Painful Relationship: When Is It Time To Run And How To Get Out Of It?

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Painful Relationship: When Is It Time To Run And How To Get Out Of It?
Painful Relationship: When Is It Time To Run And How To Get Out Of It?

Video: Painful Relationship: When Is It Time To Run And How To Get Out Of It?

Video: Painful Relationship: When Is It Time To Run And How To Get Out Of It?
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Painful relationship
Painful relationship

The relationship between a guy and a girl is rarely simple. Especially if the relationship is long-term. Throughout the communication, a lot of situations arise that lead to conflicts. A couple may have completely different views on life values, the correct family lifestyle and goals for the future. The whole question is how they solve this problem. If the problem is solved by suppressing the views of one partner by another, it is a painful relationship.

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  • 1 Signs of a Painful Relationship
  • 2 Addiction as a form of painful relationships
  • 3 How to get out of a painful relationship?

Signs of a Painful Relationshipi

  • The partner constantly arranges "competitions". In relationships, comparisons are constantly made in all respects and the guy is trying to prove in a personal conversation or publicly that he is better than his half. At every opportunity, the partner asserts himself at the expense of the other.
  • An instilled sense of guilt. The partner constantly blames his soul mate for everything that does not happen in the way he intended. In his opinion, his loved one is guilty even of things beyond his control, guilty of everything that he does.
  • Criticism in all areas of life. Whatever the girl does, no matter how hard she tries, she will always be criticized by her partner. To prove that the partner is wrong has no sense, since there will always be new reasons to criticize. Usually, such people do not perceive criticism in their address and only hear themselves.
  • Desire to change the other half. A normal relationship means that people accept each other for who they are. If the partner is constantly comparing his companion with someone else, talking about what needs to be done to achieve the ideal in his eyes, the relationship is already clearly unhealthy.
  • Total control. In this case, the partner tries to control all areas of the other person's life. He definitely needs to know where the girl is, what she is doing and with whom. Even meetings with girlfriends are monitored under the pretext of caring - pick up and drop off. The partner needs this only to know all the details.

Addiction as a form of painful relationships2

Addiction to varying degrees and in different aspects of life exists in every relationship and is not necessarily negative. In normal relationships, people are to some extent dependent on each other, as they lead a joint life, raise children and make plans. Therefore, responsibilities are shared and the wife, for example, depends on the husband in terms of money. He, in turn, depends on her in the domestic sphere.

painful relationship
painful relationship

But it often happens that addiction takes on a painful form. In this case, a person begins to replace the true picture of the relationship with their ideal vision. That is, in fact, the relationship leaves much to be desired, but the person firmly believes that the picture he has invented for himself is real. Hence such consequences as:

  • euphoria from a partner
  • withdrawal when a partner is not around
  • self-pity.

A person lives by his experiences, forgetting about real feelings. This addiction is often compared to drug addiction.

Even if a person at some point understands the situation, he tries to get out of such a relationship, believing that the problems will go away along with the object of love. In fact, this is not the case, because this is not the reason at all. Low self-esteem is the main cause of addictive painful relationships. The dependent person is constantly in a state of sacrifice and makes this choice consciously.

How to get out of a painful relationship? 3

Sometimes it is very difficult to do this. Even if a person realizes that his relationship with a partner has long cracked, he is afraid to part. Such fear arises because a person does not want to be alone. But it is even worse when, after a breakup, one of the partners avoids a relationship in the future only for fear of being in this position again.

painful relationship
painful relationship

Often victims of painful relationships turn a blind eye to the rude behavior of a partner, put up with unacceptable conditions and lose themselves in this.

In order to get out of a painful relationship, you need to work on your self-esteem. Indeed, most often it is in her that the problem lies. To do this, you must not allow yourself to be treated without respect and without taking into account your interests, exclude rudeness and rudeness in any form.

If you can't stop this, you need to part with such a person, it is quite possible that for some time.

In order not to be burdened by reflections on the correctness of the decision, you need to fill your soul with new impressions. It is possible that the relationship with this person will return, but it will be built in a completely different way. They will be based on mutual respect, consideration of each other's interests.

If the relationship does not bring joy and there are signs of pain in them, it is better to figure it out right away, not postponing it for later. The longer the relationship lasts, the more the habit and the ingrained feeling of guilt for anything the partner doesn't like.

painful relationship
painful relationship

First of all, you need to love yourself and raise self-esteem, get rid of the instilled sense of guilt. Only in this way can self-respect as a person be restored.

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