Why Do Men Love Overweight Women? TOP-5 Main Reasons

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Why Do Men Love Overweight Women? TOP-5 Main Reasons
Why Do Men Love Overweight Women? TOP-5 Main Reasons

Video: Why Do Men Love Overweight Women? TOP-5 Main Reasons

Video: Why Do Men Love Overweight Women? TOP-5 Main Reasons
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beautiful plump girl
beautiful plump girl

Women struggle with their fullness every day without asking which women men like. But men do not consider obesity a disadvantage and very often look for women in the body. Why do men love overweight women and how to become that coveted plump for their ideal man? Find out in more detail how the proportional figure of a Rubensian young lady should be formed from the review.

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  • 1 Hangers are out of date!
  • 2 Symbol of femininity
  • 3 Better to swing on the waves than to beat against the rocks
  • 4 Emphasize advantages and hide disadvantages!
  • 5 Body positivity and fitness

Hangers are outdated! I

Medieval ladies who were pulled into corsets and had transparent handles are no longer in fashion! Big breasts and rounded shapes are in trend. This is what is now at the top of Olympus - form.

It is not only beautiful but also safe. The dominance of anorexic models led to the mass death of young girls who, in pursuit of such catwalk beauty, brought themselves to exhaustion and death.

Now we are for body positive, and therefore the famous actresses and plus-size models stopped losing weight and began to preach a healthy female type of figure, in which a large breast, a rounded butt and soft hands, and not bones covered with skin, are characteristic.

This is important from a medical point of view, too thin women are very difficult to tolerate pregnancy and conception. Carrying out a child is also a problem for them!

That is why doctors around the world are beginning to sound the alarm about the problem of fertility due to the fault of the fashion industry. Now she does not impose her beauty standards, but, on the contrary, promotes health.

If earlier models of the Twiggy look were successful and girls, following her example, lost several kilograms, now a vivid example and a new ideal of beauty are socialites such as Kim Kardashian and singer Jennifer Lopez, as well as model Tyra Banks.

These beauties of a dense physique have never lost weight and have always preached body positive, because studies show that guys are interested in such women much more often than thin ones, and a mature man always prefers women with appetizing shapes.

full lady
full lady

Symbol of femininity2

In addition to appetizing shapes, such rounded and sloping shoulders, butt and chest are a symbol of femininity in 18 countries and cultures around the world, according to American psychologist Singh. He found that the contrast between waist and hips, with the former having less volume than the latter, is the standard of beauty and makes women attractive to men around the world.

Important! At the same time, large breasts and lush looseness may not be at all, the main thing is the hips, which are the guarantor of your femininity. Moreover, the fat in the hips and pelvis is useful in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, so you should pay attention to the fact that the butt is not only fit, but also protrudes, leaving in smooth lines.

Better to swing on the waves than bang on rocks

Fat women are sexier for men than thin women, because obese women are not typically tight. They, as a rule, are very liberated in sex, because not many men can pay attention to such a chic and luxurious woman from the summer.

Overweight women use every opportunity and every chance given by life.

Therefore, men very often do not leave such fat ladies, because they consider them to be the goddesses of sex. In addition, according to natural laws, a woman whose weight is 5-6 kg higher than the norm has a stronger libido. She appreciates sex and intimacy with a man more.

men like fat
men like fat

Highlight strengths and hide weaknesses! 4

Curvy women should definitely emphasize their dignity and present them in a favorable light.

You should not wear too wide and uninteresting, tight things that only increase your weight and size. It is worth wearing fabrics that accentuate the line of your hips, breasts, nice curvy neckline.

At the same time, you should not wear dresses and hoodies that hide your figure too much. This clothing makes the figure shapeless.

You definitely need to take care of your sexy lingerie. Remember there are no prohibitions for obese women, and if a thin girl can wear almost any clothes, and she will look different on it, hang and dangle somewhere, and open too much somewhere, then I should pay more attention to overweight women turn to good expensive models that will expose what needs to be exposed and emphasize sexuality, while hiding what needs to be hidden.

For example, if you do not like your full ankles, then choose beautiful high boots for yourself, thereby indicating the sex appeal of your hips and distracting attention from what you don't like about yourself.

Bodypositive and fitness5

Overweight women do not mean unsportsmanlike and loose. A full Rubens woman with a gorgeous figure is always full of strength and takes care of herself with the help of diets and fitness, without prejudice to her kilograms and not being angry with herself for her exorbitant weight, wide hips and not quite wasp waist.

fullness as a symbol of femininity
fullness as a symbol of femininity

It is already worth being attractive for yourself, take care of your skin, pump up your muscles, and you yourself will see the result. Why do men love overweight women? Because these women have learned to love themselves!

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