How To Find Out, Understand That A Girl Has Changed - And Do You Need It?

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How To Find Out, Understand That A Girl Has Changed - And Do You Need It?
How To Find Out, Understand That A Girl Has Changed - And Do You Need It?

Video: How To Find Out, Understand That A Girl Has Changed - And Do You Need It?

Video: How To Find Out, Understand That A Girl Has Changed - And Do You Need It?
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man with knitted horns
man with knitted horns

Guys sincerely believe that polygamy is their lot, and a girl should be cute and cute, faithful to the end of the relationship. But this is not always the case: she can get drunk, get angry and just want variety. The natural result of one of these (as well as something about a hundred others) will be or may be treason. But, I must say, women are cunning and insidious creatures, so their boyfriends most likely do not have the chance to learn about the sad fact.

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  • 1 The girl devotes a lot of time to her appearance
  • 2 The girl moves away from her boyfriend and everything connected with him
  • 3 The girl refuses sex and generally stopped paying attention to her boyfriend
  • 4 The girl no longer has time for her boyfriend
  • 5 What to do in this situation?

But what if there are suspicions, how to find out that the girl has changed? It will be possible to find out about a one-time betrayal only if she blurted out to her friend, and the friend blurted out to someone else. But it happens that a girl is constantly cheating, and in this case it is much easier to "burn" her.

There are several signs that she has another, and a few more that she no longer loves. And about whether to check a girl for fidelity, find out in our article at the link.

The girl devotes a lot of time to her appearance

Of course, this in itself is not a sign: the fair sex generally try to take care of themselves. But it is not difficult for an attentive young man to notice when his girlfriend begins to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and near the closet, although she is just going to a lecture or “with a friend” to have lunch.

Buying new things in an unusual style and going shopping with a friend under the pretext "well, you always complain that you don't want to carry my bags" is suspicious, but does not confirm anything. You need to pay attention to the more obvious signs.

The girl is moving away from her boyfriend and everything connected with him2

It is not difficult to feel that something is wrong if the beloved guy had a good relationship with his family and friends - and every loving girl tries to make only the best impression on them.

For example, every Friday she stopped by to visit his grandmother - and here she hasn't even called for a month. And she doesn't help her younger sister with her English homework. And he doesn't even play tennis with dad.

How to know if a girl has changed
How to know if a girl has changed

Here you can arrange a check and offer to go to a family dinner. The girl refuses? Most likely, she is ashamed in front of the family of her young man, especially if the affection for them was not feigned, but completely sincere. Perhaps she even thinks about breaking up, and therefore is trying to gradually wean herself and wean the guy's relatives from herself.

It's the same story with his friends. If earlier meetings with them were desirable for her beloved, and then she abruptly stopped them, making excuses, albeit plausible enough, - this is a wake-up call. It is worth asking the girl about this - is it possible that she is looking for parting. It happens that this behavior is due to an awkward situation or negativity on the part of one of your friends. Some do not want to talk about this, so as not to spoil the guy's relationship with loved ones. So strange behavior may well be a sign of concern. Or not…

Finally, the girl begins to move away from her boyfriend. She suddenly has an elective on Wednesdays, when they went to the gym together, and on Friday she is suddenly offered an excellent part-time job, although this is an evening of pizza and action movies. Perhaps she really took an additional item and wants to save up for a cool gift for her boyfriend, but all of the above looks really very suspicious. The information is worth checking if there is such an opportunity, or jokingly ask if another guy is her elective. The girl's reaction, if she is really to blame, will say a lot, even if she denies everything.

How can a guy find out about treason
How can a guy find out about treason

The girl refuses sex and generally stopped paying attention to her boyfriend3

A woman's reaction to adultery is exactly the opposite of a man's: representatives of the stronger sex, trying to make amends, increase the amount of sex with a girlfriend, and women, under any pretext, try to refuse sexual contact.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. If the cheating was unintentional, the woman simply feels dirty and unworthy of such a young man. If everything is serious and she fell in love, then the girl simply loses her physical desire for her boyfriend.

In any case, if there were no problems with sex before, and then they appeared at some point, this is a bell. Whether this is a signal of betrayal or that more variety is needed, because bed games have become a routine - this needs to be clarified, preferably in the process of a frank conversation. Such a conversation is generally a universal answer to the question of how to find out that a girl has changed. You can, however, continue to collect indirect signs.

And the next one is … no quarrels. Normal couples quarrel - there are some things that people do not like in each other and sometimes this leads to quarrels. A guy should try to do what usually makes his beloved wildly enraged - biting a nail, forgetting his dirty socks in the bathroom, eating a pizza with a crust. It doesn't matter what it is, the main thing is something that usually drives her to a frenzy. Zero reaction or sluggish “stop it”? Now this is serious!

Girl cheated
Girl cheated

The girl no longer has time for her boyfriend4

And he sees her at most once a week, although before she always came to spend the night, wrote messages and called during the day, Gradually communication becomes formal, sex becomes boring or not at all, and the initiative to meet is always followed by a sluggish refusal. Most likely, the young man's head was really decorated with horns, and they even began to branch out.

What to do in this situation? 5

Someone, deciding that his suspicions are real, simply part with the scandal, without understanding the situation, someone simply lets everything go by itself, and someone does the best - still asks the girl a direct question. Yes, if she did not cheat and did not even think, and all the signs turned out to be false, such a conversation can result in a grandiose scandal, but usually this ends in a passionate reconciliation.

But usually, unfortunately, it is possible to find out the unpleasant truth. If a girl really cheats on a regular basis, fell in love with another and just did not know how to break off an old relationship, the conversation will become unpleasant for her, but a relief. If the betrayal was one-time, occurred under the influence of some factors, and the girl wildly regrets, then the guy can go in two ways.

The first is separation. In the event that he wondered for a long time how to find out that the girl had changed, and managed to understand that he would not forgive the betrayal in any case, this is the only way out. Staying with the girl, the boyfriend will only harass her with his jealousy and hints, and in the end they will simply hate each other.

The second option is forgiveness. If the betrayal was unintentional, if the girl did something in a fit of anger and jealousy and now regrets, gnaws at herself and cannot forgive, you need to remove the burden of guilt from her shoulders and try to live on together. This is an option in the case when the guy really loves the girl very much, because he assumes that the culprit will not be reminded of her wrongdoing, somehow reproach her or constantly monitor her.

How to find out about cheating
How to find out about cheating

Perhaps the return of trust and normal relationships will be gradual, but this is incredibly important - otherwise people simply won't be able to date, so they better break up as soon as possible.

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