Any Whim For Your Money: Surprise A Girl From A Distance

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Any Whim For Your Money: Surprise A Girl From A Distance
Any Whim For Your Money: Surprise A Girl From A Distance

Video: Any Whim For Your Money: Surprise A Girl From A Distance

Video: Any Whim For Your Money: Surprise A Girl From A Distance

Sometimes it happens that two people who love each other cannot be together. Love at a distance has a right to exist, but it requires much more resources. Such a relationship must be constantly maintained in good shape, especially if the separation is long. In order to maintain a relationship, sometimes you should think about how to surprise a girl from a distance.

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Of course, separation can show how strong the relationship is in a couple. So that the result does not disappoint, you need to pay attention and surprise your soul mate. There are enough ways to do this.

Courier delivery

Courier services today can offer almost any delivery. It can be a bouquet of flowers and a gift, which, in general, will hardly surprise anyone today. It can also be a basket of goodies filled to order: from sweets and champagne to sausage sticks and a set of cheeses.

It is not always worth surprising with romantic gifts. Much more unexpected may be the delivery of, for example, conventional food or medicine. This will be relevant if the girl does not have time to go to the store or if she is sick. Such care will be much more pleasant than a bouquet of flowers.

This is done simply, any courier service is easily found on the Internet. This could be a company delivering their own product. Or maybe a courier service delivering what they ask for. Of course, it will come out more expensive, but it's definitely worth it.

How to surprise a girl
How to surprise a girl

Chamber of Secrets2

If the previous version of how to surprise a girl from a distance seems too costly, then there are more economical ideas. Everyone is pleased to receive unexpected surprises. When you are nearby, you can put a candy in your jacket pocket or a chocolate bar in your bag. At a distance, this cannot be done on your own, but you can use the help of those who are nearby.

It is enough to ask an acquaintance who comes into the girl's house to participate in organizing a surprise. Transfer money to a card and ask to buy something specific, and then secretly hide it in the beloved's house. It can be anything - a soft toy, a creative kit, sweets, a soft scarf or a warm blanket. Basically, it doesn't matter what it will be.

The search itself and the anticipation of a surprise will greatly surprise the girl. All that remains is to call her, preferably by video link, and give a couple of hints. And then watch with what delight she will look for the hidden gift.

Make a surprise from a distance
Make a surprise from a distance


When there is a material opportunity, you can surprise a girl in a rather chic way. True, this method requires thorough preparation. Sharing an unexpected vacation trip will inspire any relationship.

To prepare such a surprise, you will need to know when the girl will be free. Also, you will need information about her documents. Then everything is simple - we buy a plane ticket for convenient dates and send the girl an electronic ticket. Anyone will be pleased to wake up from the sound of the notification about such a letter. It will be enough to reveal all the cards and wait for such a welcome meeting.

The more complex option will require more effort, but surprise is guaranteed. Ask friends under some pretext to take her to the airport. There, through them, hand over the ticket and put her on the plane. And then meet her at the airport. True, it will be necessary to prepare well and make sure that she gathers the things necessary for the rest without knowing anything.

How to make nice at a distance
How to make nice at a distance

Creative approach4

Surprising a girl doesn't always mean spending a lot of money or coming up with cunning plans. Sometimes it's enough just to do something with your own hands. Thanks to the Internet, today everyone has such an opportunity.

You can record a song, albeit in audio messages. The main thing is that it should be written independently. Only the process of composing the text itself will require energy consumption. Record text, add music and send an amazing message.

You can also shoot a video clip. It could be a photo of a couple, a story told, or even a whole relationship scenario.

You can also just call and read a bedtime story.

5 reasons to surprise a girl from a distance

  1. It is important for every girl to know and remember that she is loved and appreciated. And also that the person from the monitor screen is real. He actually is and cares a lot about her.
  2. The time spent creating a surprise will more than pay off at the next meeting
  3. Distance changes people, but such surprises will allow a man to show himself from a new, pleasant side.
How to surprise a girl from a distance
How to surprise a girl from a distance
  1. Maybe she's just in a bad mood and she just needs a dose of happiness. It is more difficult to do it through the monitor screen, but a small surprise, organized by the hands of friends, will easily cope with this task.
  2. The separation between lovers is especially acute on holidays such as Valentine's Day, Birthday and March 8th. On such days, it is imperative to be creative and do something spontaneous and very enjoyable.

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