I hope for an answer. Have a nice day."

If you still don't get an answer, just forget and move on.

PS You should start worrying when several days have passed after the first date. Otherwise, it is possible that your counterpart is simply busy or sleeping off after Friday night.

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