6 Reasons Why A Girl Says She Doesn't Want A Relationship

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6 Reasons Why A Girl Says She Doesn't Want A Relationship
6 Reasons Why A Girl Says She Doesn't Want A Relationship

Video: 6 Reasons Why A Girl Says She Doesn't Want A Relationship

Video: 6 Reasons Why A Girl Says She Doesn't Want A Relationship
Video: Say This When She Says "She's Not Ready!" (Finding Herself or Emotionally Unavailable) 2023, March
why doesn't a girl want a relationship
why doesn't a girl want a relationship

It seemed to start so well, and suddenly the girl declares that she is not ready for a serious relationship, does not want and cannot. Are you starting to wonder why a girl doesn't want a relationship? Actually, there is only one answer to this.

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  • 1 Reasons why a girl does not want a relationship
  • 2 What to do to change?
  • 3 Mistakes You Can Make When You Want a Relationship, But You Can't

Reasons why a girl does not want a relationship

But first, let's look at the reasons why girls are objectively unwilling to develop relationships.

The first is children's problems

Yes, we carry what we gave in childhood to the world. If the family did not have a good relationship between dad and mom, she does not want to repeat this scenario, but she doesn’t know how else to do it.

There is an opportunity to help. Show gently and carefully that you can communicate differently, without hurting each other, but respecting and loving. It will take a lot of time, but it can work.

The second is parting

At a wrong time. She just survived the collapse of her hopes, it still hurts, and here you are with your feelings. She physically cannot respond in kind, everything is burnt out there, she has nothing to answer. If you want to wait, help me deal with the pain. She will be grateful. But for a relationship, this is dangerous, as it can enroll you as a loyal friend and not think of you as a possible partner.

The third is the mismatch of goals

This is not so rare these days. The girls went resolute and active. For them, building a career or business is more important than a relationship. You can wait until he changes his mind, or help. But this is also a friendly relationship. With a high degree of probability, they will not develop into something serious.

Fourth - value mismatch

It happens that people are so different that it seems that both consist of the same corners and are constantly touched by them. Different social environment, views, morals, religion. Otherwise, the girl believes in horoscopes. If it says that you do not match, then he will not communicate. Better not to waste time.

Fifth - resentment

It's not a good thing, but people don't stop doing it. And the girls don't even need to give a reason, they themselves will come up with it.

Why doesn't a girl want a relationship
Why doesn't a girl want a relationship

The case when you need to take everything into your own hands. Find out by any means what the offense is, and settle everything. Well, if you are to blame, then ask for forgiveness. And do not be like fools who think that the word "sorry" is worth so much that if you say it, then it's time to wear it in your arms. The best "sorry" is a bouquet of flowers, a gift, a romantic surprise. Not necessarily expensive, the main thing is that it has a soul. For example, a painted balloon in her window. The female soul is soft, easygoing. And if not, think about whether you need dried bread, in the common people - crackers?

The main reason is you

Here it is, the most correct answer! All the previous ones can also be, but this one is the same.

If it so happened that the girl did not want to communicate with you, puzzling over what to do to return her is the last thing. The only answer to the question "why a girl doesn't want a relationship" is that she didn't like you. And this is great!

Yes, I know, you now want to twirl your finger at your temple. Don't hold back. But it won't change anything. If a girl who likes it gave a turn from the gate, this is a sign. The very best you can imagine! And he says one thing - it's time to change. And when this happens, do not forget to say thank you to the girl who did not build a relationship with you. Be prepared for the fact that she wants you back, but do not give in. She is your past, to whom I am grateful. And you have already gone ahead, and completely different girls are waiting for you.

a guy with a beard
a guy with a beard

What to do to change? 2

Unoriginal tips, but the best:

  • go to the gym or do exercises every day;
  • stop playing computer games (if you are over 18, then this is not discussed);
  • start reading smart books. Choose your cleverness - it can be books on psychology, technology, computers, colors, sports. Any books will develop gyrus;
  • to pump confidence, willpower and other qualities that girls like, take part in trainings. Even the free ones have good advice. And check their quality empirically - take it and do it, and see if something turns out or not. Just remember, the first time nothing comes out. Use the practice for at least two weeks. There is one commandment - don't look for excuses, look for opportunities;
  • find a business to your liking. If you really like it, you will be good at it, and this always helps to make money. And they are a magnet for girls, and an indicator of your confidence.
Girl is not interested in boyfriend
Girl is not interested in boyfriend

Girls love confident guys - an axiom. And not a single century has changed it. So go ahead and remember, my friend, nothing is impossible in the world.

Mistakes You Can Make When You Want a Relationship, But You Can't 3

In no case is it necessary:

  • stalk, write messages, ask for a meeting;
  • talk about your feelings, especially at the very beginning;
  • impose, strive to be near;
  • press on her;
  • do not touch her. It is about innocent touches - to take by the hand, to support on the steps, to hug, guiding. Tactile sensations are an important component, their absence makes the relationship insipid;
  • disregard her interests. So you can push away, but not attract;
  • don't help. Girls subconsciously always wait for help. Without waiting, they lose interest;
  • wishful thinking. If a girl thanks you for the gifts and goes to the movies with you, she can treat you like a friend. If you see it in a rosy light - that, they say, I am already conquering her, and she will soon leave, then you can only be offended at yourself.
Why girls are not interested in a relationship with a guy
Why girls are not interested in a relationship with a guy

If you are doing anything from the list, be sure that you are already seen at the level of the baseboard. Do you need it? Dignity inspires respect, and it alone is attractive.

Yes, there may be times when there are objective reasons why a girl does not want a relationship. But more often than not, it's you. There is no point in worrying and moping. Draw your conclusions and move on. If you are an interesting man, there will definitely be a girl worthy of you next to you.

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