How To Subdue A Man: Actions To Take

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How To Subdue A Man: Actions To Take
How To Subdue A Man: Actions To Take

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How to subdue a man
How to subdue a man

Every girl dreams of guys going crazy with her, running in droves and fulfilling any whims. Voluptuous queens from ancient stories were much more fortunate than modern women. They were not only obeyed by men. During the night of love spent with Cleopatra, the representative of the stronger sex was ready to lose his life. Modern ladies dream of such an attitude of men. They want to know how to subjugate a man, and what needs to be done for this.

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  • 1 The main "taboos" for a woman when dealing with a man
  • 2 Soul conversation
  • 3 Warmth and affection
  • 4 The word for you, honey
  • 5 I need you so much
  • 6 Thanks every day
  • 7 What not to do

The main "taboos" for a woman when dealing with a man

Falling in love and conquering a man is not so easy. A woman should be the one in front of which the stronger sex is ready to lose her head and mind. An unkempt, hysterical person in a tattered coat and with boring lectures will not be able to subdue and even bring a guy closer to her. It should be borne in mind that a beauty and a reasonable woman who does not give a passage to a young man will also not achieve what she wants. A girl who never allows herself "nothing more" will be able to impress a representative of the stronger sex. These habits should be discarded:

  • Obsession. Annoying phrases, endless phone calls and messages will endow your partner with intense irritation and anger.
  • You should never resort to screaming and hysterics. Men hate inadequate persons and try to avoid them in every possible way.
  • You can not order men or stoop to insults and rudeness. This manner of communication greatly spoils women. Guys are contemptuous of masculine and arrogant girls.
  • It is necessary to treat the partner gently, evenly and friendly. No lisping and disdain. Respect and tact are important qualities in a relationship with a man.

Soul talk2

Worried about a relationship problem? Did jealousy, the coldness of your partner and misunderstanding on his part? This means that you need to discuss the problem with a man. Put aside tears, reproaches, demonstrative suffering, ignorance, and feigned resentment. You need to find free time, give your sweetheart a massage and start a conversation. Let the woman speak.

It is important to say about your warm feelings and good attitude towards the guy. Gently talk about the problem, without getting personal, say how dear a person and relationship with him are. Finish the confession with a gentle kiss on the shoulder and a gentle smile.

Warmth and affection3

Tenderness and femininity are the main weapons in the implementation of the plan: "How to subjugate a man." It is important to praise the guy, admire him, unobtrusively remind him of your feelings and pay attention to him. A man, like a peacock, will "open his tail" with pleasure, will show off in front of a lady and wish to perform some kind of feat for her. For example, he will fix a tap or steal peonies in a neighbor's garden. He will wish at least to get a star from the sky, just to listen to admiration in his address more often.

How to subdue a man
How to subdue a man

The word for you, honey

Whatever goal the woman tries to achieve, it is important for her to inspire and show the man that "this is" his decision. And it is very important for a girl. It is important for a man to feel himself in charge. In order not to come up with his girlfriend, she should present the idea as if it were his voiced thought. The guy will feel his leadership and appreciate the female support.

I need you so much

In order for a man to show strength and enthusiasm, a woman must show her weakness. She needs to convince her chosen one that she cannot cope without him. It is his help, strength, intelligence and ingenuity that are of great benefit to the world around him. Yes, what would she do without him at all? The guy, as a true gentleman, will not allow the lady to be disappointed in herself and will certainly "do a favor." A man needs to know how a woman needs his help.

Thanks every day6

A kind word is pleasant to a cat, and even more so to a man. Whatever a young man does, he is worthy of praise. He needs to be thanked for every service he does. Requires not only the duty: "Thank you!", But also the accompanying moments: the gentle look of a woman, a warm voice, a gentle touch. For the sake of such gratitude, a representative of the stronger sex will wish to move mountains.

Praise should be sincere. Do not be ashamed of listing the merits and merits of your beloved. But at the same time, you should not invent non-existent merits or greatly exaggerate the existing qualities. The man will feel that something is wrong and will stop trusting the girl.

Subdue a man
Subdue a man

What not to do7

To consolidate advice on how to subjugate a man, a woman must understand what absolutely cannot be done:

  • Make fun of your partner, criticize his actions.
  • To argue, to shout, to force them to act "out of the way."
  • To humiliate his dignity, the quality of his work, to be ironic about his salary or sexual prowess.
  • Change your behavior from “wrong” to “strategic”. The guy will get confused where the woman's real attitude towards him is and will stop taking her passion seriously.

The wise behavior of a woman strengthens the relationship between lovers. With such a chosen one, a man becomes a "domestic" and "controlled" partner.

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