Polygamous Woman: What Does It Mean, Polygamy As A Phenomenon Of The 21st Century

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Polygamous Woman: What Does It Mean, Polygamy As A Phenomenon Of The 21st Century
Polygamous Woman: What Does It Mean, Polygamy As A Phenomenon Of The 21st Century

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polygamous girl
polygamous girl

In the Russian language there is a capacious and not quite censorship analogue of the concept of "polygamous woman", which in itself already reflects the attitude of society towards such a phenomenon. The sexual revolution seems to have given women the nominal right to control their own sexuality, change partners and generally behave like men, but in fact it only gave men even more rights. For men, sex outside marriage has turned from violence into a voluntary, non-binding act, and for women - into another socially condemned choice.

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  • 1 The concept of polygamy
  • 2 Positive effects of polygamy
  • 3 Polyandry in culture and life
  • 4 Dependence of polygamy on gender
  • 5 Polygamous man - you can't trample against nature
  • 6 Scientific perspective on male polygamy
  • 7 Benefits of male polygamy
  • 8 Disadvantages of Polygamy for Men
  • 9 Benefits of Polygamy for Women

The concept of polygamy

At the same time, it is important to understand that polygamy implies the number of sexual contacts in general, and not simultaneously. That is, in fact, a monogamous woman is one who in her entire life had only one sexual partner, married him, gave birth to a child and stayed with him in her 19th century.

The positive impact of polygamy2

In the 21st century, fortunately, more and more women are not afraid of their own voices and opinions, and sociologists and therapists have an opportunity to learn the stories of polygamous women firsthand, and not from speculation. To some extent, polygamy has a number of positive and explainable consequences:

  1. Knowing your own sexuality. The only partner, no matter how wonderful a lover he is, is not able to reveal all the facets of a woman's sexuality. And if fortune did not smile and instead of a skillful lover, an inexperienced woman got a boy who cannot do anything himself? Endure for the rest of your life or choose the next one?
  2. Improving self-esteem. Not the best way to work with self-esteem, but perhaps one of the easiest. The right male attention can make a woman feel beautiful and desirable. And the more men are ready to clash their heads over the possession of a particular woman, the higher her self-esteem soars.
  3. Emotional release. Many women are not ready for marriage and any long-term relationship for various reasons, but they are also not ready to do without sex. The way out is short-term connections with clearly defined goals.
  4. Male model of behavior. In order to achieve success in the professional field, women are forced to try on a male model of behavior. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to separate work and personal life and the “male model” takes on exaggerated forms, including the male way of dealing with stress.
  5. Suppressed homosexuality. It often takes women many years to admit that they are not attracted to men. In order to recognize their own orientation, women first try their best to prove to themselves the opposite. The positive aspect of polygamy here lies in the understanding that one man may be bad in bed, but if it doesn't work out with everyone, the problem lies elsewhere.

Polyandry in culture and life3

One of the rare forms of polygamy is polyandry, or polyandry. And if we talk about a polygamous woman in the context of polyandry, then we should first admit that such an institution of marriage really exists: in Sri Lanka, Tibet, Brazil and some other regions of Asia, Africa and South America. Of course, such a way of life causes sharp censure in patriarchal culture, however, when objectively examined, it is a rather logical institution of marriage.


In the union of one woman with several men, as opposed to the union of one man and several women, the boundary of the gender distribution of labor and responsibility is erased, the members of the union are recognized as equal to each other and do not turn into service personnel.

Polyandry provides additional protection for offspring, can reduce infant mortality and reduce fertility in general. A child with two fathers is much more likely to survive in adverse conditions.

Polyandry is the solution to this growing gender imbalance. For example, in India, where the birth of girls has long been considered undesirable, there are now much more men than women. Therefore, in some villages, polyandry is a common practice.

There is also fraternal polyandry, when the husbands of one woman are brothers to each other. This tradition is still present in poor countries and is associated with the need to leave all property within the framework of one union.

Polyandry, contrary to judgments, is a logical form of union that ensures the regulation of populations, a partial solution to poverty issues, and the protection of offspring.


Dependence of polygamy on gender4

The phenomenon of polygamy and monogamy should be viewed in the context of historical significance and culture, and not the moral norms of modern man.

