Dating A Fat Girl? Or Is It Better To Have A Skinny Anorexic?

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Dating A Fat Girl? Or Is It Better To Have A Skinny Anorexic?
Dating A Fat Girl? Or Is It Better To Have A Skinny Anorexic?

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curvy beauty
curvy beauty

Dating a fat girl is not prestigious. All the rich have thin wives. This opinion has developed in modern society. This is just fashion and public opinion, but it changes over time and adapts to the needs of society, that's all.

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  • 1 An old woman at forty, an ancient grandmother at fifty
  • 2 Quite large actresses often had success in the cinema
  • 3 BBWs are very mobile and well physically developed
  • 4 Unless obesity is not a disease, but a natural state
  • 5 Advantages of Curvy Women Over Skinny Beauties
  • 6 What will men say in their justification, how they motivate
  • 7 Do not be afraid of anything, go ahead and do not look back at the cry
  • 8 Myths That Should Be Dispelled Like Cigarette Smoke

In the Middle Ages, when there were many wars and people died in them in large numbers, and not only in wars people died. Medicine was weak, epidemics of various incurable diseases often happened, whole cities disappeared. A thin woman is not capable of giving birth to healthy strong children, and children were very much needed to replenish the country's population.

It is not difficult to guess that overweight women were in fashion and were proud of their shapes. Not only to meet with a fat woman, but certainly to marry, it was necessary only to a woman of impressive size - it means that she eats well, the family is well-off.

An old woman at forty, an ancient grandmother at fifty

Many children gave birth - this was the norm and no one was surprised, because the survival rate was low. The average life expectancy was only 45-50 years. At forty she was already an old woman, at 50 she was considered an ancient grandmother. Civilizations developed together with medicine, epidemics stopped, thanks to preventive measures, early vaccinations and culture, the spread of cleanliness in everyday life.

Diseases receded, life expectancy increased significantly, but another disaster struck - overpopulation. In the paintings of Rubens in museums, women of incredible volumes are registered, thin women were considered consumptive, unable to be a wife and mistress in the family. Overpopulation dictated its own conditions of beauty, the thinner the better. Already after 2-3 generations, the full ones went out of fashion and with them the number of children in families was reduced to one or two.

Three are given the title of "mother heroine". Maybe it should be, based on the conditions of our time, but what should the "donuts" do? They are, were and will be, but out of fashion.

Quite large actresses often had success in cinema2

Dating a fat woman is now not prestigious. Sports style has nothing to do with it, people in the body can be quite excellent athletes. Some bbws are so mobile and physically developed that it is difficult to keep up with them. Just a large body, takes up more space at the table, in transport, in bed. You don't need to be greedy, you can move forward for the sake of an interesting person.

For example, popular and beloved artists, worthy of admiration, have lived their entire lives with their husbands and did not complain about their fate. Natalia Krachkovskaya starred in more than 90 films - a talent, a workaholic, a wonderful wife and mother, natural completeness did not interfere with her life.

fat girl
fat girl

Natalya Gundareva was not distinguished by the subtlety of her figure, nevertheless, she was a very popular actress, loved by millions of viewers who were eagerly awaiting the release of films with her participation, and there were about eighty of them. Each film is an event in the life of the country. And the country did not ignore famous actresses, giving them many awards, which is not possible to list everything.

Irina Muravyova is far from thin, and the whole Soviet Union was in love with her. Numerous films and performances have brought sparkling variety to people's lives. A life-like and funny film with a good ending “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” simply cannot be ignored. The film "Carnival" with its hit monologue "Call me, call" broke all records at the box office.

The instruction film on how to get married "The most charming and attractive" clearly shows that only work on yourself (fitness, development of speech with pebbles in the mouth, hairstyle, outfits, playing sports, in particular tennis during lunch), will lead to good the result of finding a partner and a husband. Never give up or lose your fortitude and everything will work out.

