Who To Choose - A Wife Or A Mistress: An Eternal Male Dilemma

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Who To Choose - A Wife Or A Mistress: An Eternal Male Dilemma
Who To Choose - A Wife Or A Mistress: An Eternal Male Dilemma

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two girls
two girls

Not all people follow the "once and for all life" principle. Therefore, many men first get married, and then start walking from their legal spouse. Some have only minor affairs on the side that do not affect family relationships in any way.

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  • 1 What to rely on?
  • 2 Why is a wife better than a mistress?

But some men get seriously involved in a love triangle. They believe that they love both women, so they cannot figure out who to choose - a wife or a mistress. Of course, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question. One can only give arguments for both the first and the second option. A man will have to decide for himself with whom to stay, and this must be done from the standpoint of reason, weighing all the pros and cons.

What to rely on? I

There are several nuances to keep in mind when choosing between two people. The first and foremost one is that you should not cut from the shoulder, go on about emotions. Most often, a mistress gives a man new impressions, but she has a lot in common with his wife.

It is important to understand that if you opt for a new passion, then after a while you can greatly regret it. The wife is a person who has been tested in the family and everyday life, but surprises can await with his mistress.

You should especially think about the situation if there are children in the family. If the man leaves, then he will betray them too. Quite often, children are strongly attached to their fathers and are painfully experiencing divorce. But if there is no love left for his wife at all, and the relationship is kept, rather, on a habit, then you should not keep the family just because of the child.

To try to make the most correct decision, it is recommended to temporarily live alone, not to see any of your women. It is also recommended to limit communication. This will help you understand yourself, organize your thoughts, understand which of the women is really important and needed.

Statistics show that most often men stay with their wives. Even if the husband leaves for his mistress, then after a while he may return to his legal wife. This is not surprising, since a wife has several clear advantages over a woman who is usually turned on solely for entertainment and relaxation.

Why is a wife better than a mistress? 2

Thinking about whom to choose - a wife or a mistress, many men are inclined towards the first option. This happens for the following reasons:

Whom to choose
Whom to choose
  • A wife is a person with whom a pound of salt has already been eaten. Most often, we are talking about a long relationship, during which the spouses went through fire, water and copper pipes. The wife understands her husband perfectly, will always support and understand. Even if problems sometimes arise, they are quite solvable. With his mistress, such an intimacy hardly had time to arise.
  • With a mistress, most often there is only physical attraction. She may be younger and prettier than her wife. But it has long been known that content is much more important than form. The passion will quickly subside, and there is a high probability that in everyday life the new woman will turn out to be completely nonexistent.
  • The wife accepts her husband for who he is, tolerates his small flaws. Because of this, problems can arise with a mistress, as she seeks to remake a partner for herself. The wife no longer needs this, she has long been accustomed to her husband.

All of the above suggests that the legal spouse is much closer, dearer and dearer to a man than a woman with whom he had only a passion on a physical level. Of course, if he really fell in love with a new partner, and there are absolutely no feelings left for his wife, then you should not torture yourself. This will only lead to negativity and unnecessary problems. Even if there are children in the family, it is not worth trying to save the family for them. You can always find an approach and explain to them that divorce is not the worst thing that can happen. Naturally, when leaving for a mistress and starting a new relationship, one should not completely forget about children. A man must still fulfill his fatherly duties and periodically see his son or daughter.

wife or mistress
wife or mistress

In short, if a dilemma arises about who to choose - a wife or a mistress, then you should not make spontaneous decisions. First, you need to think carefully about this issue and follow the path that seems really right. And it is important to understand that there is no wrong choice. If at the moment a man has decided to be with this particular woman, then he really wants it.

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