A Bitch Lives In Every Woman: Do Not Wake The Sleeping Beast

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A Bitch Lives In Every Woman: Do Not Wake The Sleeping Beast
A Bitch Lives In Every Woman: Do Not Wake The Sleeping Beast

Video: A Bitch Lives In Every Woman: Do Not Wake The Sleeping Beast

Video: A Bitch Lives In Every Woman: Do Not Wake The Sleeping Beast
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A bitch lives in every woman
A bitch lives in every woman

A bitch lives in every woman - walking towards her goal, with her head held high, beautiful and self-confident. She attracts and carries a danger for a man, she is admired and she is afraid - why and how to live with it?

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  • 1 Bitch - is it congenital or acquired with experience?
  • 2 Golden rules of the bitch
  • 3 Self-defense
  • 4 What is the bottom line?

Bitch - is it congenital or experienced? I

A bitch lives in every woman, but does it come over the years or is it given from birth, so to speak by blood? The character of a bitch can be observed in a girl from the very first years of her life, and this is not surprising - the instructions of her father or education in kindergarten, school and institute.

In general, it seems, such as everyone else, but on the other hand - she is separated from the others by one feature, namely her bitchiness. It is behind her that she will hide all her weaknesses and tears, but will go through life with her head held high.

Bitch's Golden Rules2

A bitch lives in every woman and more often than not, she is brought up in a family where a certain hierarchy is adopted. Most often in a family where the father dominates, and the mother is a calm and somewhat frightened lady, once again not opposing the will of her spouse. And watching family relationships, she can endure the following bitch rules.

  • None of the representatives of the strong half of humanity will tell a woman how to live and act, what decisions to make, what to say and wear - she will not allow her to make decisions for herself.
  • Men should be led by the nose - to cheat and deceive, flatter and mislead in order to achieve their own goals and objectives. This is her nature and tactics, which many do not like, but this is the only way they can survive in this harsh and cruel world.
  • Almost all men are selfish and cruel, so do not lose your vigilance and ignore them with reciprocal multi-moves and similar qualities.
  • In making a decision, a man will not take into account the opinion of a soft and docile woman - only a strong and self-confident bitch girl will make him listen to his words.
  • A woman, subordinate to the will of a man, not weaving intrigues and not striving upward - soon loses interest for the representatives of the strong half of humanity. And he moves from the status of a partner to the position of a convenient and practical partner and housekeeper.
  • If a woman does not have a spark of a bitch, she will not be a worthy rival. She will not be able to defend her beloved, protect her home and family - this is such a watchdog inside every woman who feels that she is loved and she responds in kind.

Confidence and resilience, readiness to fight and the absence of fear in her eyes, and simply - the readiness for tests make her a bitch for many. But is this so - could it be a feigned nature that hides the true nature of a woman?


Since a bitch lives in each of the women, many psychologists say that this is a kind of defense mechanism against itself. She does not accept stereotypes, she does not tolerate tantrums and uses the tactics and strategies of men to achieve her goal. But what does she get in the end?

More precisely, for what reason do men fall into her trap, but at the same time they do not see her as a beloved and loving companion of life? For them, she is rather a competitor, from whom it is worth getting rid of by all available means and methods, revealing her true intentions. All this will splash out anyway.

beautiful bitch
beautiful bitch

But she will not mourn the next loser and the mattress who got out of the race, who preferred easier prey. And although she internally asks why this is so, she does not always receive her answer. And as always, prepare for the next battle and victory.

What is the bottom line? 4

A woman, even a bitch, always and at all times remains a woman, striving internally to seek and find female happiness. Although the bitch sees him a little differently. First of all, she is internally afraid to meet a man who resembles her dad - all representatives of the strong half of humanity from her environment pass cold-blooded and thorough testing for such compliance.

Plus, she understands that her bitch rules are a kind of protest to the upbringing of dad and mom, she is so challenging the past, which to fight or does not want to let go. She continues to live in her inner world - giving rise to harshness towards others, she provokes an appropriate response from her environment.

blonde bitch
blonde bitch

But in the end, maybe she will open the door in the owl's heart and remove the negative of childhood from there. And then she will take a chance for a light and open love, and finally take off the crown of a bitch, becoming a simple woman.

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