What Can You Talk To A Guy And A Girl About?

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What Can You Talk To A Guy And A Girl About?
What Can You Talk To A Guy And A Girl About?

Video: What Can You Talk To A Guy And A Girl About?

Video: What Can You Talk To A Guy And A Girl About?
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girl with wavy hair
girl with wavy hair

Conversation is perhaps the best thing that allows partners to get closer. The ability to speak and listen has always been highly valued. People should speak out, listen, share. All topics for conversation can be conditionally divided. But today we will talk about sincere conversations.

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  • 1 About everything and nothing
  • 2 Dreams, dreams …
  • 3 Friendship
  • 4 Childhood, adolescence, youth
  • 5 Esoterics
  • 6 Animals
  • 7 Children
  • 8 Intimate affairs
  • 9 Love
  • 10 Treason
  • 11 Time for interesting stories

About everything and nothing i

Basically, topics of conversation are on their own. This is everyday life, and family, and relationships with other people, and financial topics. There is no need to look for them, one smoothly follows from the other. Usually, conversations start with the banal question "how are you?" You start talking, and your partner picks up and continues: either asks questions or recalls similar situations.

There are discussion topics. They arise from reading a book, watching a movie or a show. If you live a fairly busy cultural life, then you always have something to talk about.

Soul talk is different. They reveal the person. It is difficult to speak them, it is difficult to find the right words. You need to consider only two rules: speak sincerely and not be offended by what is said. So what are the best topics for soulful conversation?

Dreams, dreams … 2

Do not confuse dreams and goals. For example, "I want to buy a car" is a goal. But something like that is a dream. Goals are achievable, dreams are not always. For example, when an adult says that he wants to play the violin, but has to make stools, this is a dream. It is unlikely that he will find the time, effort and money to master this tool.

Dreams often grow from childhood. Therefore, for the development of a heart-to-heart conversation, you can ask what you dreamed about in the most carefree time, in childhood. The person immediately becomes different and remembers with pleasure. The topic can be continued by asking what prevents the dream from coming true. But we must not forget about ourselves. However, usually the story is mutual: first one is divided, then the other. Well, then, as a rule, the conversation smoothly flows into another, no less interesting channel.


Conversations about such a concept as "friendship" addictive to many. This is especially true not of vague theses, but specific directions. Female or male friendship. Friendship between a man and a woman. This topic, by the way, is very exciting. But it requires utmost honesty. You can't say that “oh, yes, I don't see anything wrong with inter-sex friendship,” and then roll up scenes of jealousy about an old girlfriend or friend. It is interesting to develop a conversation on the topic of friendship between former partners, whether it is possible or not. There are many directions, you can talk endlessly.

Childhood, adolescence, youth4

Memories of the past, especially childhood years, always evoke positive emotions. This is interesting, funny and sad. Memories can drag on for the whole evening. Perhaps this line of conversation is the most win-win option to open a person from the other side. After all, if you correctly build a conversation and ask certain questions, then you can easily lead a person to reveal the secrets of his character. Often people remember their childhood with references to the present day, for example, what they would do now, what they would say to themselves if they could get into the past.

girl with yellow flower
girl with yellow flower


At the expense of the guys, it is controversial, of course, for the most part they are rather skeptical about topics such as religion, the unknown, the otherworldly. But most girls love such conversations. Why? Because they are very intimate. Who wants to look like a fool who has gone crazy because he once saw a ghost in the closet? In fact, such conversations reveal in a person his true attitude towards honesty and trust. If you hear such stories, then the person trusts you and is not afraid to be misunderstood. And this is very valuable, you must admit. If a guy raises this topic, and says something like that with a very serious look, and even admits his emotions, then this is very cool.


An easy and simple topic that can be brought into the framework of a spiritual one if we are not talking about rhinos in distant Africa, but about the problems of homeless animals. Questions that can be asked relate mainly to helping the tailed "orphans". Attitudes towards them often show hidden character traits that can become an indicator of so many things.


The topic is not just sensitive. She shows the essence of a person and can play a major role in the development of relationships. Agree that if you dream of children, then living with child-free will not work.

girl in christmas socks
girl in christmas socks

Children show the degree of responsibility of a person. You can talk about a large family, but such a desire is either a lie, or a desire to please, or headlessness and irresponsibility. Especially kills the remark "God gave a bunny, will give a lawn!". Children are expensive these days. And it's not about everyday expenses, many cope with it successfully, but in further events: education, for example.

Intimate matters8

Here fantasy can unfold so that the conversation will drag on for a long time. The topic of sex is always relevant. It all depends on the degree of trust. Do you think it's so easy to talk about sex? You are wrong! These various sex coaches endlessly broadcast about what you need to tell your partner about your desires. Try saying you wanna try a strapon? That's the same! the reaction can be unpredictable. It's good if you don't get it in the head with this strapon. This is the minimum … Maximum, you will be accused of the worst perversions.

Sex and talking about it are very important. First of all, he does not tolerate ridicule and condemnation. You can speak “for” and “against” some things, but very carefully. You, after all, cannot know exactly what the person means. But most likely, he raised an issue that really worries him. And if this topic is unacceptable, or rather not a topic, but a fantasy, then you should speak softly. So that a person does not feel "humiliated" and does not regret these revelations.

girl with a cup in a cafe
girl with a cup in a cafe


The theme of love is always supported with pleasure. Both men and women willingly talk about her. The topic is multifaceted and voluminous. Reveals the whole essence of a person. She can become the subject of heated discussions and gentle purring. She can even quarrel. The main thing is not to stoop to arguments with foam at the mouth, proving, as it seems to you, common truths. The most difficult thing, when talking about the topic of love, is to keep the edge of the conversation and not let go beyond the framework of an adequate conversation.

Talking about such a concept as "love" makes it possible to learn a lot about a person, even if you have lived with him for more than 10 years. Little secret: people change with age, and their attitude to many things also changes. Don't be afraid of this. This is normal. You, too, will change your mind about many aspects of life, but this does not mean that you will become worse. You just change, that's all.


This conversation is a derivative of the previous topics of love, sex and friendship. Most likely, the interlocutor will ask provocative questions. No need to play around and make excuses if your opinion does not coincide with the opinion of a loved one. You can't be categorical either. For example, at some point, a person may go to revelations and talk about sensitive episodes from his past. But this does not mean that the same awaits you as the exes.

redhead girl
redhead girl

Time for interesting stories11

Well, in conclusion … In order for the conversation to take the right direction, it is necessary to create a certain atmosphere. Sometimes even go for the trick and try your acting skills slightly. Agree that, standing at the stove, it is not worth starting a heart-to-heart conversation. Otherwise, it's just a household chat. The best time for a leisurely heart-to-heart conversation is evening. A slightly tired person will open up more willingly than someone who has a head full of work, for example.

Therefore, a bottle of light wine or a cup of hot tea with cookies will quickly position and tune a person to a spiritual mood.

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