How Do You Find The Perfect Guy? Life Hacks For The Most Selective

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How Do You Find The Perfect Guy? Life Hacks For The Most Selective
How Do You Find The Perfect Guy? Life Hacks For The Most Selective

Video: How Do You Find The Perfect Guy? Life Hacks For The Most Selective

Video: How Do You Find The Perfect Guy? Life Hacks For The Most Selective
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How to choose a young man
How to choose a young man

How to choose the right man if you like everything and none suits you. It looks like a quote from the play by N. V. Gogol's "The Marriage", the bride Agafya Tikhonovna said: "If I could put Nikanor Ivanovich's lips to Ivan Kuzmich's nose, and take something untied like Baltazar Baltazarovich's, and perhaps add to this the stoutness of Ivan Pavlovich - I would immediately made up my mind."

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  • 1 It is not an easy matter - to choose a husband so that he is handsome and smart
  • 2 Character is an irreplaceable parameter for further cohabitation
  • 3 Better to give up forever. Take note and don't forget
  • 4 Alphonse
  • 5 Sissy
  • 6 Dependent
  • 7 Married
  • 8 Unifier of the Soul
  • 9 Poor kitten
  • 10 How to blow smoke in the eyes or powder the brains of a girl
  • 11 You will drown if you rush between two shores

Written in the 17th century, but as relevant today. Some girls are still waiting for a special occasion, he is not beautiful, he is neither smart, nor rich enough, and over the years the crowd of those who wish all melts and melts. The male gender is determined, they start a family and the chances of getting a successful marriage evaporate like spring snow.

In order not to wait for the weather by the sea, to take control of the situation and choose a young man, we first determine exactly which one is suitable. All people are different, some dream of traveling, they will not sit a single weekend at home, they take tents and go on a hike to a river, lake, headquarters, to a forest or a grove. Others prefer to go to some event or sit in a cafe, they cannot be dragged into the forest. Someone likes to sit at home, or rather, lie on the couch.

It is not an easy matter - to choose a husband so that he is handsome and smart

First, we choose not a partner, but the type of activity to which he is inclined. We decide on the status, who he should be: a big boss or just a civil servant, or maybe a director of a plant or a restaurant. Or maybe better than a simple worker, whose hands grow from the place from where it should be and everything will be at home and the shelves are nailed on time. It is worth considering that being the wife of a boss or a middle-level civil servant, you automatically turn into his servant, since he will not wear a stale shirt, the ironing is off scale, but the shelves and all your kitchen rubbish, he does not care much.

You will also have to deal with this yourself. It is clear that while the husband is young, he will not yet become a higher status, but if he has high-ranking officials in his family, he will definitely stand high. And if you prefer to be in nature, walk around with a backpack, then you need to choose a young man from the same environment, in tourist clubs, on hikes. If a more sedentary image suits, then a direct road to a cafe, get acquainted with local party people.

Character is an irreplaceable parameter for further cohabitation2

After we have decided on the priorities, we choose the character of the future gentleman. A shy one will suit those who are able to decide for themselves where to go on vacation, where to get tickets, such a one will follow a braver wife wherever she says.

A talkative one will be good for a silent wife who does not claim to be the first "violin" in the house. He himself will solve everything and distribute tasks so that there is order in everything.

A narcissist never marries, he is already fine, he is satisfied with himself, he is no longer interested in anyone.

How to choose a guy
How to choose a guy

People usually have four types of character:

Hot-tempered and harsh happens in choleric people. But at the same time, they are fun and not boring, they are great inventors

  • Balanced, sober, distinguished by logic and patience - a sanguine person. But such a person is capable of making a claim and demanding order, one must be careful, as he will always be right.
  • It is extremely difficult to deduce their state of equilibrium and ask them to do something for the phlegmatic's family. He is calm, does not react to anything and does not need anything.
  • The melancholic is easily vulnerable, stress is forbidden to him, any remark plunges him into depression.

In all types, there are losers and more successful ones, it is better to take into account the root of character for yourself. It will not be possible to remake, and you will have to live with this.

