Relationships With A Difference In Age: Features Of Such Relationships

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Relationships With A Difference In Age: Features Of Such Relationships
Relationships With A Difference In Age: Features Of Such Relationships

Video: Relationships With A Difference In Age: Features Of Such Relationships

Video: Relationships With A Difference In Age: Features Of Such Relationships
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True love exists, in spite of any obstacles, does not listen to anyone's advice and does not ask public opinion. But the public is very interested in unequal unions. What if the girl is younger? After all, everything that goes beyond the established standards by someone evokes a lively response. Yes, for some, the age difference between spouses may not be considered entirely “normal”.

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  • 2 10 years difference
  • 3 15 years difference
  • 4 20 years difference
  • 5 The Science of Unequal Marriages

5 years difference5

In the course of surveys and studies of couples, specialists in family relations have found that the optimal age difference in a couple is 5-6 years. A union, when a man is a little older than his wife, allows partners to be on the same wavelength, belong to the same generation, have a similar worldview. The partner has already managed to gain life experience and achieved certain success, and the girl is at the most childbearing age. In such unions, more children are born than in any other. It is generally accepted that harmony and mutual understanding reign in couples.

10 years difference10

What if the girl is 10 years younger? This option is increasingly common today and no longer arouses social indignation. An adult man has already achieved career heights, he has a stable material condition. He is financially independent, plus his choice of a companion is difficult to influence relatives or friends.

A self-sufficient man does not build his marriage on emotions: he is ready for female antics and whims. This option is ideal for girls who dream of being behind their husbands like a wall. The success of the union depends mainly on the spouse: if he does not behave imperiously, but allows his woman to grow up after him, then the couple will have a long and happy life.

15 years apart15

What if the girl is 15 years younger than the man? Be prepared for problems at the very beginning of the journey: misunderstanding of friends, protests from parents. No one can believe that a young lady is attracted to such an adult man, suitable for her as a father. Everyone begins to look for the reasons for this choice and everyone finds them to the extent of their depravity. Age differences are added to public censure.

To preserve the union, a man needs to take control of his jealousy, not to stoop to reproaches and arguments about his financial superiority, but to show seriousness, tolerance and maturity. If there are children from past marriages, then this point also needs to be discussed.

relationship difference problems
relationship difference problems

A young girl, choosing an adult and well-established man for herself, should understand:

  • it cannot be altered;
  • reduce the reasons for jealousy;
  • with understanding refer to children from a previous marriage;
  • develop following your spouse;
  • listen to his advice.

20 years difference20

The union is controversial and condemned by the public. Others will doubt the sincerity of the woman and even her adequacy. It's a funny fact that a few centuries ago such a difference in age was considered ideal, and the marriage was stable. When choosing such a young girl or such an adult partner as a partner, get ready for incessant gossip and negative interest in your couple.

Such a union is preferable for a man who flourishes with a young wife and is fueled by her energy. At the same time, the man is under pressure from the sexual side of the issue. What to hide already: his physical abilities are too far from peak form. Thoughts about satisfying your partner can take up almost all of your time.

advantages of unequal marriage
advantages of unequal marriage

For a girl, a relationship with such a partner practically excludes the likelihood of having children. An older man often simply does not need them. The spouse will constantly be dependent on her experienced partner. The duration and harmony of these relations will depend on her endurance and desire.

The Science of Unequal Marriagesi

The theme of love is difficult to analyze. Interviews and observations of representatives of couples from different age categories are regularly conducted. But it is impossible to say that today there is a general indicator that, even with an approximate degree of probability, will determine the coefficient of happiness in a particular pair. In fact, scientists cannot even agree on the ideal age difference between spouses:

  • USA and 1 year difference;
  • Finland - 15 years;
  • Sweden –6 years;
  • Russia - spouses must be of the same age.

The scatter of statistical data once again confirms that love has its own laws and marital happiness does not depend at all on age. A happy marriage can happen between peers and between an adult man and a very young girl. What is the key to success? Relationship work, understanding or just chemistry? The answer to this question can only be found empirically.

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