The Ghost Of A Girl Or How To Be Better Than An Ex-boyfriend. Good Advice

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The Ghost Of A Girl Or How To Be Better Than An Ex-boyfriend. Good Advice
The Ghost Of A Girl Or How To Be Better Than An Ex-boyfriend. Good Advice

Video: The Ghost Of A Girl Or How To Be Better Than An Ex-boyfriend. Good Advice

Video: The Ghost Of A Girl Or How To Be Better Than An Ex-boyfriend. Good Advice
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how to be better than an ex-boyfriend
how to be better than an ex-boyfriend

Any girl wants to be the one and only for her beloved. This is usually the case. But the beautiful half of humanity would not be so beautiful if it did not look for problems where there are none at all. The former…. Many girls are familiar with the previous passion of their lover in absentia, but they already hate her in advance because she has gorgeous hair or long legs, or a priest like a nut.

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  • 1 Where do legs grow from?
  • 2 Rivalry
  • 3 Uncertainty
  • 4 References to the former
  • 5 Friends
  • 6 Intelligence reported
  • 7 Treason
  • 8 she is hysterical
  • 9 Different temperaments
  • 10 Love Gone
  • 11 The Barbarossa Plan

Generally for what was and remains in his life. So what if they had a relationship before, but now they broke up or just became friends. Uncertainty increases every day, and the feeling of jealousy grows exponentially. How to be better than a guy's ex-girlfriend and outshine her forever?

Where do legs grow from?

Before taking any countermeasures, you need to understand why these pathological feelings arise. It would seem silly to be jealous of the ghosts of the past, but many girls are unable to tame their emotions, give them free rein and get a disastrous result.


The feeling of competition is invisibly present next to each of us. Everyone is competing with someone, even with themselves. And with the ex-boyfriend, God himself ordered. Everything is criticized, from manicure to invisible wrinkles. This very contradictory feeling is natural. On the one hand, it encourages striving for perfection, on the other hand, it fosters complexes.


This is familiar to every person. Even the most intelligent, handsome, brave and courageous are inherent in the feeling of awkwardness. Need to decide what this feeling is? A character trait when a girl is too modest and considers herself a little prettier than a crocodile? Or a sober assessment of the circumstances, and indeed the former is such a missile that it will outshine any? In any case, you should improve your self-esteem.

References to the former4

No matter how the girl stomps her feet and smashes dishes, the former will remain a part of his life forever. Gifts, joint photographs, common acquaintances cannot be avoided from them, it remains only to come to terms with the state of affairs and refers to the mention of the former philosophically.

What you definitely can't do is make caustic jokes and stinging statements about her. This is ugly and ineffective. And the guy will have some opinion about the current girl as a person, and not for the better.

I want to be better than the ex
I want to be better than the ex


They parted as friends. For many girls, this is beyond comprehension. This is partly the case. But, if people are emotionally mature personalities who do not seek to prove, show or unbalance something to someone at the expense of relationships, such friendship is quite acceptable for itself. Friendship is, of course, said loudly, but the concept of "friend" is just right. Not a friend, but not a stranger either, buddy.

Reconnaissance reported6

It will not be superfluous to ask about the reasons for breaking up with a girl, and who initiated the break. This will make it easier to figure out how to be better than your ex. But you need to ask his entourage of common acquaintances, friends, and you need to do it casually.

Rumors spread quickly and easily play against the relationship. A young man may not like such intelligence, and some will want to teach a lesson for excessive curiosity. So, the popular reasons for parting and whether to sound the alarm.

ways to improve your ex
ways to improve your ex


Ranked among the top reasons for the breakup. This betrayal is always painful and offensive, unless, of course, one of the parties, not knowing how to part with the annoying half, accidentally caught the other in treason, and this served as a pretext for a break. Then it is undoubtedly a gift of fate.

In this case, it does not matter at all who cheated on whom, because in any case, this information will not be in favor of the current girl. If an ex has cheated, she may want to return to the relationship by posing as a friend. If the traitor is a guy, a reasonable question arises, but will the situation repeat itself again, and instead of the former there will be the current one.

She is hysterical 8

Incessant scandals and reproaches rank second as reasons for breaking up relations. The ex-girlfriend is a manipulator and a very unbalanced person. With her, he went through everything: tears, groundless scandals, jealousy of everything and everyone, breaks, pleas for forgiveness, again breaks. At first, such a swing is very amusing for some, but after a while it gets tired.

how to be better than his ex
how to be better than his ex

Out of revenge, such an ex can begin to intrigue, weave intrigues, anything to compromise the current girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend. So, it's hard to call her a friend, and you should be wary of her suggestions.

Different temperaments9

They say opposites attract, it really is. But relationships, as a rule, do not last long, since the way and pace of life do not coincide. The chasm of misunderstanding is growing every day more and more, and the points of contact are getting smaller. One needs to be always on the move, the other prefers quiet, cozy evenings at home. If in this case it is, there is no particular prerequisite for panic. But you need to know that any rule has exceptions, and this applies to relationships too.

Love Gone10

The former passion subsided, and it turned out that there were no more feelings behind it. It is very good if the former parties understand and accept this. Everyone begins to live their own life, while maintaining a good relationship.

ways to be better than your ex
ways to be better than your ex

This is the safest option, in which you should not panic and speculate.

Plan Barbarossa11

Before starting any military action, it would not hurt to take a look at his ex with at least one eye. And it is better to consider everything with wide eyes, from head to toe, and write it down in detail on the subcortex, or better in a notebook. Of course this is a joke, but it is worth knowing who you are dealing with, even in your own imagination. At least, just to satisfy female curiosity.

