Topic For A Conversation With A Girl On The Phone Or How To Interest Her

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Topic For A Conversation With A Girl On The Phone Or How To Interest Her
Topic For A Conversation With A Girl On The Phone Or How To Interest Her
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girl with iron
girl with iron

Thanks to advances in technology, mobile phones are now the first popular communication device. Only thanks to this device, people have become much closer to each other. Everyone remembers how it began, endless conversations until the late hours of the day, simple and banal conversations "about nothing."

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  • 1 Girl's interests
  • 2 Girl's opinion
  • 3 Reciprocal themes
  • 4 Know a lot
  • 5 Intonation

The most intriguing were the conversations of young lovers, and everyone thought: “what will be the topic for a conversation with a girl on the phone.” This is the problem that was always encountered among young men who first had an affair with a girl. But no matter how the circumstances developed, the conversation still began.

But there are several criteria that you should adhere to in order to make it easier for yourself to think about what topic for a conversation with a girl on the phone will be:

  • Know a little about her interests;
  • Consider the opinion of the girl;
  • Have reciprocal themes;
  • Be comprehensively developed;
  • Pay attention to her intonation;

Girl's interests

This moment should always be taken into account when talking with a girl on the phone, regardless of the date of acquaintance. Do not forget about the beginning of the conversation, and follow her answers, they will be the key to the next topic of conversation. If you immediately feel the "cold" in her words, you should immediately change the topic, and remember her interests in life, at school and among friends.

With all your thoughts, you should always understand what exactly you need from a girl. If a guy confidently wants to "start" a relationship, then he should always understand and think like her, otherwise the guy will not achieve something in common from the relationship.

Girl's opinion2

The most important rule in a telephone conversation is the rule "to be able to listen." This rule, like no one, should apply to a girl. Any girl will always carry on even the most banal and empty conversations, and if she is seriously interested in a guy, he should listen to the end how “Santa Barbara” ended. Only after that, to express my opinion, preferably in positive emotions, I use irony and humor.

Topic for conversation with a girl
Topic for conversation with a girl

But you should always be extremely careful and attentive, when watching any "Santa Barbara", a girl expects something completely different than a guy. When talking with a girl on the phone, be sure to listen to the story to the end, otherwise the girl will simply be offended by the unheard conversation.

Reciprocal themes3

Speaking is nothing more than an accent of mutual understanding. It is thanks to him that common topics of conversation appear between couples. A guy, like an adult man, should have at least the most general topics that could connect him with his interlocutor. This moment will always be the result of attention to the girl for a certain period of time.

Given the length of the relationship, a guy will definitely find suitable topics for conversation with a girl. Joint study or other type of activity is of great importance. It is here that you can understand what moments and interests bring you closer together. You can use a little trick and find out the interests of your girlfriend, from her friend. It is worth taking such a bold step when you are completely confident in the confidentiality of the conversation.

Phone conversation topic
Phone conversation topic

Know a lot4

In addition to general topics for conversation, a girl should always be interested in her conversation. For the conversation to be not one-sided, the guy needs to be extremely literate and comprehensively developed in order to show his degree of intellectual development. This nuance, any guy and man should keep "on the gun".

For this, it is necessary in every possible way to learn the world, science, and various humanities. Let the share of knowledge not be as deep as the professor, thanks to the correct formulation of the speech, the guy will already seem interesting and will certainly attract attention in the conversation of his interlocutor.


Considering all the parameters when talking with a girl, on the phone, do not forget about her intonation, and carefully listen to the expression of words. Perhaps some word from her lips will sound maliciously, but this will mean that she wants to interrupt the conversation, and in all, find out the character of the guy. In response to such an intonation, especially if it sounded towards the guy, he should respond with humor and switch the conversation to another topic.

how to interest a girl on the phone
how to interest a girl on the phone

Then it will become concretely clear what the result and the time of the conversation will be. If the girl reacted to the guy's humor with laughter and forgot what she was saying, then everything is going “according to plan”. In this case, you can safely switch to humor, which was so able to get around the harsh statements of the girl.

Just do not "go too far" with humor, not every girl can perceive the guy's humor, as his friend Lyokha will. Unlike males, women are much simpler and can take everything at face value. As a result of such a conversation, literally "out of the blue", misunderstanding and conflict may arise.

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