What Kind Of Women Do Men Like? How To Become Attractive To Him?

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What Kind Of Women Do Men Like? How To Become Attractive To Him?
What Kind Of Women Do Men Like? How To Become Attractive To Him?

Video: What Kind Of Women Do Men Like? How To Become Attractive To Him?

Video: What Kind Of Women Do Men Like? How To Become Attractive To Him?
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which women are attracted to men
which women are attracted to men

This topic has interested all women at all times. Most often, people build their relationships on the basis of mutual sympathy, but there is always a fatal beauty who cannot be looked at without lust. This applies directly to the male half. What should a girl have in order to catch the glances of every young man? Despite different preferences, there is a so-called ideal of appearance. And yet, what kind of women are attracted to men? This issue will be discussed further.

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What do men want? I

Many scientific studies have been conducted on the topic of what men are attracted to women. They were all carried out independently of each other and in different countries. Not so long ago, the American enthusiast Gabrielle Seyrig analyzed many works of scientists on this topic and presented her own conclusion. By the way, men do not always want sex, as many young ladies think. According to the results of surveys, the following qualities and features are most often expected from the fair sex.


This is the first thing that the stronger sex draws attention to and expects from the chosen one. It would seem that the ability to cook or to give pleasure in bed is more important, but no! All sorts of hugs, kisses and other similar actions occupy a leading position in the list of requirements for women.


Not too fat and not too thin - this is the conclusion of the majority of those surveyed. Many men admit that they like it when they have something to hold on to and something to admire. Nobody canceled aesthetic satisfaction, so you should pay attention to your physical form.

Don't be a kid

High heels, skirts and tights, beautiful and moderate make-up will never hurt. This is the weakness of many men. Yes, sometimes walking is so hard and uncomfortable, but who said it would be easy? Beauty requires sacrifice, as folk wisdom says.

what women are attracted to guys
what women are attracted to guys


How many people associate with fragrances. Very vivid memories can forever sit in the memory and be associated with the smell of perfume at that moment of life, this is a wonderful feeling. Smells strengthen the connection with events. Therefore, the perfume should be the most chic. The smell should be inviting, light and memorable.

Loose but just hair

Long and thick curls attract the vast majority of those surveyed. It was also interesting with the hair color, the most desirable one turned out to be black. That is, brunettes attract men more than blondes, as is commonly believed in society.


When a woman is confident in herself, knows what she wants and can always joke skillfully and cheerfully, then this will not go unnoticed. Many survey participants claim that they are ready to seriously consider a relationship with such a lady, as this guarantees stability and "adulthood" of the relationship. In general, anyone is attracted to confident people.

what girls are attracted to guys
what girls are attracted to guys

Controlling emotions

It's no secret that all women are woven from feelings, but some are able to restrain and control their emotions. This attracts the stronger sex, if a person has managed to learn to restrain himself, then this is a strong personality with a rich inner world. This unknown and mysteriousness attracts people.


Very often, awkward movements occur on an unconscious level, these are all sorts of winks, lowering the eyes, playing with eyebrows and lips. For men, this is like a green light, they regard it as a positive reaction to what is happening. Therefore, if the girl started it, then it is better to continue and not stop. Flirting is an important part of communication between the opposite sex and is a professional game.

Fake weakness

A real man will protect and take care of his woman, but in return he expects not just being together under the covers in bed, but warmth and home comfort. From time immemorial it was so that the keeper of the hearth takes care of the house and children. Often this is not observed, trying to justify all this with fatigue and ignorance. Although in reality everything is nowhere simpler - this is ordinary laziness.

which women are attracted to men
which women are attracted to men

How to impress 2

After reviewing the survey results, you can talk about general tips and tricks from psychologists and personal growth coaches. The question of what attracts men to women is indeed relevant at all times. Why are some women coveted by everyone, while others are like gray mice? It largely depends on the nature and goals pursued by the fair sex.

Not like everyone else

The first thing that experts say - don't be like everyone else. Creativity in communication is very important; with the right joke, a person can be remembered for a long time. On the first date, this is especially important, you should not let him think: "Oh my God, she is just as ordinary and gray as the bulk of people, we have to finish with her." Not to be confused with inadequacy! You just need to be able to joke somewhere, somewhere to start flirting, and so on. That is, to feel the dialogue and your partner.


Eh, fashion-fashion. It destroys individuality and self-expression in every possible way. Fashionable doesn't mean cool! Being stylish, not fashionable, is really cool. Wearing what you like and whatever it is not too pretentious will be a good option. Very often on the street or in public places you can meet the same people, in the literal sense. Their clothes are identical. I would like to hope that their thoughts and views are at least different, but that's another story.

guy kissing girl on the neck
guy kissing girl on the neck


No, no, it's not about birth defects or other abnormalities. It's about skills and abilities. You play the guitar well, sing, play chess, fight - try to interest your partner in this, it is likely to find common interests and even compete in something. This will definitely bring both of them closer and bring communication to a new higher level.


All men are little boys at heart, and all children love games. If a girl is very good at some kind of sport or just knows how to play something well, then you can challenge the chosen one and start a competition, this will also lead to the rallying of communication.

