How To Keep A Man Interested In Himself? - Easier Than It Seems

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How To Keep A Man Interested In Himself? - Easier Than It Seems
How To Keep A Man Interested In Himself? - Easier Than It Seems
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girl with mirror

This question, dear reader, is almost rhetorical. Except for maintaining a man's interest in yourself, you don't need to do anything. In fact, everything required for this makes up a normal and fulfilling life for any lady. Nevertheless, since you are so interested in this, to say exaggeratedly, riddle, then here are some simple tips for you.

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  • 1 Evolutionary technique
  • 2 Science! Or almost …
  • 3 Food!
  • 4 Sexuality
  • 5 Intelligence and sociability

Evolutionary technique i

A man, whether he is even a top manager of a state corporation, or a janitor from a neighboring yard, remains a hunter by nature. Yes, yes, this is such a gender role, from which you cannot get away. And you, be that as it may, always remain his prey. Therefore, the easiest way is to "run away" periodically.

That is, let's say, create the illusion of a certain distance from him, season the whole thing with a little pinch of his jealousy, give him a chance to win himself over again. The only thing - do not go too far, otherwise instead of the hunter's gaze burning with excitement you will see a surprised look of perplexity, which can easily go out and cool down.

If you are not very confident in the ability to play a subtle game of prey, then it is better not to take it. And avoid self-deception when you begin to evaluate your strengths - because a mistake will have a diametrically opposite result.

The science! Well, almost … __8230

Experiments. The man is curious that your cat does not feed with bread, but let him try something new. Especially in sex. Of course, if your chosen one has an impressive alive … cube of the press, then offering him something that requires great flexibility and dexterity is not a good idea.

And even more so, if he offers to try something (within the reasonable, of course), then look at the situation from the position of “why not”, and not “wow, I won't go for this!”. After all, some things cannot be appreciated until you try them yourself.

keep the guy interested in yourself
keep the guy interested in yourself

By the way, you can understand something different under the framework of the rational, but for simplicity of terminology we will limit ourselves to the following list: vaginal, oral, anal sex, foot fetish, rimming, role reversal, a little exhibitionism, easy domination and submission, a little basic bondage and the simplest role-playing games. More interesting entertainment like BDSM practices, "golden rains" and "brown sunsets", group orgies, swingers meetings, and the concept of "slut-wife" I leave to your own understanding, because in the conventional sense, this is somewhat "too much".

Food! 2

Generally speaking, it was worth pointing out this almost at the beginning, because the dogma “the way to a man's heart lies through the stomach” is true in the same way as it was for many centuries before. Yes, you know that he can take you to a restaurant, and in general - why cook when you can order? But I'll tell you this - there is nothing more pleasant for a man than food, no matter how simple it may be, prepared by the faithful. If you consider yourself cheeky enough, and your boyfriend is quite tolerant, you can turn cooking and dinner into a prelude, seasoning your food with a lot of aphrodisiacs and limiting yourself to underwear and an apron as clothing. By the way, about foreplay - he will tell you how to maintain a man's interest in himself …

Sexuality 3

It seems to me that you are already well aware of the preferences of your beloved. Well, then the choice of the type of clothing will be yours.

How to keep a man interested in yourself
How to keep a man interested in yourself

However, here you can also test the waters for novelty. Some men lose their heads from a lady in lace, someone rips off their heads if a woman is dressed in simple, no frills underwear, some find excitement in dresses and skirts that so invitingly slide over their partner's legs, and few go crazy and from a man's suit on a woman's body.

I will give you a little advice - watch a couple of dozen porn videos. You don't need to watch all the debauchery, but looking at how the actresses are dressed is a very useful and informative thing, because professionals who know a lot about attracting male attention work with them.

Intelligence and sociability 4

How long have you talked with the chosen one about him? Not about his work, earnings, duties - but about him? His aspirations, ideas, desires, ambitions? And not in tone "or as I want, or I take the rolling pin," but mentally? How long have you discussed with him something new and interesting that happened in the world, your city, your couple? How many times have you shared with him your ideas and suggestions, experiences? Or do you naively believe that only you need to talk heart to heart?

So - when he gets home from work today, on the day of reading - work hard and start a conversation. However, you should not rush right off the bat - increase your curiosity gradually and slowly - because a sudden outbreak of interest will arouse suspicion rather than gratitude.

How to keep a guy interested in yourself
How to keep a guy interested in yourself

And now a little warning - in the question of how to maintain a man's interest in yourself, your own mind plays a big role. The stronger sex loves smart women with whom there is something to talk about. But here there is a dangerous "wolf pit" - a woman should not create in a man the feeling that she is smarter than him. Be more cunning, because cunning and the ability to avoid sharp corners is a gift given to you by evolution. Just remember that the proverb says - “A man is a head, but a woman is a neck. Wherever he wants, he turns there”

That's all, good luck in successfully re-cheating your chosen one!

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