My Girlfriend Doesn't Want To Cook. Is There Something Wrong With Her? The Answer Will Surprise You

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My Girlfriend Doesn't Want To Cook. Is There Something Wrong With Her? The Answer Will Surprise You
My Girlfriend Doesn't Want To Cook. Is There Something Wrong With Her? The Answer Will Surprise You
girl princess
girl princess

Why doesn't a girl want to cook for her man?

The question of whether a woman should cook or not began to be heatedly discussed not so long ago, and opinions were sharply divided. Most young people say unequivocally - must, must, otherwise - what kind of woman is she? Girls go to the other extreme - they do not consider it necessary to cook and do not know how to do it from the word “absolutely”. It is noteworthy that representatives and representatives of the younger generation are endlessly debating this issue. For people of the old, still Soviet school, the problem "to cook or not to cook" practically did not exist. Let's try to sort things out calmly, without tantrums and recriminations, okay?

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  • 1 A relic of patriarchy or a norm of life?
  • 2 And what if a very “hard case”?
  • 3 Conventions and stereotypes
  • 4 It's not about borscht

A relic of patriarchy or the norm? I

Yes, it was much easier for the Neanderthals. The man went hunting, got a mammoth. The woman in the cave swept, cooked the mammoth. Idyll. But what about now? The struggle for gender equality and the feminization of society has led to some distortions. Women hold high positions, fly into space, become scientists, lay rails, finally. But, having worked (and earned) no less than a man, they are still obliged to remain “keepers of the hearth”. Of course, women themselves fought for women's rights. But, dear men, who believe that a wife should earn money, raise children, create comfort, cook deliciously and at the same time look sexy, are you sure you are right? Seriously? It is more logical that with an equal load and the same contribution to the family budget, household responsibilities should also be divided in half, right?

And what if a very “difficult case”? __ 171_187

There seems to be a new type of "princess woman". Some girls on the wave of feminization really sincerely believe that they are a "goddess" in its purest form. Fortunately, there are not so many of them, but the Runet, nevertheless, is filled with groans and indignations of young people, on whose life path the "goddess" met. Girls of this type, of course, will not “humble themselves” to cleaning and cooking, working is also not a woman's business, because a man must provide for his family. Education is a purchased diploma, and the outlook is limited to improving one's own appearance and attributes of a beautiful life.

Well, a young man who is trying to build a relationship with such a girl can only sympathize with all the heart. And in defense of the beautiful half of humanity, the following should be said: after all, in most women, the desire to be mistresses and keepers of the hearth is inherent in nature itself. So, the type of woman described above, which has appeared in recent years, “goddess”, is rather an exception than a rule.

Conventions and stereotypes2

So how do you deal with the fact that a girl doesn't want to cook? Actually, whatever you want. It is worth understanding and accepting one simple thing - your girlfriend does not owe you anything and does not have to become your servant. Cooking delicious is not a duty, but a talent.

Bogged down in constant worries about the house, a woman too often risks simply being left with nothing. Not every woman is now ready to spend her life entirely on household chores. Why? Because building a worthy career, doing what you love, being a versatile and interesting person, traveling and learning something new, a woman is no less interesting and important than a man.

the girl can't cook
the girl can't cook

So why not go forward and accept reality as it is? No, we are not trying to impose the point of view that cooking at home is a complete anachronism. But to impute constant cooking as the duty of a loved one is also wrong.

In happy couples, the understanding that, all other things being equal, it is better to divide household chores equally comes naturally. The girl will gladly cook dinner for her beloved, and he will not consider it a job to feed his woman with a delicious dinner if she did not have the time or desire to stand at the stove.

Contrary to popular belief, replacing part of homemade food with the delivery of ready-made meals, semi-finished products or going to a cafe is not at all critical for the family budget and a good way out of a situation when a girl does not want to cook. And in terms of harmony in relationships, what do you think is better - a thematic family quarrel "whose duties include cooking" or a joint visit to a bistro?

the girl does not cook
the girl does not cook

Yes, and also about the division of family responsibilities. The traditional male duties - to fix the broken, to make repairs, to move the heavy - naturally and logically migrated to the category of matters for which we call specialists. Electrician, plumber, loader, and so on. It is right. Then why do some men reject the idea that part of the traditional female responsibilities can be performed by an employee?

It's not about borscht3

Ultimately, for a man, the main thing is not a plate of borscht on the table, but women's care, love and attention. And it is unlikely that a loving man wants to limit the world of his beloved to the walls of the kitchen. On the other hand, a loving woman hardly cares whether a dear man ate her dinner or not. Mutual respect, understanding of each other's needs and reasonable compromise on controversial issues are what really matters.

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