A Woman Is The Main Thing In A Relationship: To Put In Place Or Relax The Rolls?

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A Woman Is The Main Thing In A Relationship: To Put In Place Or Relax The Rolls?
A Woman Is The Main Thing In A Relationship: To Put In Place Or Relax The Rolls?

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the woman is the main in the relationship
the woman is the main in the relationship

Emancipation is striding across the planet by leaps and bounds; at the moment, in almost half of families, a woman is the main one in relationships. It was necessary to slightly loosen the grip in 1917, to grant the ladies the right to vote, and now, after some hundred years, men go on maternity leave.

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  • 1 Clear goals are easier to achieve
  • 2 Resistance is useless
  • 3 Secrets from under the covers
  • 4 They fought and were victorious
  • 5 What We Fought For
  • 6 Live and Learn
  • 7 From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

Clear goals are easier to achievei

It is not known for certain in which tribe the first protesters of the fair sex were born, who gave instructions on butchering a mammoth, led, advised, interfered with the duties of a spouse, but the fact that they were a fact. They do not become leaders, but in order to develop purposeful behavior, the qualities inherent in the body are needed:

  • Extraversion - the ability to find a common language with others, focus on the development of social spheres of life. Participation in solving global problems.
  • Intelligence - the concept of workflows in a particular industry
  • Self-discipline - improving your own qualities.
  • Deliberate risk - the ability to make quick decisions
  • Empathy - being loyal to colleagues' failures
  • Responsibility - taking care of the team
  • A sense of humor - to raise morale
  • Command voice - for clear directions

Achieving a goal is possible if you are demanding to treat not only others, but also yourself. A family is the same team that has a boss, deputy, subordinates. A good leader has a life plan for many years ahead, and the daily deadline is perfectly distributed among junior employees.

To pick up a child from kindergarten, buy groceries, walk a pet, fix a tap is not a royal business. Where to go on vacation, what to give a friend for a wedding anniversary, where are profitable sales, how to set aside time for a pedicure - these are larger tasks for a true leader.

Resistance is useless2

A woman with commanding inclinations can be seen from kindergarten, and maybe even earlier, perhaps her parents worked in military structures or were engaged in teaching activities. She absorbed family traditions, intelligence, honor and conscience of the ruling party with mother's milk and father's belt. Therefore, on the first date, such a girl herself chooses the route of travel, the genre of the movie, the taste of ice cream (for the gentleman too), for a kiss without asking can slightly cripple. With the onset of the mating season, after some deliberation, she chooses a life partner with sniper accuracy.

If necessary, he adjusts the pregnancy, so that the newlyweds are certainly waiting for the carpet in the registry office. Refusal is not accepted, because dad, God forbid, is a military man, and no one wants to go to the army again, and even to the far north. After some household grinding, a quiet family life begins.

Of course, it happens a little differently, but in principle, such unions are no worse than those where the head of the family is a man. Indeed, from the position of the mother - the keeper of the home, the weaker sex strives to create comfort, educate the younger generation, and create a favorable atmosphere around.

The woman is the main in the relationship
The woman is the main in the relationship

Our country especially needs unions, where the woman is the main one in the relationship, because the active position of wives is the guarantor of national security. For example, a young spouse is going to the barricades, and it turns out that on this day he needs to take the child to the local dentist, rallies constantly arise, and you won't get to the dentist another time, there is a queue for a month ahead. All the protesters spend the night in a cell, and the responsible father is at home next to his beloved wife.

Or the crazy guys went to football, and the breadwinner of the family goes to the backyard - physical activity, fresh air, a healthy crop of their own production, solid pluses for the body. After a tense match and subsequent gatherings at the bar, friends come to work rumpled, and the exemplary spouse is fresh, cheerful and looks rested. Caring for health, the path to a healthy nation. Of course, you shouldn't forget about men's joys, fishing, garage tuning of a car, going out to barbecues is a wonderful kind of leisure.

Details of why guys have become like girls, or does it just seem to us? we tell the link.

Secrets from under the covers3

In everyday life, there are solid advantages, although in sex, many leading girls want to feel weak and defenseless, dream of a hard intercourse, animal instincts are manifested when an aggressive male takes possession of a defenseless female. Temperamental persons can bring a partner to powerlessness, requiring frequent change of positions, multiple orgasms, long oral sex. If disagreements arise, the dissatisfied lady openly hints at her lover, because she is used to her wishes being fulfilled.

male housewife
male housewife

Shirking from the performance of marital duties will lead to quarrels, reproaches, offensive accusations. Any woman wants to feel desirable, beautiful, delightful when there is a companion nearby that can launch fireworks in the body, she will move mountains for him. Therefore, in order to save the family, you will have to look for a compromise; role-playing games, watching erotic videos or toys for adults may help.

Details about girls and relationships with the fair sex in our article.

They fought and won4

Strength arises from a lack of confidence in the future, the burden of responsibility for oneself and one's relatives forces one to look for radically opposite ways of solving the assigned tasks. One of the first feminists was Abigail Adams, being the wife of the second president of the United States, she dared to give him political advice, expressed her disagreement about the oppressed position of women, even threatened to start a riot. John Adams took all claims with humor, but water, as you know, wears away the stone, and over time he began to listen to it and even consult. The result was the opportunity for girls to receive education on an equal basis with boys.

