The Whole Truth About Male Infidelity: No Myths, Only Facts

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The Whole Truth About Male Infidelity: No Myths, Only Facts
The Whole Truth About Male Infidelity: No Myths, Only Facts

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a guy with a girl in bed
a guy with a girl in bed

You can devote tons of literature to the relationship between men and women, and still some topics will not remain considered. But the famous statement: "Women are from Venus, men are from Mars" once again proves that many actions of the opposite sex are difficult to understand, even looking at them from the neutral side.

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  • 1 Don't you love me anymore?
  • 2 "I'm still in the ranks"
  • 3 "Nowhere without adrenaline"
  • 4 "One glass and I'm ready"
  • 5 "I'll arrange for you!"
  • 6 "It wasn't me, the guys made it"
  • 7 "I don't like home"
  • 8 "I don't like you"
  • 9 Is it possible to fight?

And what can we say about the topic of betrayal, from which a chill walks on the backs of faithful wives and husbands. Unfortunately, the statistics are relentless: more than 70% of couples have faced cheating in various forms, and about 40% of them are men. But is it possible to avoid going to the left? The whole truth about male infidelity will allow you to figure it out.

Don't you love me anymore? I

Women, as a rule, see only one reason for their men to go to the left - the fading of feelings. This concept is so broad that it is difficult to understand what meaning every lady puts into it. For this reason, it is impossible to talk in detail on the topic of betrayal. In fact, everything turns out to be much simpler: someone is sawing at home because of a nail not driven into the wall, and someone is tired of everyday life. Each case is individual, so it is worth considering the main reasons for cheating in men.

"I'm still in the ranks" 2

It is important for men to prove their worth in all areas, especially in the sexual sphere. Therefore, betrayal can be based on a desire to assert itself, to show that there is still gunpowder in the flasks, and the demand for the fair sex is still great. As a rule, this is what male narcissists do, they do not feel regret about what they have done and treat cheating as a trifle.

"Nowhere without adrenaline" 3

The love of thrill makes people insane, makes them forget about the consequences and other people who may suffer from it. If sex for a partner is a way to get adrenaline doping, then he will definitely want to change if the current physical intimacy is bored.

what you need to know about male infidelity
what you need to know about male infidelity

And like any drug addict, after a while, a man comes to the realization of what has been done, he becomes ashamed and ashamed. But this will continue in the future, until the concept of treason ceases to personify something forbidden for him.

“One glass and I'm ready” 4

According to statistics, most cheating occurs while drunk, which does not detract from the severity of the act, but helps to understand how to prevent it. Men who like to drink alcohol, going beyond the limits of aristocratic intoxication, risk at a certain stage of the feast to confuse their beloved with another woman and create terrible things. So here either throw a drink, or be in close proximity to the chosen one at the time of the party.

“I'll arrange it for you!” 5

Unfortunately, forgiving cheating is very difficult for both women and men. The latter can worry and get nervous, not showing it, which is why an atmosphere of constant nervousness develops in the relationship. And I really want to get rid of it. How? With revenge. Men often cheat due to the fact that they learned about the betrayal of their half. Whether to judge them after that is up to everyone.

“It’s not me, the guys made it” 6

More than half of cheaters in their environment have friends who also cheat on their women. If you constantly communicate with a person who describes the advantages of hiking to the left, then even a convinced family man will sooner or later begin to doubt.

the truth about cheating men
the truth about cheating men

Therefore, the best solution to this problem is to regularly communicate with friends who are happily married or in a relationship. A perfect example will eliminate the desire to do wrong, although no one guarantees that unpleasant details about cheating within couples will be revealed on the sidelines of the men's club.

“I don’t like at home” 7

The psycho-emotional environment within the family significantly affects the behavior of its individual members. If constant quarrels reign, the house does not seem cozy and clean, and the beloved woman, instead of a kind word, only saws and swears, I absolutely do not want to be near the family. Internal loneliness, depression, passive aggressiveness require going outside. And this way out is treason.

“I don’t like you” 8

In relationships, people quickly get used to each other's habits, behavior, and appearance in all situations. But does this mean that having created a full-fledged family, a woman should forget about herself and turn into an indifferent mistress of the house? Of course not. Appearance is certainly important in both emotional and sexual relationships.

facts about male infidelity
facts about male infidelity

And if a man finds a physically more attractive woman on his side, one can only hope for his consciousness.

Is it possible to fight? 9

The whole truth about male infidelity lies in one simple truth: you cannot protect from cheating on someone who really wants to do it. Therefore, attempts to fight can be undertaken, but you should not blame yourself for this if the very fact of betrayal was revealed. It is better to calm yourself down and say that everything that was possible to do has been done, which means that the man himself is to blame.

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