BBW is very active and well physically developed3

If a guy does not want to date a girl because of her completeness, then such a guy is not needed, so there is a natural selection at the choice of a person worthy of the girl's love to create a serious relationship and family.

fat girl
fat girl

Plump people have a number of character and relationship advantages. They never lose heart, nature has endowed them with boundless optimism, humor and understanding of the situation.

They are always surrounded by a large number of people, because they always come up with something, they know a lot and are able to. They can stand up for themselves. And you do not need to flatter yourself and deceive yourself in the fact that thin ones have breasts of impressive size by nature.

Chubby breasts are naturally good in size and do not need plastic surgery. To pump up arms, legs, stomach will also tighten, and the chest will remain of decent size. It's not that the girl is plump, but how she presents herself, selects clothes and makeup. Yes, she has to spend more time choosing clothes, but no one will argue that brands suit everyone.

The famous robes of Alla Pugacheva, with excellent taste selected stage outfits, literally made her an icon of style. Everyone knows the problems with completeness, but not because of her appearance, but because of her great talent and great soul, she became a whole era in the pop life of the country. It doesn't matter how a person looks, it is important what he is as a person.

Unless obesity is not a disease, but a natural state4

Everyone is obsessed with the issue of losing weight today. Ask any girl what she thinks about her weight and everyone will say - you still need to lose a little weight, despite the fact that they look quite acceptable and even skinny. This opinion was formed due to the fact that harmful fast food filled all shops and all catering points. It has already been proven that sickly fat people constantly eat only such junk food. It is made in such a way that the more you eat, the more you want.

fat girl
fat girl

It is profitable for sellers, they will eat more, buy more. Especially people in America differ in such dimensions, it is from there that horror stories come from - fat, which means scary, sick. Sometimes you come across in the press reports about those fat men who can no longer walk, they do not have the strength to lift their bodies - they are assigned a disability group.

But we are not talking about that, but about normal people who are moderately overweight and their weight does not prevent them from actively living and working.

Advantages of curvy women over thin beauties5

First, let's look at what distinguishes the "dummies" from their slender competitors:

  • basically, always a good mood, such a lively positive person, smiling, laughing and not spoiling anyone's mood
  • they are not at all shy about talking about anything, they are able to support any conversation with a great deal of humor;
  • they will surely charm you with conversation and willingness to communicate, it is unusually easy with them and after five minutes you forget how she looks;
  • girls of impressive size do not try to be in the center of attention, on the contrary, they try to listen to the interlocutor and cheer him up, support him, express their admiration, just “darlings” in communication;
  • natural affability is inherent in their character, warm relationships, warm hugs create the feeling of a dear and close creature, this is so often lacking in life;
fat girl
fat girl
  • they like to try new dishes, they know a lot about food and do not deny themselves the pleasure, try the exotic that you offer her;
  • affectionate and gentle, the skin is softer, makes the touch especially pleasant, hugs well and lovingly;
  • will support any undertaking, in terms of entertaining their boyfriend with great pleasure, either watching a movie, or playing a game on a computer, they are interested in everything;
  • rejoice in the smallest things, it seems that their body consists of laughter, which is ready to pour out of it every minute;
  • in order for a slender woman to go outside, you need to wait for two whole hours until she shines, the plump woman does not bother with this, she does not care, and she will ride a bicycle with pleasure and on a sortie she can even break a nail and cry and spoil the mood of everyone around her;
  • they will gladly go and go wherever you call: it is easy and simple for her to walk through exotic places or along the beach. You won't have to listen to whining about something that is already hot or tired;
  • and there are no rivals who covet the plump one, though, how to say;
  • loud laughter does not bother either herself or those around her, it is so sonorous and infectious;
  • they behave directly like children, not thinking a bit about their appearance.

