"I Don't Feel Desirable" - 7 Ways To Get Out Of This State

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"I Don't Feel Desirable" - 7 Ways To Get Out Of This State
"I Don't Feel Desirable" - 7 Ways To Get Out Of This State

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Desired and beloved woman
Desired and beloved woman

A woman is a unique creature. Unlike a man, she is more emotional and sensitive. When choosing her chosen one, she hopes for eternal love, romance, care and attention. In the period of bouquet and flowers, a woman is light, glowing, happy. But, living next to her chosen one for more than one year, she begins to fade. In her head, the thought “I don’t feel desirable” appears more and more often.

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  • 1 What is this state "I do not feel desirable"
  • 2 Reasons for the feeling that a woman is not desirable
  • 3 Essential Steps to Improve Morale and Self-Esteem
  • 4 How not to return to a forgotten state

What is this "I do not feel desirable" state i

Bad mood, eyes do not burn, life is not happy - signs of lack of care and attention from loved ones. Hands drop, constantly comprehends a feeling of insecurity and unattractiveness. "The hormone of happiness" is reduced to zero. As a result, depression with headaches and insomnia. The appearance suffers first. The beauty he met a few years ago had turned into a gray, displeased mouse.

A protracted depressive state leads to the development of serious diseases and oncology. Also, it destroys the family and affects the surrounding people in a negative way.

The reasons for the feeling that a woman is not desirable2

Giving herself daily completely to a man (taking care of his comfort, health, moral state), a woman expects a return in return. But the opposite sex is arranged in such a way that after winning the lady of the heart, his ardor subsides, romance and courtship fade into the background, because the goal has been achieved - she is mine.

Every day he pays less attention to her appearance, notices a new dress or hairstyle (although he will notice the first one faster, this is money spent). Less often he calls to a restaurant or for a walk. A surge of positive female emotions rarely occurs, household chores are eaten up, moral fatigue overtakes more often. In this situation, a woman ceases to feel desirable, necessary and interesting.

Key steps to improve morale and self-esteem3

Throwing yourself into a depressive state, destroying yourself and everything around is not worth it. You need to fight thoughts about bad things and change your usual way of life. MIPT professor Dmitry Beklemishev and other psychologists unanimously argue that from ancient times to the present day, a woman has not ceased to be a unique and enterprising creature. Her zeal to protect the hearth and attract others by any means has only improved. It is enough to find the strength to want it.

how to become desirable
how to become desirable

Change or transform your appearance. A radically changed hairstyle and hair color will not be left without attention of the opposite sex. If a loved one does not notice, then others will definitely pay attention. And this fact will raise a woman's self-esteem, and her mood will become better. As a result, the luminous eyes and lightness of the lady will return

Shopping. Saves not only from insecurity, but from many other reasons for a bad mood. You don't need to visit grocery stores. A boutique of beautiful erotic lingerie or beautiful dresses will do. You should not give yourself up to shopping. A lot of money spent will damage the family budget and cause resentment of the family breadwinner. The mood is improving. The dress and stockings look gorgeous. We must act further and return the ardent predatory look of our chosen one to ourselves

  • Romantic dinner. Do not cook yourself. I don’t want romance for half a day at the stove. Cheap and tasteful - order dinner at a restaurant (not expensive).
  • As a result of sociological surveys, it was concluded that men will enjoy a romantic dinner with food or drink that he has not yet tasted. You don't need to order a lot. A bit, but tasteful!
how to become loved
how to become loved

Home furnishings. It is enough to change some details in the interior to arouse a desire in a man to look at his wife. Scented candles (with a light relaxing scent), a joint photo in a beautiful frame in a prominent place. These things will remind the man of how happy you are together in your home. The lack of feeling that a woman is desirable often arises from rare intimate meetings with a partner. Not only fatigue and time can be a hindrance, but also the TV in the bedroom. It should be taken to another room

Dressed up, dinner ready. The entrance comes with charm and appeal. The behavior of a light, light and playful cat is exactly what will awaken in him the forgotten passion and hobbies of the lady of the heart. Remoteness and an emotional barrier will help to transcend an unobtrusive heart-to-heart conversation to light music with a glass of intoxicating. Just a conversation, no showdown. A loving man in a relaxed state is able to hear and understand his soul mate /

Passionate night. To surprise your partner and increase your sense of sexuality, you can read intimate literature and watch an instructive video. Ability will grow, self-esteem will rise and satisfaction will come. Such techniques will pull a woman out of a state of depression and lack of confidence, worries about the event will cheer up. Having transformed, she will see in herself a beauty and clever girl with a bright head. The main thing remains - do not return back to the trap

how to become the best
how to become the best

How not to return to a forgotten state4

A one-time event will not help one hundred percent return the lost morale and will not remove the thought “I do not feel desirable”. For this it is worth working daily, at least for a while. Taking care of yourself, changing your image, not sparing money for little pranks (a little thing from a sex store for a night with your husband), arrange spontaneous evenings for two or hiking in nature.

The main thing is not to overload yourself with household problems. You can't wash all the laundry, you can't make borscht for a month. Households are able to serve themselves tea and warm up dinner (this does not apply to small children). You need to leave time for your beloved: take an aromatic bath, do a pedicure, a hair mask. Beauty and health need to be protected from a young age. And a loved one cannot refuse a beautiful, healthy and cheerful woman, on the contrary, he will stand by and help.

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