How to choose the best guy
How to choose the best guy

Better to give up forever. Take note and don't forget3

Decisively refuse two-faced applicants who have just been tender with you, and a minute later they take everyone with hostility. Gradually, the aggression will be more and longer, and the tenderness will disappear forever. Such are capable of any betrayal, they will be thrown in a difficult moment, they will not help, but on the contrary, they will accuse you of being guilty.

If there is a big difference in food preferences, in style of dress, in habits in everyday life, in words, in dreams, in friends and in hobbies, it does not lead to good, it may well serve as a reason for frequent quarrels. For example, a vegetarian woman will not get along with a glutton and a lover of tasty food, a lover of cleanliness will not tolerate a slob, and who will perceive obscenities in speech if he is not subject to such a habit. She dreams of children, he is about an open relationship, clearly not a coincidence. And friends and hobbies, everything should fit into the framework of the perception of both.

Strive for the values to coincide in love, honesty, and courage. For one, home is more important, and for another, meeting with friends. So what kind of union can we talk about. If one of the couple lies constantly, then the union will not be strong and short.

He will learn to distinguish the truth, from frank chatter, about the fact that he loves children, for example, but sees them only outside of himself. This can lead to global misunderstanding. Hanging noodles is a favorite pastime of some individuals. They do it with pleasure and firmly believe that they can make life a fairy tale for their companion, but often deeds differ from words. And everything happens as in a fairy tale, the further, the more terrible.

How to choose the right guy
How to choose the right guy

In love, only those who soberly assess their partner and know what they really want will be lucky.

There are types from which it is desirable to run without looking back, no matter how attractive they may seem at first glance.


Pleasant, lively, kindness and admiration itself, spinning on one leg, exquisite and extraordinary attractive. The tongue hangs well, will give the impression of a busy person, will tell you that he invested money in the goods, the goods are stuck at the border, in order to clear them, a couple of thousand dollars are needed, but he is broke and counts on help. Of course, it will not be announced on the very first day, but something like this will surely sound. Will scatter in compliments, mark the importance of meeting you, a predestination from above. Collect the will into a fist and abandon such a boyfriend without a shadow of doubt forever.


Nothing good will come of it. We'll have to adapt to his mother, which in principle is impossible, she will not tolerate a stranger next to her son. Requirements will increase every day, no prospects. Men, as if not, he lives under his mother's wing, it is convenient for him there and will not show character.

How to Avoid Mommy Son
How to Avoid Mommy Son

More about mama's sons can be found in our article further on the link.


Gambler, drug addict, alcoholic, slob. Don't get involved in the fight for it. This struggle is not worth it, but you will lose yourself, since the work of salvation will turn into dependence on this person. It is more difficult to get rid of it than drugs. All affairs will be devoted to one action - to save endlessly, you will have no other interests.


It's everyone's business, to meet or not, but don't expect anything good. It is very rare that he left his family and went to live with you. More often it happens that you will bask in someone else's fire. You spend the holidays alone, you sit at home on weekends too, you remain faithful. And when to live?

Soul Unifier8

He knows everything about the depths of the subconscious, knows how to correct and remake it. And he will remake you, convincingly and for a long time, which is the worst thing - always. Run until your self-esteem is below the baseboard, it will be much more difficult to get out of there.

How not to be mistaken in a guy
How not to be mistaken in a guy

Poor kitten9

Not a recognized genius, he is unlucky, completely unhappy and everyone around him is to blame. You should feel sorry for him, please him and not demand anything, otherwise you will remain guilty that he has not achieved anything in life. It will always be unhappy, the state of mind is such, and he is not going to get out of this state, it is so beneficial. Benefactors are full. Let him look for another "cushion" of safety.

What at first seems like an advantage can very quickly turn into unbearable disadvantages: financial stability in the eyes of a girl easily turns into stinginess and a pursuit of money. The calm person can be called lazy and old.

The one who does not strive for anything, does not care about wealth, or is simply lazy will also get bored.

The main parameter when choosing a partner is the emergence of passion, if there is none, then you should not start a relationship.

