Is It Worth Being Together Or What's The Point In A Relationship?

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Is It Worth Being Together Or What's The Point In A Relationship?
Is It Worth Being Together Or What's The Point In A Relationship?

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what's the point in a relationship
what's the point in a relationship

Relations between men and women began to be built as soon as people began to understand that being a group is not only beneficial, but also safe for life. Of course, the times with wild animals and dangerous external enemies have passed and a person has moved on to another stage of the relationship.

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  • 2 Kind of relationship between partners
  • 3 Why is it so important to complement each other?
  • 4 What does a woman get in a harmonious relationship
  • 5 What a man gets from a harmonious relationship

But, one way or another, the question often arises: what is the point in the relationship between a man and a woman? Why create a couple if there are examples of successful singles, those who have never burdened themselves with long marriages or cohabitation in their lives? To understand the intricacies of the problem and understand how rational it is at the moment to create pairs will help the article.

Primary components of relations

The relationship between a man and a woman always carries several basic needs, without which there will be no full-fledged union:

  • biological;
  • psychological;
  • social.

Depending on the predominance of one or the other in a given pair, the meaning of being together is born in the first place. The need for communication and reproduction drove the development of society. If the ancient ancestors did not want to be closer to each other and did not strive to live in large groups, then there would be no people for a long time. By and large, the primary task that drives partners is procreation.

Relationships at all times have been built according to the type of contract: a girl marries a good man, gives birth to children for him, and two families receive a common link between two families. The functioning of the body is reduced to primitive instincts, and then emotions and feelings follow. In any agreement between the two parties, and the relationship of partners is also no exception, there are obligations to each other.

The simplified diagram looks like this: you - me, I - you. It depends on the clarity and coherence of work whether people manage to build long-term love relationships or they diverge after a few months. A man should be a defender, take care, be responsible for the family, and a woman provides comfort and coziness, faithfully waits for him at home, gives birth to children and raises them.

To be together or not
To be together or not

This is an ideal model, the formation of which was influenced by the development of mankind, religion, wars and other external factors. It should not be otherwise, otherwise what is most important in a relationship, if a man timidly hides behind his wife's back at the first danger, or a woman does not know how to give anything, but only demands, demands, demands from her husband or boyfriend the good and the benefit.

A kind of relationship between partners2

Before you come to an understanding of the meaning of the relationship between men and women, it is worthwhile to understand what models are and what they are based on. If you do not delve into the jungle of psychology and sociology, then relations are divided into two groups:

  • constructive;
  • destructive.

In the first case, relationships for partners carry meaning, fill them not only with feelings and emotions, but also with vital energy. A man and a woman complement each other and are able to find a compromise in difficult situations, reinforce each other's positive qualities and know how to neutralize the disadvantages of character.

Correct and constructive relationships are rare, and here the fault is not only among women, who sometimes cannot create decent conditions, but also among men.

Nobody canceled the rules of nature and selection, regardless of the development of the mind in people. A worthy and strong partner gets a good partner with whom you get healthy, strong offspring. Weak and nondescript or does not get the right to mate at all or is content with the second grade. This is how a harmonious relationship works. Strong man + strong woman = harmony and strengthening of positive qualities.

To be together or not
To be together or not

A destructive relationship carries a burden and constantly puts pressure on both partners. It is impossible to build a harmonious family from them, children, if they appear, are nervous and weak, intimidated and weak-willed. Depression and apathy for life, quarrels and reproaches accompany two people throughout their lives. More than half of couples, according to statistics, end up in divorce and there are only two reasons for the initial destructive moment:

  • The man could not realize himself as a reliable partner in life. Everything manifests itself in the inability to support a family, unwillingness to raise children, lack of stable work, dissatisfaction with life and the search for someone to blame on the side, and so on.
  • The woman is unable to fulfill her destiny. It's not about the opportunity to give birth to a child, but about failure as a person, mistress, friend for a man, unwillingness to create comfort, excessive concentration on one's own problems, focusing on the opinions of others, and so on.

Such relationships cannot be built in a constructive way and their meaning is lost. Two unfortunate people just while away the time in each other's company and take out anger and resentment on the partner and children. A relationship cannot exist where one of the partners tries to do everything on his own.

The family model widespread in post-Soviet countries, in which the wife works three jobs, and the husband brings home a penny, drinks, beats everyone without hitting, and at the same time makes claims about the absence of the tsarist appeal to his person - a classic example of disharmonious relations.

On the other hand, the model is unviable in which a man tries to compensate for everything for two, and a girl takes the position of a queen who graciously accepts gifts, in return not giving an ounce of love and care.

what's the point in a relationship
what's the point in a relationship

Balance in a relationship is at the heart of a couple's harmony. Two mature personalities united on the basis of common goals will certainly be able to find a solution to any conflict situation, help each other not to rush during a personal crisis, grow spiritually together and give children the best in life, while not sacrificing their interests and hobbies.

All about girls and relationships with them in the article at the link.

It is a balance between being together all the time and living in parallel with personal space and freedom. Without spiritual maturity, this will not work.

Why is it so important to complement each other? 3

Comparing the relationship of men and women to the long-term perspective of being together will help to understand the meaning of a relationship. In addition to biological differences, men and women have a very different understanding of the world and the processes occurring in it.

Boys often grow up a little emotional, secretive, all resources and their implementation are focused on their own strengths. Since childhood, girls are gentle, sensitive, love sedentary games, lively in communication and get used to sharing problems and experiences with loved ones.

