7 Stages Of A Relationship Between A Man And A Woman. The Psychology Of Love

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7 Stages Of A Relationship Between A Man And A Woman. The Psychology Of Love
7 Stages Of A Relationship Between A Man And A Woman. The Psychology Of Love

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stages of relationship
stages of relationship

When an analysis of past relationships begins, or nostalgia overwhelms and I want to remember how it all began. Often a person comes to the conclusion that past experiences are somewhat similar. All events seem to develop in a circle and always go through the same stages of relationships. This is a natural process for a healthy relationship, which must go through all periods of relationship development to become even stronger.

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  • 2 Stages of relationships: features and ways to overcome
  • 3 First stage
  • 4 Second stage
  • 5 Third stage
  • 6 Fourth stage
  • 7 Fifth stage
  • 8 Sixth stage
  • 9 Seventh stage

Why relationships go through stages of developmenti

The harmonious development of a couple should go through different stages of building relationships. It is impossible to constantly be content with sweets and bouquets, long walks under the moon and always in relationships and meetings several times a week. Of course, this is a convenient format, but it is impossible to build long and lasting relationships on it.

Affection is formed at the stage of falling in love, hormones are overwhelming, it seems as if the world stops without a loved one. Gradually, passions die out, wild sex is replaced by marital duty, children appear and everything becomes ordinary and gray. From the outside, it may seem that the couple is stuck at one stage of development and nothing happens further. The transformation of the couple's relationship takes place according to its own scenario, with its own speed and characteristics, despite the fact that the stages of development are the same for all.

It is difficult to deny that everyone changes with age, requirements become larger, claims appear, and at this moment you need to grow and develop along with relationships. If you neglect the work on the union, you can stop at the first stages forever. It is quite logical that then a rift will come and the relationship will cease to exist.

Each couple should know about what stages of building a relationship are, what makes them special and how to go through them in order to maintain a harmonious relationship.

Stages of relationships: features and ways to overcome2

Past relationships provide invaluable experience of mistakes and overcoming them. If the relationship has passed into the category of "former", it means that something was not possible to overcome and move on to the next stage. A healthy and promising relationship develops the same way at 18 and 50, going through the same stages. And how long they last depends on the correct behavior and approach.

First stage3

Relationships begin from this stage, and sometimes they end there. The easiest stage, when lovers see only advantages in each other, the partner seems to be a fairytale hero, a real prince or princess, about whom all dreams were. The heart in the chest is pounding wildly, the cheeks are burning, the eyes are sparkling, I want to take each other's hand and walk for a long time, not to part even for a few minutes. At this time, even a small cute SMS delights and time slows down when there is not a single message from a loved one on the phone.


The guys behave like courageous knights and are ready to do everything to win the heart of their beloved lady. Girls tend to idealize the image of a lover. It's quite normal. When you don't really know a person, haven't seen him in everyday life, in conflict situations, it's easier to come up with an airy image and endow him with the desired qualities.

Each date is perceived as the most important meeting, for which they spend hours preparing. The state of falling in love inspires, I want to shout about love to the whole world, write poetry, admire ideal relationships and a wonderful person next to me. Emotional hunger from a lack of communication with a loved one, no one can fill. If the relationship is interrupted at this stage, then they will forever remain in memory as the best relationship in which everything was perfect.

Second stage4

The onset of the second stage with satiety is inevitable. Communication brings the same pleasure, you no longer need to spend every minute together. In the second stage of the relationship, you no longer need to go everywhere together and it becomes normal to visit friends and events separately. Leisure is becoming less romantic, evenings can now be spent together lying on the couch watching your favorite movie or TV series. Passions gradually subside, and every minute of waiting for intimacy is not perceived as a disaster.

The relationship has become more harmonious, calm, everything is going steadily. Partners reveal themselves, show strengths and weaknesses of character. The veil of love is gradually subsiding, minor flaws and character minuses become noticeable.

heart in hand
heart in hand

Everyone begins to behave more naturally, you no longer need to praise your partner for every joke or action. Communication remains as warm, surprises excite and delight. Emotions have become more stable, relationships are developing smoothly and nothing threatens to break. Development at this stage resembles a hungry traveler who has already eaten the first fruits and becomes calm and balanced, well-fed and satisfied.

Third stage5

An important and crisis period, to which all couples who have been dating for several years or young spouses come. There comes a turning point in the relationship and all the problems become impossible to hide. Every movement, wrongly spoken word, inappropriate joke earlier could touch, but now they cause an instant explosion of emotions and a stream of reproaches with a response. A loved one and a loved one causes negative emotions, he becomes imperfect, behaves in a way that he did not allow before. The romance is gone, perhaps children appeared, and it became impossible to see the same face in front of you every day.

The duration of the period depends on the duration of the relationship, the temperament of the partners, their wisdom and the ability to evaluate everything critically from the outside and understand that this is a normal stage. You don't have to act like a partner. Getting irritated in response to actions and starting to scream heart-rendingly for every crumb on the table is not the best option. Most pairs break at this stage. Thoughts come that the partner cannot satisfy all the needs and the choice in his favor was wrong. Everything happens due to the lack of nutritious intoxicating emotions, which previously delighted the brain.