How guys powder their brains
How guys powder their brains

How to Blow Smoke in the Eyes or Powder the Brains of a Girl10

Attractive at first glance:

  • unshaven men with bristles, they don't like them with a beard, but light unshaven arouses interest;
  • scars adorn the gentleman unambiguously, the influence of world cinema is to blame, crippled handsome men are presented in such a light that one wants to feel sorry for them and admire their courage at the same time, like, “he could not have done otherwise”;
  • a modest smile suggests that the hero, an indomitable fighter, and at the same time, is defenseless in front of female beauty - the female heart melts;
  • youth attracts only old women, middle-aged women are attracted by people who are slightly older, this has its own meaning, it is easier to understand each other, the perception of the world is at the same level, interests coincide;
Who is this guy
Who is this guy
  • tenderness is caused by the maintenance of a pet, which means the guy is ready to take care of others, in particular about you and about the children, if any;
  • a gentleman with a guitar is a favorite type, follow him both into fire and into water, undoubtedly he compares favorably with the rest, arouses the envy of her friends - she snatched such a guy;
  • the bitter smell of perfume after shaving adds charm to the strong half of humanity;
  • The reddish-brick-colored jacket makes a strong impression - it is often just a whip, promising and claiming the original taste of high fashion.

Every third marriage breaks up, the army of free gentlemen is growing due to divorce. They do not represent anything special, but the percentage is large. You have to think that nobody needs it, then how can it be of interest to you. The good ones live with their wives, but the dubious ones remain restless.

What type can it be?
What type can it be?

Divorces, for the most part, yearn for their family, although recently they were eager for freedom and wanted a divorce. Some of them miss their wife and can only remarry a copy of her so that they look completely alike. Others miss the relationship and despite the fact that they have been divorced for a long time and married to another, they still help their ex to solve problems. Nothing can be done about it.

The third category of divorced, was so delighted with their freedom that they do not want to tie themselves again by marriage and will not be able to only have a temporary relationship. They strive to have a pleasant time, taking advantage of a good attitude towards themselves. They will not bother with other people's problems.

You, dear, need to be vigilant so as not to fall into the trap of your own illusions.

You will drown if you rush between two shores11

Even more difficult is the task before the one that meets with two and cannot single out one of them. It is advisable to carefully look at the little things in order to form a true picture of what this or that boyfriend is.

How to decide on a guy
How to decide on a guy

It is enough to part for a few days to determine with whom it will be more comfortable to live in the future. It is imperative to make a choice, because the guys will not wait forever, and indecision will only scare them away. The proverb is true: "You will chase two hares, you will not catch a single one."

Of the two, one can stand out who calls more often, worries about you, helps in difficult times. And the one to whom you are indifferent can call only when he needs something.

It is best to determine who is more dear when apart for two weeks. To whom the soul is more drawn is yours for life. You have to get bored.

Be sure to imagine how and who will meet the main goals in life, who is able to implement them.

It happens that after parting with one, a girl starts dating another, but very little time passes and the first lover returns to her again. Whom to choose in this case? A detailed analysis of the situation will help.

Who is better to choose
Who is better to choose
  • Analyze the reason for the breakup. Do not fall for persuasion, think, what if you again will not be satisfied with what was already negative in the relationship.
  • When time passes, we partially idealize what has passed, the bad is forgotten, only the good remains, it attracts us. Everything is familiar, no acquaintance, no getting used to, everything is very clear. Plunging into a new relationship is much more difficult.
  • Next, we make a list of the qualities that both applicants possess. Check the ones that suit you. Ask yourself the question: "What do I want?" Determine what connects you to this or that, calmness or passion.

Such work will lead to an understanding of who is closer and more expensive.

But even this does not give a 100% result and there are no guarantees against new partings. The situation can slip unexpected turns of fate, hidden flaws, skillfully hidden in the depths of the soul, will be revealed.

The decision made is better than indecision, marking time in place leads to nowhere, to a complete waste of energy.

Find the right guy
Find the right guy

Creating a family and the associated chores of choosing a suitable husband are most often predetermined by fate. In marriage, people must fulfill the task given to them in order to hone their character.

Finding the right way out of these situations, raising a new generation is a school of life for the soul. The task of everyone is to remain human, not to break into stupid deeds and correctly pass all the tests that have to be passed.

In a greenhouse, heavenly environment, the personality does not develop, progress along the evolutionary ladder is possible only by overcoming the difficulties of the path, then wisdom and experience appear. This is passed on to the next generation. Do not look for easy ways, go towards difficulties, everything you need is already prepared for you.