What men will say in their own defense, how they motivate6

The opinions of men were divided, someone wants a thin one, as dictated by fashion and public opinion, but still there are many who prefer a warm, caring voluminous woman. They have less fears, complexes, the character is kinder and the hostesses are excellent. Guys say that it is better to date a slender one, but you need to marry a plump woman and everything will be all right.

fat girl
fat girl

Completeness depends on many reasons. Some were overfed in childhood, they will forever remain in weight, no matter what you do. There are people with wide bones, their bones are wide, they, too, will always be larger than their peers. It happens that the metabolism in the body is disturbed due to stress, basically, with this excess weight, the gym will not help, you need to change your attitude to the world around you.

Someone, due to circumstances, took hormones, and neither hunger nor sports will help. Many factors affect the body, gape somewhere, missed the threat of external changes and have trouble for the rest of your life. There is no need to think that the body is made of stone or wood, it is alive and should not be tested for strength. Live with what is. To gain self-confidence, cultivate a positive character in your character, do not pay attention to the little things in life, boldly go into tomorrow. Do it!

Don't be afraid of anything, go ahead and don't look back at the clicker 7

Avoid whiners, disgruntled, picky bores. They will not teach you anything, they will not bring anything new into your life, they will only sow doubts and disappointment. Such friends are not needed.

Do not pay attention to fashionable exquisite outfits for thin people, do not look at such magazines, put on what suits you in color and is in harmony with you. No transverse stripes - only along.

fat girl
fat girl

Develop your diet, natural food will never add pounds to you. Everything is useful for the body: fats, proteins and carbohydrates, only in moderation and in the right order. In nature, there are many products that drive excess from the body and act as a building material for muscles and organs - without this, the body will get sick and sag. Remember, the body must be built with nutrition - study this question.

Hatred is a harmful feeling, it only aggravates all problems. Love your appearance and everyone around you, do not find fault with people in order to show yourself superior to them, do not respond to insults, melt hearts with your kindness. Like attracts like: you will be kind and only good people will come to you, and villains will remain far away.

Do not scold yourself, remember only good luck, happy days, and forget about the bad forever. Notice all the beautiful things that happen in life - this is the best support for a good mood. And to very persistent critics, advise to remove the worms, then they can also recover. They will immediately shut up and have no answer.

The opinion of others depends on your thoughts. If you say to yourself mentally: “Oh, I'm fat!” - people will see you like that, but if you say, “What a curvaceous I am,” then people will see a good figure. You yourself create the world around you.

fat girl
fat girl

Be happy with yourself and your figure, show everyone that this is not the main thing, that everything suits you, everything is like everyone else's, just a little more. That's all!

Myths That Should Be Dispelled Like Cigarette Smoke8

Don't be led by conventional wisdom:

Full is not eligible for high demands

Full is the same adjective as blonde, redhead, brunette and does not mean a person's status. A fat woman has the right to make independent decisions in her life, she can meet with someone, but not with someone. It all depends only on her decision.

  • Be sure to lose weight to date. This does not bother anyone, when the time comes, then you can lose weight. It often happens that a plump woman gets married, gives birth to a child and dramatically loses weight beyond recognition and even loses her attractiveness and freshness.
  • Do not show successful, seductive photos to anyone, so as not to mislead people. Then let all people put their ugly, unsuccessful photos in an album and be proud of them. There haven’t been any.
  • To please the guy who dared to date her. No, let him be afraid that someone will leave him. After all, being overweight is not the only reason a woman cannot find a mate. There are physical disabilities, there are truly ugly faces - everyone has the right to life and love. There are times when a really handsome guy is married to a fat woman or a woman who does not meet the beauty parameters in our area. In another area, for example, the Papuans have a completely different idea of ​​beauty from ours.
fat girl
fat girl
  • Accessibility for sex can manifest itself in anyone, you should not humiliate yourself in front of everyone you meet.
  • The opportunity to get married is given to everyone, you just need to be ready for the twists and turns of fate.
  • Sex is available anyway. There is an interested man for every offer.
  • Not everyone will pass the test for true love. Ashamed of the completeness of his girlfriend, then rather he is not worthy of the happiness of meeting her.

Men call completely different criteria when choosing their wives and girlfriends.

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