To abandon the union and break off the relationship is the easiest way. The new partner will please the same amount and then everything will happen again. If you do not want to constantly interrupt relations and find new partners all your life, you need to learn to go through the third stage and move on to the next stage of development.

Fourth stage6

Overcoming the crisis stage is over. Problems become less noticeable, wisdom and understanding gradually come that you can negotiate with your loved one and find a solution to any problems. Understanding comes to a more mature, adult, morally ready and matured for relationships. We need to share and understand that at this stage we must not endure and think that everything will change, everyone tolerated and I can, but it is wise to resolve conflicts and be able to close our eyes not minor annoying factors.

The big problem is looking at the world in a negative way and constantly reassuring yourself that others are to blame for the problems. It should come to the realization that half of the blame for problems and quarrels in partnerships lies with both partners. Previously, it seemed that the relationship had reached an impasse, and not a day goes by without quarrels and problems. Now the quarrels have become different, rare and related more to external stimuli. Problems at work, women have a monthly cycle, sudden car breakdowns and other irritants provoke quarrels. It's more like throwing out emotions on your partner to make it easier.

Relationship stages
Relationship stages

Patience and wisdom are like threads stitching relationships in places where they are constantly torn. Just do not confuse patience with bullying, beatings, moral violence in the family and patience for minor flaws. In the first case, you need to call the police, and not hope that the partner will suddenly dawn and he will understand what he is doing wrong. You need to work on your ego, be able to overestimate the changes in your partner, his needs and desires. Let there be no more romantic aura, no one greets you from work at the office door with a bouquet of flowers. Nearby there is a reliable partner who has been tested in many situations and wisely resolves minor conflicts without showered with hundreds of sharp words. At this stage, a person really opens up and the success of the transition to the fifth stage depends on how he is perceived and accepted.

Fifth stage7

Learning to realize the uniqueness of a partner, his needs, desire, to feel a duty to him are the first steps to true Love in its highest manifestation. Love is already on the doorstep and waiting to be admitted into the house. There comes a clear realization of the fact that a spouse or spouse is not an ethereal being, which is woven from clouds and tenderness. A living person with problems, worries, thoughts, claims and, on understanding the duty to him, the success of the relationship in the future depends.

He is imperfect, but he loves me, tolerates, understands. To act also in relation to a spouse is a duty and a primary duty. I no longer want to scream over little things, there are no scandals due to the lack of candles and romance. It becomes clear that in order to receive benefits, you need to apply your own strength, and not rely on a partner and expect actions from him.

Relationship stages
Relationship stages

At this stage, the duty to the family and children is realized. Maintaining an unquenchable family hearth, a delicious dinner, wisdom and understanding of a partner, time together, a desire to develop and find answers to all questions are the key to success at the fifth stage. Trainings, psychologist consultation, books will help you find answers to all your questions. You need to constantly work not only on relationships, but also on personal development. Maintaining interest in oneself, being a harmonious addition to a partner is something without which it will not be possible to maintain a relationship for many decades.

Sixth stage8

The penultimate stage of a relationship, in which partners become not just lovers, parents, but real friends. There comes a time when another unwashed cup no longer causes an explosion of emotions, sex is not so bright, but emotional intimacy covers everything in full. These are two truly close people who steadfastly withstood all hardships and difficulties, found secrets of understanding, fulfilled their duty to children, passed all temptations and stayed together. This is where the coveted fairy tale begins, in which "they lived happily ever after" best describes the state of affairs.

hearts under an umbrella
hearts under an umbrella

Although a person has been familiar for a long time, there are new traits and dignity for which one can respect, admire, praise and be proud. Love has not yet reached the stage of the highest meaning, but it has already come close to it. Two people talk cheerfully and openly, ready to spend time together. Relationships are built on dedication, boundless trust and upholding common interests.

Seventh stage9

Absolute love. The highest point in the development of a couple to which you need to strive. What is called love at the first stage is not love at all. At the beginning of a relationship, this is love, passion, desire to physically possess a person, supported by a cocktail of hormones.

It is impossible to come to the seventh stage immediately after falling in love. Years must pass for a beautiful flower to grow from a seed, which will delight for a long time with its beauty and perfection. It's the same with relationships. People come to the highest love through trials, resentments, quarrels, misunderstandings. Do not be afraid of trials and constantly look around and think that the most beautiful and pure emotions remained in the first stages of a relationship. Now it is clear that the most important, most important, spiritual union comes as a reward for all hardships.

the keys
the keys

It is easy to meet and fall in love with a beautiful image in which everything is perfect and seems so perfect and perfect. The most difficult thing is to try to develop relationships, look for the causes of quarrels and ways to resolve conflicts. All relationships are similar to each other and go through the path of transformation from falling in love to absolute love. This is a difficult job that takes up great spiritual strength and requires endurance and endurance. It would be appropriate to compare the development of relations and their development with a tree, which at first breaks through with a small sprout and only after many decades begins to delight with a lush crown and beauty, is reliably fixed with roots in the ground and no natural element can destroy it.

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