Step one

Having seen her with my own eyes, and maybe even having talked, you need to honestly admit to yourself whether there is a spirit of rivalry on her part. If she does not try to check the relationship for lice or openly flirt, in general, to do everything to show her superiority, you can not worry and relax.

Before you is an ordinary, sane, adequate girl who has nothing to do with past relationships, as well as with her ex-boyfriend. You can breathe out calmly, enjoy life and not wring your nerves, how to become better than your ex-boyfriend. And at the same time, do not torment your man with groundless jealousy.

I want to be better than my ex
I want to be better than my ex

If not everything is so rosy and the former, that is still a bitch, will have to work on herself.

Step two

It is necessary to notice all her features and demeanor, maybe phrases and words inherent only to her and … never do that. No matter how much you want, no matter how bad everything is, you should not copy what was. This does not mean that you need to do everything the other way around, you need to do it in your own way with your own flavor, and not steal chips from others. The well-known word that Allochka from the sitcom “Univer” repeated at every even tiny problem is a vivid example of this.

Step three

A new girl suggests new experiences. The challenge is to make the current relationship much brighter than the previous ones. Creating positive, memorable moments is another key to the door called "how to get better than your ex."

become better than ex-boyfriend
become better than ex-boyfriend

Let it be cute, funny, simple, but vital moments. There is no need to run to book a parachute jump right now, it is enough to choose an interesting film for evening viewing. But it should be different from everyone in its atmosphere and was able to outshine thousands of other evenings and views.

Step four

Creation of anchors. The essence of the method is borrowed from the practice of neurolinguistic programming. It is necessary to create a certain ritual of action, which the guy will associate only with a new girl. For example, making tea. The ex took a bag, poured boiling water over it and it's done. But now everything will be different.

You need a teapot, and always red (in fact, it doesn't matter what color or shape, size, material it is made of, the main thing is to focus on) colors, the teapot needs to be rinsed with boiling water and allowed to warm up, and then just pour in the tea. It is important to emphasize the importance of each action and at the end ask: “Do you feel how the fragrance has opened? Became special."

how do exes get better
how do exes get better

There are few real connoisseurs of tea art among the guys, but he will gladly agree with the arguments. Firstly, he is in love and everything that is done by the hands of his beloved is beautiful. Secondly, he most likely did not feel anything, but in order not to offend he will pretend that it is so.

This creates an emotional anchor, now in his mind there will be only one girl who is able to divinely prepare tea. It is clear that this scenario must be done constantly, otherwise there will be no effect. Therefore, before starting, it is worth considering, but it will turn out to be done constantly.

Step five

Polite disregard. To nip in the bud any comparisons with his ex, it is worth pretending that information about past relationships is not interesting from any side. Of course, you do not need to immediately rush to shout "again you remembered about her as much as possible", you need to smile sweetly and translate the topic. The guy himself will not notice how he will less remember his past relationship.

how to become better ex
how to become better ex

Step six

You should not be crammed into her friend. There are no advantages in this dubious event, but you can easily warm a wolf in sheep's clothing. No one will give a guarantee that she will not merge secrets with common acquaintances in a friendly way, embellish, and maybe even speculate. If a guy maintains a relationship, then it is possible and necessary to communicate, but on neutral topics, not allowing him to get far into the soul. Conversations about the weather will be just right. As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Step seven

Be interesting, first of all for yourself. The expression "how it should be interesting with a person if he is bored with himself" is just the topic. Learn something new, try interesting recipes, get carried away with calligraphy, in general, occupy yourself and develop in different ways. This will add confidence, and will attract the beloved with a magnet.

He will be bursting with pride that his girlfriend is so beautiful and clever, and jealousy, because interesting, charismatic people are immediately noticed, including the opposite sex. This will be much more effective than making silly attempts to create unwarranted jealousy with ingenuous tricks.

how to be the best girl for a guy
how to be the best girl for a guy

Step eight

Sex in a relationship plays an important role. And if the couple is quite young, then one of the first. It's no secret that sex is more important for men than for women. Therefore, varied and regular intercourse only helps to strengthen the relationship. It is not worth keeping your boyfriend on a hungry leash because of some grievances and misunderstandings. This can play a very cruel joke, and no matter how you have to bite your elbows from your own rashness.

Step nine

In no case should you ask him to stop communicating with his ex-girlfriend, especially in an ultimatum. Firstly, he will not listen, and secondly, the girl automatically signs her insolvency. Third, it looks silly. Better to spend more time together.

Step ten

Probably, he will voice the shortcomings of the past relationship, and what he lacked from the ex. Here is a direct guide to action, to give in a relationship something that was not in the past.

can you be better than the former
can you be better than the former

According to an Internet poll, guys in relationships lack attention, care and, oddly enough, a sense of their own worth. No, of course, at first all this is present, all the girls admire the chosen one, but after a while, everything disappears somewhere. Consumerism appears: “you should”, “are you a man or where”, “and if you loved me” and so on. Therefore, you should pay special attention to your partner, namely the psychological side of the relationship. And if suddenly there are attempts to compare, then the advantage will clearly be on the side of the current girl, and the question of how to become better than the ex-boyfriend will disappear by itself.

When entering into a new relationship, you need to understand that everyone has had, have and will have former ones. And he seeks to prove to them and in parallel to the second half who is better, not productive and extremely short-sighted. It is unnecessary to drag the train of the past into a new relationship. Let the exes remain in the history of life. After all, a new one is being created here and now. The choice has been made, and how the relationship will develop does not depend on the former. More confidence and everything will work out.

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