How To Understand A Man's Intentions To Decide What To Do Next

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How To Understand A Man's Intentions To Decide What To Do Next
How To Understand A Man's Intentions To Decide What To Do Next

Video: How To Understand A Man's Intentions To Decide What To Do Next

Video: How To Understand A Man's Intentions To Decide What To Do Next
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How to understand a man's intentions
How to understand a man's intentions

It is very important for girls to know about the sincerity of feelings for themselves. How to understand a man's intentions if a lady is in love and looks at him through rose-colored glasses. To put everything on the shelves will help the advice of psychologists. Of course, you can enjoy the moment of falling in love and enjoy the relationship, but development can follow an undesirable path, the union can completely disintegrate.

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  • 1 Signs of serious intention
  • 2 Signs of a frivolous attitude
  • 3 How to deal with the induction of intimacy on first dates
  • 4 How to get a serious relationship from a man

Signs of serious intenti

The most important indicator of a relationship is investment. A man should not spare time, money, fantasy, or affectionate words for his beloved. Investing time and effort in building relationships is a guarantee of their long-term, because the more you give, the more you value your investment.

There may be different priorities and values for different men. And if a wealthy partner spends his expensive time on meetings, cancels important negotiations - this is a sign of the girl's higher value for him.

Also, a poor student can invest in a passion with cute gifts of insignificant value, care and attention. You should not believe just beautiful words, you need to draw conclusions from your actions.

Conversations about a joint future, about children, about a house by the sea lead all the girls to emotion. This can be used by cynics to charm the girl and take possession of her. But the majority of men do not start a conversation on such serious topics, having no plans for the future with this particular girl.

Signs of a frivolous attitude2

How to understand a man's intentions? Lack of real interest in a girl can be easily recognized by the following points:

  1. A man is always busy, he has little time for meetings, calls, messages. That is, if a person is busy, he can still find at least a little time to spend together, or compensate for the lack of attention with other pleasant moments.
  2. Giving gifts to buy the girl's attention.
  3. Constant talk only about sex.
  4. Doesn't introduce friends and family.
  5. Doesn't start talking about a joint future.
  6. Flirts with other girls.
  7. There is no involuntary tactile contact during communication.

Treating Intimacy On First Dates3

So the male body is arranged that when communicating with a beautiful woman, there is a desire to master her. And this is the normal physiology of a healthy man. Someone hides it, and someone talks about feelings to the girl. When a man tells a girl that he wants her, it does not mean at all that everything should happen right now and on this day. This can be an element of flirting, a man gets moral pleasure from the fact that a longed-for woman is nearby, he looks forward to intimacy, with lust for this moment.

man wants intimacy
man wants intimacy

Waiting is also part of the pleasure. Having surrendered to the man at the first hints of bed, this special moment of anticipation is lost. The fact that a guy says: “We are adults, why wait and play for time” does not mean that if he refuses, he will stop seeking the girl. On the contrary, for the next date, he will prepare better so that this time everything will work out.

Unfortunately, according to statistics, the majority of women who agree to intimacy on their first dates become not interesting to a man for a serious relationship. After all, for the family they want a chaste girl.

How to get a serious relationship from a man4

For a guy to be mad, you need to become the woman of his dreams: an ideal mistress, a stately beauty, a libertine. Combining the three roles is hard for girls, and only the wisest do not disdain this recommendation. Psychologists say that in the subconscious of a man there are two ideal women: chaste and depraved. At first glance, these are two incompatible qualities, but they are not, they can be intelligently alternated in a relationship. Compatibility in bed is important for a relationship, and if it is not there, then there will be no happy union.

hostesses are always valuable
hostesses are always valuable

You can also increase your value for a man by provoking him to feats for the sake of his beloved. Being a hero in the eyes of a girl is priceless. To do this, you need to ask him to help out in simple situations in which you need male help and support. Choose a moment in which he is strong and can definitely cope, for example, ask:

  • pick up from guests from an unpopular place, citing fear;
  • choose a phone;
  • set up equipment;
  • rearrange the furniture;
  • teach the language.

How to understand the intentions of a man if he says one thing in words, but there are no actions. You need to arrange a check with the above points. For the sake of a girl he likes, for whom there are serious plans, a man is not capable of such feats. So, dare a great way to understand that a man is hiding feelings.

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