Silence is more important than sound

The ability to listen and understand a partner is a trait of adults and mature people who can adequately assess situations and help each other. In a difficult situation, it is necessary to listen to the one who is feeling bad. This is the foundation of a warm and trusting relationship. Sometimes you just want to be silent, that is, you need to feel this connection during communication.

how to attract a man in everyday life
how to attract a man in everyday life

What men are not attracted to 3

All of the above is, of course, good. And it is definitely worth following these wishes, however, it is possible to answer the question of which women attract men without listing the necessary requirements. It is enough to show how to do it and how to look it is not necessary and everything will become as clear as possible.

So, 5 examples of girls' behavior that repel and cause negative emotions:

Hopeless fool

It would seem that the image of a silly girl would be a successful option. However, no, this is the worst way to hook a man, since no one likes stupidity. Not a single person will withstand constant requests for help in elementary matters, in extreme cases in the age of technology there is the Internet and you can find everything there.

There is no need to talk about the sexuality of such behavior either, it has already outlived its usefulness.

Bad girl

Who said about the boundaries of what is permitted and the limits? This is all nonsense, all boundaries are in the mind, but in reality they are not - this is how such representatives think. Hanging out all day and night, drinking, smoking, sleeping left and right with everyone in a row is not the most appropriate model of behavior for a serious relationship.

how women attract guys
how women attract guys

This is more true for youngsters, with age, the brains fall into place. Or do not get up, in general. It largely depends on the upbringing and environment. But the essence is clear - it seems that accessibility, but, on the other hand, this accessibility is available to everyone. There is no excitement and interest.


A femme fatale, capable of incinerating anyone with her gaze. Everything about her is mysterious and interesting, in her opinion, men should try to conquer her. The image combines mysticism and passion. Gives and immediately cuts off hope.

Everything seems to be good, because the riddle attracts and motivates to conquer this lady. But in modern realities it looks ridiculous and ridiculous. Such ladies, by and large, have a high sense of their own importance, but in fact they do not represent anything.


At the sight of such a girl, you immediately want to take her on the handles and, like a kitten, caress and stroke. This is the essence of this behavior - eternal whining and manifestation of weakness. Like, look how unhappy and small I am.

what do men like in girls
what do men like in girls

At first, there may really be a desire to feed and protect such, but after a short period of time it will become clear that such behavior is simply unbearable. Sooner or later, you need to grow up and learn to take responsibility for your life!


Sweet one last. It is believed that this kind of women are attracted to a lot of men. It is common for bitches to use and wipe their feet on men. Again, it seems to be something inaccessible and tall, but in fact it is a dummy. There are bitches by nature, and there are those who have acquired this status during their life.

Why don't they like them? Because, why puff and strive, if in modern society people have become simpler, the bar has become lower and it is not difficult to find a girl. Of course, if we are not talking about a big love for a bitch. If this is not mutual, then the man shot by Cupid's arrow can only sympathize.

Other aspects affecting perception4

Attitude to life

Women who are pessimistic about life seem to repel their gentlemen. Why? A man is looking for inspiration and joy in a relationship, he needs positive emotions.

how women attract men
how women attract men

And if Madame constantly grumbles and is always unhappy with everything, then by chance it will turn out to associate her with something sad and negative. And every meeting will turn into hard labor.

Yes, there are difficulties in life, and very often. But you need to look at them with optimism, everything can be solved, in the end, without problems, life would not be so interesting. And problems are, after all, an adventure. And you can share your troubles with your loved one, and not just constantly whine. The ability to support and understand each other plays a key role in a relationship.

Sense of humor

Where without humor and jokes, in fact, this is important for most men. Joking and kind mockery can strengthen a girl's position in the eyes of a man. Or, when she adequately perceives the jokes about her, it's very cool!

Wit is an indicator of a high IQ and an adequate outlook on things. Therefore, girls with a developed sense of humor attract the stronger sex much more actively than mediocre ladies.

Perfect wife

qualities that attract in everyday life
qualities that attract in everyday life

Marriage is already the pinnacle of relationships; in this situation, confidence in each other should reign. But it happens that a woman seems to be courting a man, and he turns up his nose. Why is this happening? She does everything for him that he wants in bed and around the house, but she does not hear the proposal. It is a matter of consumer relations, that is, there is no spiritual unity. It is very important to be interested in the affairs of your man, how at work, how relationships with parents, etc. And here it should be on both sides.

Solve this problem so that a man understands that it is the very one that will help interest in his inner world, to know about his innermost desires and dreams, about his hobbies and hobbies. Women's interest is the fundamental factor in this matter.

Ultimately 5

Summing up the above, we can say that in order to become desirable, you need to know which women men like and meet many points of their requirements for the chosen one. Yes, of course, everyone's tastes are individual, but there is also a certain universal that everyone likes, or at least attracts.

Any features and chips in a girl are able to hook a man, even so that he turns his attention. Do not forget about individuality, being like everyone else is far from a good idea!

what men like about women
what men like about women

It is not necessary to comply with all the points above, it would be enough just to follow and take care of yourself, wash your clothes on time and be yourself.

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