5 Tips For Keeping Relationships And Love Alive

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5 Tips For Keeping Relationships And Love Alive
5 Tips For Keeping Relationships And Love Alive

Video: 5 Tips For Keeping Relationships And Love Alive

Video: 5 Tips For Keeping Relationships And Love Alive
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How to preserve your relationship
How to preserve your relationship

They say that love lives for three years, but often a crisis in the relationship between lovers comes much earlier. And even then, the question of how to preserve relationships and how to preserve love begins to hover in the air. But in order to answer it, it is important to ask other, equally important questions to yourself and your relationship with your partner.

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  • 1 Why there was a breakdown in the relationship
  • 2 Who is to blame
  • 3 Is it worth rebuilding a broken relationship
  • 4 5 tips to keep your relationship safe

Why did the relationship breakdown occur?

Yesterday he and she tenderly held hands, cooked each other breakfasts and made love until morning. But in any relationship, one period succeeds another, and now two have moved from romance and violent passion to calm evenings on the couch or figuring out whose turn it is to wash the dishes and take out the trash.

The light goes out, and if some couples converge on the basis of common interests and temperament and continue a quiet life together, a new fire flares up in other couples, fueled by misunderstandings, reproaches and scandals.

Before you start solving problems, you need to understand what caused them. Of course, each case is different. However, there are a number of reasons that underlie most quarrels and discord in relationships between people:

  • lack of attention to a partner;
  • hear each other;
  • disregard for the opinion of your partner;
  • dissatisfaction with the appearance, lifestyle, habits, character of a loved one.

It often happens that the apparent reason is just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger problem: a person could simply stop loving his partner, meet a new love, or get tired of a relationship.

It also happens that quarrels arise because of personal problems that a person, for one reason or another, decided not to share with his soul mate.

In each of these cases, it is obvious that most of the problems are not only solvable through sincere conversations with each other, but generally may not arise if people are capable of honest and frank dialogue from the very beginning.

Who is to blame2

Both are to blame. That is why, before stepping on a partner with reproaches, you need to understand yourself. It is important to acknowledge the fact that everyone makes mistakes. But if the mistakes of the second half usually seem obvious to us, then it can be very difficult to notice our own mistakes.

How to preserve your relationship
How to preserve your relationship

Before sorting out the relationship, you should be alone with yourself and ask yourself some questions:

  • What am I doing wrong? How do I offend my partner?
  • How do I contribute to the destruction of relationships?
  • How can I do to keep our couple?

In any business, you always need to start with yourself. And love is definitely no exception.

Is it worth rebuilding a broken relationship3

In some couples, crisis periods occur regularly and drag on for weeks or even months. Sometimes a relationship resembles a dance on hot coals rather than an air waltz, and if this happens often, it is worth seriously considering the prospects for the development of such a couple.

When the reason for frequent quarrels is a mismatch in life goals, expectations from each other and needs in general, one has to face the realization that partners are not suitable for each other. In the end, it is always easier to part with a person than illusions about him.

How to maintain a relationship
How to maintain a relationship

But usually, frequent quarrels and misunderstandings are only an inevitable crisis stage in a relationship. In the event that this happens for the first time or infrequently in a couple, it is definitely not worth cutting off the shoulder and abandoning the relationship, especially if both are still interested in keeping them.

Let's take a closer look at the essence of love with you in the next article.

5 Tips to Protect Your Relationship5

There are some useful tips for those people who want to preserve their relationship and prevent discord:

Listen and hear your partner

Frank and sincere dialogues are essential for the couple who wants to have their own "happily ever after." And this applies not only to general conversations with each other, but also reflections on the topic of their own relationships and their feelings from certain actions of a partner.

Resentment, jealousy, sex preferences - all these things should be voiced for the partner, because how, if not personally from his half, he still finds out what worries or worries a loved one.

couple in car
couple in car

Be honest

As mentioned earlier, wrong expectations from a partner are often the cause of quarrels. Therefore, it is important from the very beginning to define your position in the relationship: what they should be and what can be expected in the future. After all, if, for example, a man longs for an open relationship and a bachelor life, and a woman plans to get married and have two children by the age of 30, such people will only waste each other's time.

Accept your partner for who they are

Throughout their lives, people have experiences that can fundamentally change their lifestyle, point of view or appearance. In order for there to be no discord in the relationship, it is very important to accept your partner as he is. If your partner has changed, you need to respect his opinion, and not try to remake and adjust it for yourself.

Save relationships
Save relationships

Solve problems as they arise

Here everything again rests on the ability to talk to each other. As soon as one of the partners feels that he is uncomfortable in a relationship, problems need to be identified and discussed. Do not put off solving problems. Better yet, do not provoke their appearance at all.

Be able to apologize

Many people do not have the ability to apologize to a guy or a girl, but it is very important for building any relationship between people. In quarrels, both parties are always to blame, and instead of blaming your partner, you should be able to see and admit your own mistakes. This is the key to healthy and equal relationships.