Do You Need To Get Married? Pros And Cons Of Getting Married

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Do You Need To Get Married? Pros And Cons Of Getting Married
Do You Need To Get Married? Pros And Cons Of Getting Married

Video: Do You Need To Get Married? Pros And Cons Of Getting Married

Video: Do You Need To Get Married? Pros And Cons Of Getting Married
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Do I need to get married
Do I need to get married

For a very long time, everyone needed to get married and get married. Everyone understood that this was a logical continuation of the relationship. Today the situation with marriage is fundamentally different from what it was before. Now a large number of men frankly do not understand whether it is necessary to marry and what is the point in this.

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  • 1 You don't want a wedding yourself: why?
  • 2 Reasons for the question of a wedding
  • 3 There is no point in a formal marriage
  • 4 Fear of losing independence
  • 5 No desire to have children

To conclude that an official marriage has depreciated, one can look at the statistics, where of all marriages in Russia, about 70 percent end up in divorce, without having time to start normally. In the states, such statistics are slightly better, namely, only 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. But a large number of people believe that their marriage will definitely last longer afloat and everything will end happily, and they will die in one day, like in fairy tales. However, later their dreams are shattered against harsh reality.

Previously, many tried to justify the need for marriage by the fact that a bachelor would not be able to prepare himself a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allegedly, family people look healthier and are always well-fed. Nowadays, this argument is useless, since many men cook much better than women and are able to provide themselves with delicious, freshly prepared and healthy food.

You don't want a wedding yourself: why? I

If the question is "should I get married?" appeared in your head, and you carefully read this article, then most likely something is wrong with your relationship. People who are happy in relationships and want to always be together do not have such a question. They don't even think about it.

Now let's talk about the possible reasons for such thoughts. Perhaps your family or your significant other makes you marry. Or you don't want your marriage to end badly. Or perhaps you are intimidated by the need for children after marriage. Regardless of what reason became the founder of your thoughts and the need for a wedding, you must first understand yourself, your desires. You need to understand what exactly you need to get out of life and there is a wedding on this list.

It is equally important to understand what you men can give to your possible family. They don't just get married because they have to or because they want to. In marriage, the main thing is to surrender completely to your spouse.

So, if you find in a relationship and wonder if there is any point in getting married, then most likely this girl is not the one you need. For the sake of that one, she will want to move mountains and do everything possible to make her happy. If there are no such sensations next to the current lady of the heart, then the time has definitely not come yet.

bearded man
bearded man

Reasons for the question of a wedding2

The reasons why you don't want to get married and why you are wondering whether to get married can be incredible. Some of them need to be considered.

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There is no point in a formal marriage3

It is possible that you sincerely cannot understand what is the use of this stamp in a passport and a list in some papers. Supposedly, if you love a person, then you can live well with him without this unnecessary process. Also, the idea that you can live long enough with the money that will go to celebrate the marriage, strengthens the belief that the wedding is useless.

Do I need to get married
Do I need to get married

Civil marriage is, in other words, cohabitation. An official marriage is something serious and requires responsibility from both spouses. When a marriage is formalized, the husband and wife take vows to each other. In this way, they tell each other that they will protect, remain faithful and love until the end of their days. For many, these vows mean a lot and they do not perceive it as simple words that have no meaning.

Also, marriage is very important for almost every girl. They had been prepared for this since childhood, and they knew that when they grew up, they would put on a beautiful white dress and go beautifully towards their new life. Of course, it is possible that you will find a girl for whom marriage is as important as it is for you. In this case, you can still live in a civil marriage, if everyone is satisfied with this option.

Fear of losing independence4

Many men are frightened that from the moment of marriage he will no longer be able to live carefree as before. He will realize that a great responsibility has fallen on his shoulders, which he will have to bear until the end of his days. This outcome of events scares many, and they decide that there is no point in getting married. For many, their own independence is much more important than marriage.

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Does marriage make sense
Does marriage make sense

No desire to have children5

Understand that marriage does not equal children. No one forces you to become a parent on the first day after you signed the papers and played the wedding.

The main thing is that you love each other. You need to have children consciously, and not just like that, because you are now husband and wife. It has no effect. You must understand that children are a big responsibility. And until you realize all the seriousness and are not sure that you can raise a good person, it is too early to become parents.

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