TOP 5 Main Reasons Why The Ex Does Not Look In The Eyes

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TOP 5 Main Reasons Why The Ex Does Not Look In The Eyes
TOP 5 Main Reasons Why The Ex Does Not Look In The Eyes

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The ex doesn't make eye contact
The ex doesn't make eye contact

Almost every girl faces a breakup in her life. It doesn't always go smoothly. Even less often, it is possible to maintain communication with a former partner. But it happens that a woman would not want to let this person go from her for one reason or another.

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However, she may face the fact that with any attempts to communicate or random encounters, her ex does not look in the eyes or looks away. And every woman will perceive this gesture in her own way, unconsciously associate it with what she wants to see. What are the real reasons why your ex is avoiding eye contact?


For some reason, many women are convinced that men are only capable of experiencing a small range of feelings, the list of which does not include shame or guilt. This is due to the fact that among men, the manifestation of such emotions is considered a sign of weakness, because they deliberately hide them inside themselves.

This may lead to the misconception that they simply are not able to feel something like that. In fact, former partners often experience this feeling after parting ways for a variety of reasons. Of course, everyone has their own individual problems, but there is something in common that almost all men experience among them.

How to break off a relationship, so that later it would not be ashamed read with us.

Everything will depend on who was the initiator of the termination of the relationship. In the first case, it may be that the man did not want this break, but the girl insisted on her own and left him alone. In this case, the man may be ashamed that he did not live up to the expectations of his partner.

He would probably blame himself for not being good enough for her. With a high probability, he will reach self-flagellation or other methods of harming himself only because of this feeling. Of course, this does not always happen, but it was worth mentioning so that people understand the depth and power of this emotion.

In the second case, the one who decided to stop dating may be the man himself. Not all of them are narcissistic and selfish, therefore, after a breakup, they often feel guilty for having decided on this step themselves. Especially if their partner did nothing to push them apart.

Usually, men blame themselves for hurting the girl, only if they left the relationship for some reason of their own, not related to their chosen one. Often this shame will exist alongside lack of confidence in oneself, one's strengths and abilities.

In the third case, especially if the girl decides to leave the relationship first, the man may feel ashamed of being abandoned. But not because he considers himself unworthy, but because this act hurt his pride. Yes, there are those among men who are so confident in themselves that they are blind to their shortcomings and are perplexed when, because of this, they are left alone.

The former can look away precisely because he is offended and unpleasant to look at the one who abandoned him. In this case, persistence on the part of the ex-girlfriend can even cause aggression in them. However, in any of these cases, the man can be understood.

Embarrassment 2

It so happens that a man may simply be embarrassed to be in a company with his ex-girlfriend, so he will look away when talking to her. This often happens in cases where the guy was initially shy, timid and not very confident in himself.

It may even seem cute and attract the girl who left him, because it will be seen that he still sympathizes with her. Although the fact that he is ashamed of her company does not mean that he has any feelings. He can do this for completely different reasons, which are almost impossible to guess if you do not know about it in advance.

ex-man averts
ex-man averts

Embarrassment can also be caused by the fact that the guy simply does not know how to behave. Inexperience plays a huge role in what he does and how he speaks. And if the ex doesn't look you in the eye, then he most likely just doesn't know what to do if you find yourself in the company of your ex-partner.

At the same time, he may not have any negative emotions, he may well be aware that the relationship is terminated and there is no need to insist on continuing. But he will continue to hide his eyes for not knowing what else he needs to do. As an excuse for such people, we can say that there are really few of those who really know how to behave correctly next to their former partners.

Another cause for embarrassment may be the provocative behavior of his ex-girlfriend or her friends and girlfriends. They can make fun of him, albeit in a friendly tone, but it will still offend the person. Or the girl will act as if nothing happened, and this will knock the man off track.

He will be confused, embarrassed, and, again, his possible inexperience in communicating with those with whom he broke up will play a role. And on the part of those who are more confident in themselves after a relationship, it would be extremely tactless to pin up and joke about someone who was abandoned.


All people lie. They do this at different rates and have different persuasion skills. But still, very often they tell lies. And former partners are no exception. During communication with him, the girl may notice that he looks away, and in some cases this will be a sign that the guy is not saying something or telling a lie.

It is difficult to blame him for this, because he was left without a relationship and is no longer obliged to share his real feelings and plans with one that is no longer related to his life. But brazenly deceiving is also not good on his part. There are several reasons why men might lie to their ex.

why does the ex look away
why does the ex look away

First, it is, of course, a resentment against them. It is quite difficult to communicate with a person as if nothing had happened after the relationship with him was severed. The request to remain “friends” is quite rare in real life. A man may, in principle, not want to share something with the one who left him.

