Good Reasons And Reasons: Why The Girl Does Not Want To Communicate?

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Good Reasons And Reasons: Why The Girl Does Not Want To Communicate?
Good Reasons And Reasons: Why The Girl Does Not Want To Communicate?

Video: Good Reasons And Reasons: Why The Girl Does Not Want To Communicate?

Video: Good Reasons And Reasons: Why The Girl Does Not Want To Communicate?
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the girl does not want to communicate
the girl does not want to communicate

Sometimes in a man's life there are situations when a woman flatly refuses to get in touch. What is the problem and why does the girl not want to communicate? What actions will help correct the situation?

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  • 1 Resentment
  • 2 Gone feelings
  • 3 Personal problems
  • 4 Hormones
  • 5 Self-love
  • 6 Jealousy
  • 7 Gifts or lack thereof

Girls are complex creatures, so it is very difficult to understand the true reasons and problems that affect this behavior of a girl. Sometimes they can lie in the girl's spoiledness, as well as personal problems.


According to statistics, the most common reason why a girl does not want to communicate is resentment. Many men will ask, “Resentment? For what?". Women will find plenty of reasons to be offended.

How to determine what exactly the friend is offended at? It's quite simple - you need to recall the events associated with the girl over the past few days and come to the conclusion: after which it was she who began to limit communication. Sometimes it can be an incorrectly spoken phrase: mentioning an action in relation to another girl, and so on.

Gone Feelings 2

A less common reason why a woman does not want a man is faded feelings. In most cases, the girls arrange premature conversations, make some hints or, even, scandals. This happens when a girl wants to attract attention to herself, in other words, she thinks that a man does not devote enough time to her.

If the girl actually decided to leave, then most likely she chose a more appropriate moment for this and will do everything quietly.

girl avoids boyfriend
girl avoids boyfriend

Personal problems3

Women, as the softest creatures, take everything to heart. That is why problems in the family, in relationships, with studies can become the reason that a girl does not want to communicate. It is quite simple to determine this - you can ask a woman a question: clear and direct, and even if it is not answered, the behavior will tell about the girl's problems.

This problem is also a cause of resentment, since the girl can limit communication due to the fact that the man did not show any interest in solving the woman's problems. The guy might not even know about their presence, but for the girl this is not an excuse.


Every man is familiar with this time in a woman's life, when she begins to get angry, swear, absolutely every thing annoys her. You should not worry about this, it is best to endure, this does not last more than a week, and reproaches and attempts to arrange a tantrum will only bring negative results.

the woman stopped communicating
the woman stopped communicating


In books, magazines and films, they say that a woman should be unavailable. In other words, in order to arouse interest in men, you need to show him your disdain for relationships. This is what the woman is guided by - she tries to show herself as selfishly as possible, so that the man understands that she has self-esteem, as well as a demand for communication with her.

Do not think that a woman intentionally does this and behaves this way in every area of her life. Perhaps she succumbed to the influence of friends and decided to bring this idea to life.

Why is it so often unlucky with girls? Let's consider all the main reasons.


Often? this feeling is characteristic of the female sex. In most cases, it is imaginary, that is, a woman cheats herself on the fact that a man is cheating. There are two cases: the woman thinks that the man is too closely associated with other women, or in fact the guy is provoking the girl.

why did the woman lose interest
why did the woman lose interest

A man is confused by such a relationship, and they begin to prove the opposite to the girls. In fact, such actions only aggravate the situation. To improve a relationship with a girl, it is enough to honestly and truthfully tell her about your feelings and eliminate all misunderstandings in the relationship.

Gifts or lack thereof7

The most unpopular case is the lack of material gifts for a woman. Expensive rings, technology, sometimes cars - what a small contingent of women requires. The lack of such presentations can be a reason for limiting communication.

When a girl restricts communication for unknown reasons, this is a very difficult choice in the further development of the relationship. Often, men cannot decide whether to write to a girl or not.

A person is faced with a difficult dilemma: communication is an important step in life, or the absence of a girl in life will not change anything.

the girl stopped communicating
the girl stopped communicating

If in the first case, you need to determine the approximate reason why the girl does not want to communicate, and then - to speak to her, so that she already decides: to be or not to be a further relationship.

In the second, you can simply forget and leave everything as it is - if a woman finds the time or desire to communicate further, then most likely she will start a dialogue herself.

Women may have other reasons that force them to refuse to communicate, but they can be called “special cases”, since they are in personal motives of life, inaccessible to anyone except the girls themselves.

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