Abigail Adams
Abigail Adams

In France, Olympia de Gouge fiercely defended the right to divorce, the possibility of civil marriage, the recognition of illegitimate children, created a declaration, but in 1793 she was accused of high treason and executed as a criminal. She and many other courageous representatives of emancipation fell victim to the legal system.

Olympia de Gouge
Olympia de Gouge

Sojourner Truth is the first black woman who, after all the trials of the slave system, dared to declare gender equality. Having survived violence, beatings, the tragic death of a loved one, the ransom of her own child, she did not give up and in 1843 openly announced her demands at a convention on family rights.

Sojourner Trout
Sojourner Trout

In our country, Maria Trubnikova became the initiator of the changes, thanks to her efforts, higher education for girls was allowed, permission was obtained to open various workshops, where only ladies worked. Together with her compatriots, she achieved the opening of special apartments in St. Petersburg, where fugitives in need of protection could hide from domestic arbitrariness. And in addition to everything, Trubnikova was one of the first to put on trousers, proving the seriousness of her intentions in the battle for power.

What we fought for, we got it5

Now in Russia there are very sad statistics, more than half of families where the average age is 35 years old are under the influence of grandmothers, mothers, wives. Since the Great Patriotic War, when many of the breadwinners did not return home, the demographic situation has been shaken and the mortality rate in many settlements is still winning over the birth rate.

The instinct of self-preservation, in girls, turns on more often, the numerical superiority makes you show ingenuity. As you know, difficulties temper character, therefore, to seek happiness, some went to the Komsomol construction sites of the immense Soviet Union.

There, young creatures mastered difficult male professions, became leaders, were proud of the photo on the honor board, aspired to become as strong, courageous, skillful and achieved their goal. Young people, feeling the powerful competition, did not begin to prove anything, they realized that it was even more profitable this way. Why bother when there is a woman with a sledgehammer who will come and hammer a crutch no worse than the foreman himself. In addition, the statistics on drunkenness and hooliganism will decrease, because girls are more peaceful people.

the man is cleaning
the man is cleaning

Since that time, trust in the stronger sex has disappeared, returning to the cities, the girls accustomed to work went to factories, factories, and combines. Nowadays, ladies drive buses and trucks, work in forges, fly planes, fly into space, catch criminals. Responsible work leaves an imprint on the situation in the family, accustomed to giving instructions, to lead the team when they come home, it is difficult to switch to a tender loving wife, especially when the spouse does not seek to become the head of the family.

He is quite satisfied with sitting under the warm wing of a caring hen, bored, the man begins to drink, to sit back and find a lot of reasons to justify his looseness. Children see the lifestyle of their parents, daughters repeat the program of their mothers, not trusting the guys from an early age, and the sons see that in any case the woman will withstand all the difficulties, so the future wife is chosen of a similar disposition.

Live and learn6

According to the universal laws of physics, nothing disappears without a trace and if it has disappeared in one place, it will undoubtedly arrive in another. Therefore, the energy of force smoothly flowed from the strong to the gender to the weak, shifting the pole of equality. Simply put, women had to take responsibility for themselves because of weak-willed men who chose to step aside from their duties or, on the contrary, acted as despots, upsetting the constitutional balance.

In a modern patriarchal society, men have chosen a working path for themselves, and all other concerns: maintaining a house, raising children, supporting elderly parents, caring for a vegetable garden - were kindly provided to the ladies. In addition, no one canceled the main work. That is, having killed the unfortunate mammoth, Homo sapiens calmly sat and smoked, waiting for a delicious dinner, despite the fact that his faithful friend had to clean up the cave, wash the screaming children, skin the carcass, prepare an original dish, and do not forget to wash the dishes in the nearest stream for several kilometers, and in the evening it is possible to be ready for procreation with everyone who participated in the hunt.

A hard life forced to change, it was impossible to influence by force, it was necessary to use eternal tricks: pity and cunning. Bit by bit, winning the right to their own opinion, after many centuries, gender equality has come true. Thanks to which there are more women ruling states every year. Slovakia has recently joined the total number of countries, where Zuzana Czaputova, a formerly little-known lawyer, won the majority of the votes in the elections.


There is a hypothesis that under matriarchy there will be fewer warriors, because many have sons, and from a mother's point of view, enmity between peoples will not bring happiness to anyone. The main budget does not have to be spent on defense; it is more profitable to invest in agriculture and social support. To threaten the state headed by a beautiful lady means to show disrespect and weakness, to lower your status in the world community, hardly anyone will dare.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs7

There is no definite answer whether it is good or bad when a woman is the main one in a relationship, if the initiative in decision-making has a positive effect on the situation as a whole and is psychologically suitable for this family, that is, the imposed moral burden does not burden the girl, but rather inspires her to new exploits, allows her to realize your inexhaustible energy, the result will be positive.

And vice versa, when strength has to be cultivated in themselves, gentle, naturally sensual ladies, forced to shoulder all the troubles and worries of maintaining the social unit on their fragile shoulders, then psychological dissonance gives the world another embittered fury - a man-hater who will fiercely fight for the supremacy of feminism, gender equality and all kinds of humiliation of the male population. Finding a balance point is the main task for future generations.

If you want to know whether it's good or bad when a man is in charge in a relationship, follow the link further.

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