Or he may deliberately tell a lie in order to offend a former partner, make her look unfavorable, and make her feel guilty. You need to be aware of the fact that not all men can be called polite, tactful and understanding. Negative emotions can push them to something else.

Secondly, this is the absence of any feelings or desire to continue communicating with the ex. It may be that the guy has already come to terms with the breakup, let the girl go, and when he meets her, he does not want to tell the truth in order to let her in again. For himself, he has already put an end to it, and such a lie will only mean that he does not want the renewal of relations.

A girl, if she suddenly, for some reason, wants to return him, it is worth keeping in mind the reason that the man avoids eye contact with her. Often, from his cold and disinterested answers, one can easily understand that his ex-partner is already indifferent to him.

Thirdly, a man may deliberately hide the details of his life or lie about them if he is afraid of condemnation from his ex-partner. He may have some residual warm feelings for her, because he is afraid of offending her with some information. For example, he may think that his ex will be offended by the fact that he recovered so quickly from the breakup.

After all, this will mean that he did not really love her very much and held on to this relationship. The guy will lie not only in order to save the girl from suffering, but also to avoid problems, conflicts and showdowns on this basis.

ex avoids eye contact
ex avoids eye contact

Other relationships4

It so happens that former partners meet each other after a certain time. It would seem that everything has already passed, emotions have subsided, resentments are forgotten, but the man continues to look away. He was probably able to forgive his past partner and is now worried about not hurting her with a new relationship. Especially if he finds out during the conversation that she still has not recovered and has not found a permanent partner for herself.

Often, girls, sometimes even unconsciously, put pressure on pity during a conversation, saying that it was very hard for them, that they are still going through and all that. This only signals that they did not really want to part with their boyfriend, but realized this only now.

Having another partner can awaken shame in a man. He may think that he should not have looked for a replacement for this girl, but tried to get her back. Remorse will torment him for giving up so easily and choosing the path of least resistance.

However, guys should not think so, because the desire to live without problems and difficulties is quite natural for a person. It is wrong to condemn yourself for wanting a calm and better life. Both partners must understand this. And a guy who is ashamed of not breaking down and finding a new love. And a girl who might be jealous about it.

In addition, a new relationship can be very embarrassing and pressure on a man, especially if his current girlfriend is facing his ex. This situation is very often played out in various films and TV shows. During it, you can notice that the girls can behave rather strangely, which simply confuses the man.

Suddenly they will begin to communicate like old friends and discuss some features of this guy. Or they will behave like rivals, argue and claim that the man was better with them. All this does not benefit new relationships and can significantly spoil the mood of everyone around.

why does a man not look in the eyes
why does a man not look in the eyes


And, of course, many girls who regret parting simply dream that the shyness, embarrassment and aversion of a man's eyes are a sign that they still love them. Often this happens when the decision to break off a relationship was made not after long deliberation, but in a fit of emotion.

People simply could not point out all the points, listen to each other, did not even get the opportunity to somehow correct the situation. We just parted with the scandal, and everyone was left alone with their thoughts. What should a man do in this case? Avoiding the gaze of your ex, of course, because this will be a reminder of those unpleasant events.

Some men are unable to accept rejection and do not see their shortcomings. And this can lead to the fact that the fact of separation will take them by surprise. But the lack of a sufficient amount of arrogance and self-confidence will lead to the fact that, instead of clarifying the relationship, they will only quietly carry warm feelings inside.

They may deliberately "date" the object of their unrequited love in various places, periodically call her or write messages with very ordinary and neutral content. But the very fact that they pay attention to her, are afraid to look in the eyes, but at the same time do not leave alone, suggests that their love is still strong and they are not ready to give it up yet. Moreover, in such an emotional state, some men are able to live for years.

Some girls have heard that ex-boyfriends turn their eyes away from them because they are afraid of falling in love again. This is true, but only to a certain extent. Some guys keep their feelings for their ex even after breaking up and don't look them in the eyes because they just can't stand it. Eye contact is one of the most intimate and, one might even say, intimate forms of intimacy.

The eyes are a reflection of all the emotions that a person experiences. Guys may be afraid that their hidden feelings might be noticed. Or they may be afraid that they will not see in the eyes of the former reciprocity for these feelings.

why does the ex not look in the eyes
why does the ex not look in the eyes

Girls should be careful not to jump to conclusions when they notice that their ex is avoiding eye contact. They also shouldn't act in a way that gives men false hope of rebuilding their relationship if they don't plan to do it themselves.

Such an act would be real cruelty. Girls in no case should insist on a conversation if the guy shows his disinterest in communication with all his looks. Coldness is the first sign that everything is of course for real.

But why the girl does not look in the eyes, we will tell you in detail in the next article! Follow the link further!

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