This is not to say that polygamy depends on gender, since, turning our eyes to history, it can be noted that both polygamy and polyandry responded to the spirit of events and times. The difference between forms of polygamy is that polygamy is a consequence of development and economic well-being, while polygamy is a survival mechanism.

Polygamous man - you can't trample on nature5

Unlike women, a man who flaunts his exploits in the sexual field is considered successful and is perceived by a patriarchal society as a leader and conqueror. It never occurs to anyone to accuse him of promiscuity and promiscuity, on the contrary, a polygamous man becomes an example to follow and admiration.

This attitude only reinforces the myth that men are polygamous by nature and cannot share life with one single partner, and swan fidelity is a beautiful and meaningless fairy tale that interferes with enjoying life here and now.

A scientific view of male polygamy6

Male polygamy is studied by two sciences at once: biology and psychology. And if from the point of view of biology, polygamy is considered a natural process, then psychologists unanimously declare that a polygamous man is a weak man who is not able to cope with his own base instincts.

polygamous man
polygamous man

From the point of view of biology, polygamy is a mechanism of population regulation: sexual relations with several partners allow you to conceive more offspring, to ensure the continuation of the genus. That is, nature seems to be hinting: the only thing that a male individual must have time to do before dying is to conceive as many children as possible. Further education and preservation of the offspring is the duty of the female, while the male has done his job and then it is no longer his area of ​​responsibility: let the law of natural selection come into force and then the strongest offspring continue his genus.

Fortunately, labor made a man out of a monkey, and gave, in addition to instincts, a head on his shoulders, society around and psychological processes inside. Thousands of years of development of history have clearly enough shown that instincts alone will not go far and it is necessary to learn how to adapt to the surrounding reality in one way or another. Marriage, whether monogamous or polygamous, is one method of adaptation. It turned out that in a union, offspring has a better chance of survival, the distribution of labor is a logically correct and fair decision, and constant access to one woman eliminates the need to constantly prove to all females in the habitat that you are still an alpha male.

The advantages of male polygamy7

Today, male polygamy looks like nothing more than a convenient excuse for cheating. Still, it is very easy to shift the burden of responsibility onto base instincts and close our eyes to the fact that a person is a thinking creature, responsible for decisions made and their consequences.

origins of polygamy
origins of polygamy

Of course, polygamy, which does not cross the border of reason, has its advantages:

  1. Experience gain. Alas, no one is born with a universal package of knowledge about how to have sex correctly, so that all participants in the process get pleasure. The polygamous man gets a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience.
  2. Obtaining social status. Men themselves have driven themselves into a patriarchal framework, where status is measured not by intelligence and achievements, but by visual indicators of success. Frequent change of partners, the presence of mistresses is a measure of the success of a modern man. We can only believe that this will change following the generational change.
  3. Dealing with stress. Boxing, running and sex are the best anti-stress practices. The pressure on a working person in modern society is so great that it is often almost impossible to cope with it. Sex certainly helps you relieve tension and fight stress.

Disadvantages of Polygamy for Men8

If we consider polygamy from the point of view of the institution of marriage, and not just sexual intercourse, then in essence it is monogamous marriage that is the most patriarchal institution. It would seem that which of the men did not think about how wonderful it would be to have several wives: how clean it would be in the house, how much affection and attention a man would receive, how much pleasure and variety in sex he would expect. But has anyone thought about the other side of the coin: how much effort and attention must be paid to several women, how much you need to earn to support a large family - all your wives and children.

polygamous advantage
polygamous advantage

Marriage implies a common responsibility of all participants for the life, welfare, health of children. However, take, for example, Islamic states, where polygamy is common practice. Women do not work there and all responsibility for well-being is placed on the shoulders of men - more and more men prefer to stay with one woman.

Benefits of Polygamy for Women9

In essence, under polygamy, women would be married to the most successful members of the genus, women could initially choose an "alpha male" who would provide them and their children with decent living conditions and it would be quite easy to put up with other wives in this situation. While less successful males would be left out of business, they would not be able to procreate and would become useless in terms of biodiversity.

Monogamous marriage provides an opportunity for all males to acquire offspring, the only difficulty is that, unlike the super successful alpha males, everyone else is forced to look for workarounds and think about how to attract a woman from the “other league”.

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