Marriage: The Reverse Side Of The Coin Or Why You Need A Stamp In Your Passport

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Marriage: The Reverse Side Of The Coin Or Why You Need A Stamp In Your Passport
Marriage: The Reverse Side Of The Coin Or Why You Need A Stamp In Your Passport

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How girls strive to get married. It seems that the female sex is born with this thought right away. She has not yet had time to shout in the delivery room, and already sees herself in a white dress. Nursery groups in kindergarten are full of wives and husbands. All life is saturated with just one marriage. But is it worth breaking the fifth point on the British flag? Is it very important to have a ring on your finger and a stamp in your passport? What does a woman gain and what does she lose by changing her surname?

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  • 1 Already unbearable to marry
  • 2 Marriage? No thanks!
  • 3 Incompatible concepts
  • 4 Financial matters
  • 5 Dry residue

Already unbearable to marry

The logical conclusion of adolescence and the beginning of a mature, conscious life is marriage. This suggests that the person took place, made his final choice of a partner and decided to continue his family.

In rainbow dreams, a happy marriage is imagined, in which peace and love reign: “a purring cat, a hard-working husband … And the kids in the house of a horde … This is happiness! There is no sweeter one … ". Do you still remember this song from the famous cartoon? I guess, yes. Together, everything is easier: to raise a house, raise children, and while away old age, and in general, a person is a herd creature. Actually, the pluses of marriage, and indeed, marriage, end there. And what about the bottom line?

Marriage? No thanks! 2

If a person lived much longer, for about 50 years, then the institution of marriage would be useful. But in the modern world, marriage or marriage only interferes, not always, of course, but in most cases. How many desires and perspectives were buried under a heap of pots and diapers?

Typically, marriage is between the ages of 18 and 25. It's the very time of a person's formation as a person. But what happens if not everything is done?

Example: early marriage, 18 - 20. As a rule, you can forget about getting an education. It is very difficult to combine family life and study. Men are most often confined to college, and the university remains for an indefinite future. And even if there is an opportunity to get a higher education, it is often not what one dreamed of. For women it is even worse: having children for a long time cuts her off from the possibility of obtaining an education and building a career. Of course, we can say that children are happiness, but not in this world and not at this age.

why is marriage needed
why is marriage needed

Even if a woman has managed to get an education, she can hardly find her place in the sun. Children are obligated both with a schedule and with the possibility of sick leaves. Employers are extremely reluctant to hire young female employees with small children, which is quite justified: either they get sick, or there is no one to leave with, that is, the likelihood of a new decree. In addition, many need experience in this activity, but it simply does not exist.

Another problem of early marriage is the realization that the next person is not the right person. Years go by, the worldview changes. Having sat on maternity leave and stupefied with diapers, a woman goes to work and seems to take a sip of amazing moisture. Naturally, a handsome man from the next department appears, and then the husband becomes a cuckold. Carrying a woman to all the bad. According to statistics, the number of unfaithful wives is practically the same as that of revelers-men.

Incompatible concepts3

Freedom and marriage are incompatible concepts. Few of those stamped can afford an occupation according to their interests. Men often lose the opportunity to fish or drive them to hunt. And the point is not that the wife forbids, other priorities appear. No, if this is not a hobby, but a means of family's survival, then not a single wife will lie on the doorstep, on the contrary, she will kick them out and give them a penny on the road, and even with an empty backpack, they will not let them on the doorstep. In all other cases: a welk on trampolines with a child under the arm.

why get married
why get married

Gatherings with friends or girlfriends also fade into the background. Either "Masha is a fool, she has a bad influence on you", then "I brought my morons again ?!" A very common situation. And speech about stag and hen parties is generally prohibited. You need to work hard to get permission to "party".

Financial matters4

There used to be one wallet, now two. And it seems that according to the logic of things, there should be more money. After all, both bring a salary, but for some reason, the wallet, having become common, empties much faster, and there is absolutely nothing left for their own needs. Paradox! Yes, of course, many couples immediately agree that everyone has their own budget, and they discount for accommodation and large purchases. But this is only the first time. Then “Give, borrow, pay…” begins. And gradually, this decision comes to naught. Money wanders from one hand to another and runs out very quickly.

The question arises? How so, one was enough and even remained, and two are not enough?

downside of marriage
downside of marriage

Dry residue5

So it turns out that marriage or marriage is a good thing. But for some reason in practice it turns out that it doesn't hurt, it is necessary. Before 30 years early, not everything has been accumulated, not the whole base has been collected, but after 30 years it is too late. Because the reproductive system is also weakening, and it is hard to share the earned and do not want to, and breaking the usual way of life is troublesome. Is marriage necessary then at all? It is up to each individual to decide, and the choice to make only his own. Caesar's Caesar …

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