From childhood, a boy is required to be a defender of the weak, to be staunch and strong, not to sneak, to be able to stand up for himself and his interests, to be confident and courageous in the face of danger. Growing up, all qualities are transformed, and the man becomes logical and pragmatic, rational, little susceptible to sensitive moments.

what's the point in a relationship
what's the point in a relationship

From childhood, a girl learns to be kind and gentle, to pity and sympathize, only feels comfortable in safety, modest and a little dependent on the attitude of others. Thanks to these qualities, a true woman grows up as a good mother, a loyal companion and a reliable rear for her future husband.

The meaning of the relationship between a man and a woman in a pair is to find balance and the best way to achieve a goal. A man is always guided by the ultimate goal and goes to it by any means.

A woman at this time raises children, keeps the house clean, takes care of comfort and well-being. He develops a logical train of thought, she fills everything with emotions. If the relationship goes beyond what is permissible, disharmony begins and each of the partners involuntarily begins to blame the other half for the poor performance of their role.

Initially, it is wrong and wrong to see the meaning of a long-term relationship as the realization of one's own desires at the expense of a second person. In this case, each of the couple thinks only about their own interests and cannot fulfill the needs of the other, because they cannot give. Any relationship difficulties or conflict lead to breakups or long-term fights. There can be no prospects for such a union.

What a woman gets in a harmonious relationship4

Relationships are akin to a contract, where everyone gets their portion of benefits and pleasant bonuses:

Improving self-esteem. Without a good man who will complement a woman, she becomes sad, lonely. All around are friends with guys, and she is beautiful, not stupid, but lonely. A long self-digging, self-destruction begins. The appearance of a reliable and worthy partner in life guarantees an increase in status in the eyes of friends and relatives, and, consequently, self-esteem

what's the point in a relationship
what's the point in a relationship
  • The woman is getting better. Fitness is constantly being adjusted in the gym. Outwardly, she blooms, glows with happiness, seeks to show all the best in her, is actively engaged in hobbies, charity work, becomes emotionally stable. A man, positively assessing the changes, gives her confidence and new strength in the struggle for perfection.
  • There is no emotional hunger. In the absence of a long-term relationship, it becomes urgently necessary to feel care, understanding, support, and just talk with someone about love and feelings, share experiences. The appearance of a man brings a richness of the emotional component, there are joint goals, aspirations, there is someone to tell about the painful.
  • Psychological comfort from the realization that there is a couple. They are no longer two different people, but a new group, a small team. From childhood, a woman feels more comfortable under the care of her parents, and then her husband. And the status of an unfree woman brings the psyche into a state of calm and gives a feeling of satisfaction and peace.
  • Having children only strengthens a stable relationship. A woman begins to fully feel like a mother, she has a new role, new instincts are activated, accumulating forces for a further breakthrough towards the goal.
  • Motherhood and joint education of children gives a stable hormonal background and a stable psyche, develops an adequate response to stimuli.
  • No one can replace security and stability guaranteed by a reliable partner. She always feels comfortable with a reliable person. In any situation, she knows that she will be protected and will not be allowed to offend her family and children.
  • High-quality and regular sex is also important for health and fullness of sensations from life.
To be together or not
To be together or not

A relationship in which two personalities complement and saturate each other with emotions is only beneficial. They do not get tired, do not stress, it is comfortable and convenient, easy, as if it has always been so. A woman next to a good partner is comfortable, reliable, there is someone to talk to and dream with, someone to support and listen to about the hardships of life.

What a man gets from a harmonious relationship5

  • A beautiful, intelligent, economic woman next to a man is his reflection, status, reason for pride. The success of a man is reflected in a woman, if she is amazing and all colleagues and friends bite their elbows out of envy, it means that he is not so simple, there is something special in him that keeps an amazing partner nearby. And where there is an increase in status, there is an increase in self-esteem.
  • Comfort in everyday life. Without a hostess, the house will have to be kept clean or hire a cleaning company. And so everything is always on the shelves, neatly, tidied up, arranged decorations and decorative elements, flowers.
  • Everything that used to lie like dirty rubble in the middle of the room is now automatically put into the washing machine and skillfully sorted by color. You no longer need to waste time on solving everyday issues and looking for something tasty, everything is ready and on the table.
  • Emotional comfort. Despite the stinginess of emotions and outward coldness at work, at home there is someone to talk to, watch the series, discuss common goals, problems, just talk about nothing.
  • Caring, attention, understanding, tenderness, love - a woman gives everything to the one she loves. Even a harsh and brutal man will be pleased to return to where he is most desired and always beloved, no matter what.
To be together or not
To be together or not
  • Constant sex. High quality and consistent, without wasting time looking for girls outside of work and at home.
  • Awareness of the value and importance of his contribution to the development of the family. A wise woman will not miss the chance to show a man how important the tone is, that the family rests on him, he is the breadwinner and the head. Thus, he feels his need and importance.
  • Love and children. This point is already clear. The highest emotions and the most valuable thing - procreation is given only by a woman.
  • Reliable rear and loyal friend. A physically and morally faithful woman is admired at all times. The realization of the fact that there is always a place to return to gives a feeling of stability. With a good friend in life, it's not scary either in the mountains, or in the desert, or in space.
  • Inspiration for new achievements. For the sake of women, they built and destroyed, burned cities and waged wars, wrote the greatest books and paintings. A woman who knows how to inspire and inspire will help build a career, believe in herself, achieve success in all matters and be near, not because it is profitable, but because she believes.

If there is a right and dear person next to you, who, instead of escalating the situation, cares and helps relieve stress, it is easy and simple to communicate with him, to be constantly there and understand the significance and importance of building a life together, then the question is: what meaning in a relationship will never arise.

And if it appears more and more often in the head, and there is already a partner nearby, then it is worth revising all of the above and evaluating the existing experience in a new way, so as not to waste time in vain.

is there any point in a relationship
is there any point in a relationship

But what is most important in a relationship, you can find out by reading our article further on the link.

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