6 Signs You Don't Need A Serious Relationship

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6 Signs You Don't Need A Serious Relationship
6 Signs You Don't Need A Serious Relationship
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dating without serious relationship
dating without serious relationship

Human society is developing at a rapid pace. And if, in the distant primitive times, a man - a breadwinner made himself a constant life companion solely so that she would wait for him in a cave and fry the meat of a mammoth hunted for hunting (in fact, many modern men bring a woman to their house for this very purpose).

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  • 1 A world called Business
  • 2 It does not oblige to anything
  • 3 Personal freedom
  • 4 Lack of financial investments
  • 5 No responsibility
  • 6 Hike to the registry office is canceled
  • 7 Which gender prefers an open relationship
  • 8 Signs That Your Relationship Is Not Serious
  • 9 Spontaneous dating
  • 10 Avoiding dating family or friends
  • 11 Lack of plans
  • 12 Lack of common life
  • 13 Lack of status
  • 14 Ending a date

Later, the society developed and its representatives began to talk about love to the grave and fidelity. Then, fully confirming the scientific theory of the spiral development of the universe, unobtrusive relationships came into fashion again. One has only to remember the numerous royal maids of honor and pages. But do modern people need acquaintances without serious relationships? Who prefers to start a relationship without obligation.

A world called Business i

The crazy pace of modern life simply leaves no time to establish normal, human relationships. Romantic relationships, love, business “sharks” simply have no free time for all this. Moreover, this applies equally to men and women.

After all, at first glance it seems, well, what's wrong How much time does such an elementary feeling like love take? But it turns out that love takes a lot of time. Romantic relationships involve dates, common lunches and dinners, bouquets (and you also need to buy them in time). This is no longer taking into account simple communication. Only at first glance it may seem that phone calls do not take much time. In fact, the opposite is true.

And even if you do not talk with the chosen one (s) for a long time, then the phone that rang at the wrong time can "scare" an important thought. And it is also unlikely that it will be possible to end a romantic telephone conversation quickly.

Here's a way out - you need to make acquaintances without a serious relationship. Then, they do not commit to anything and the same telephone conversation can be ended with a short "I'm busy (busy)". If all the necessary accents in the relationship were placed correctly, the interlocutor simply has no right to be offended. After all, there shouldn't have been a serious relationship.

It is not binding2

Dating without obligation is great for people who don't want to be responsible for someone else's life. And in a serious relationship, it is simply impossible to do without it.

why meet without a serious relationship
why meet without a serious relationship

Therefore, some refuse them because they are simply afraid to take responsibility, and some because they simply do not know how, and even does not want to take care of others. In both cases, this scenario offers obvious advantages:

  • Independence
  • Lack of material waste
  • Exclusion of liability
  • No fear of being ringed

Personal freedom3

Don't say so, but many homo sapiens prefer independence. Such a peculiar “I do what I want. I want, I work, I want to sleep, I want to go for a walk or to a restaurant, but I want to - and I spend the whole day on the sofa watching TV. " If the relationship with your partner is serious, you won't be able to behave like that.

In any case, you will have to listen to the opinion of a permanent partner. Not only will you need to agree on your actions, but you will also have to report.

where they meet without a serious relationship
where they meet without a serious relationship

Well, at least the answers to the questions “where have you been, why did you stay late and when will you return” (this is at least) will have to be prepared. Many people don't like this in a serious relationship.

Lack of financial investments4

Oddly enough, in some cases, it is the lack of financial obligations that is the main reason that many men prefer to initially strike up an acquaintance without a serious relationship.

Everything is simpler in them, they do not oblige to anything at all. Don't like your companion to walk in the park without a bouquet of flowers in her hands? Well, let it be, because without any problems you can find a woman who will like such walks.

No responsibility5

This point is akin to the previous one. Only here we will not talk about material spending, but about investing feelings - emotions, experiences and responsibility. In a free relationship, all of this can be avoided.

who meets without a serious relationship
who meets without a serious relationship

It's every man for himself here. And if your partner didn't call, don't worry and worry. Maybe he is busy, maybe he forgot, or maybe he just does not have the mood to communicate. After all, the main thing in an open relationship is that no one owes anything to anyone.

The trip to the registry office is canceled6

Oddly enough, this aspect applies not only to young, not yet fully fledged young men who simply believe that it is too early for them to go to the registry office. In this case, the guys consider it more appropriate to first graduate from college, then make a career and move to their own apartment and only then start a family and, accordingly, a serious relationship.

In some cases, when a young man grew up next to an authoritarian and domineering mother, he may simply follow her and not build a serious relationship just because the mother will not approve of it. This is only in romantic melodramas in such cases, the guy, slamming the door, goes with his beloved "to live in a hut." In life, unfortunately, often everything happens quite differently.

But this is about young people. As for fully grown and accomplished men, they do not want to go to the registry office for completely different reasons. Some of them are afraid that a woman will "claw" solely on their condition. Others, being inveterate womanizers, do not want to start a serious relationship just because they are not tied hand and foot.

Who needs dating without a serious relationship
Who needs dating without a serious relationship

Such men like the situation “where I want to turn there” much more.

What gender prefers an open relationship7

Considering an independent free relationship, one cannot fail to mention that representatives of the stronger sex prefer them. This is not surprising, because the breadwinner does not have to "carry the mammoth" with his constant companion. Now you do not need to waste time trying to kindle a fire, you can cook semi-finished products yourself without any problems. And there are many alternative options - ordering pizza at home or going to the nearest cafe.

In the case of the fairer sex, the situation here is somewhat different. Being inherently the keeper of the hearth, she on a subconscious level is looking for a man who will only be her companion.

Of course, the modern world has made its own adjustments and many women, completely forgetting their nature, lead an independent lifestyle, deliberately refuse a series of pots - socks and a vacuum cleaner. But, fortunately, such ladies are in the minority.

Signs the relationship isn't serious8

Whatever the reason is that one of the partners is not going to start a serious relationship, if the decision is made, then it is almost impossible to convince him in this case. Only true, pure and sincere love can help in business.

about dating without a serious relationship
about dating without a serious relationship

But, if she does not count on the fact that such a relationship will eventually develop into marriage, it is completely in vain. True, there are certain signs that there is no need to plan a trip to the registry office. All of the above applies equally to men and women. So, the signs of a windy relationship:

  • Spontaneous dating
  • Avoiding dating family or friends
  • Lack of plans
  • Cohabitation
  • No status
  • Mandatory Ending Date - Sex

Spontaneous Dating9

If the relationship is not serious, spontaneity is one of their main hallmarks. That is, words such as “meet, call, write” do not have any precise meaning. The partner does not specify either the time or at least the date of the proposed meeting or call.

dating without serious relationship
dating without serious relationship

He (she) may disappear for several days, or even weeks, and then unexpectedly show up and immediately invite you to a movie, a restaurant or just to visit. This directly indicates that the companion is far from the first place in his own life, and this simply does not happen in a serious relationship. It turns out that there is nothing to do and he decides to call Masha, Katya, Irina in order to brighten up the resulting loneliness.

Avoiding Dating Family or Friends10

This point is completely natural. If the relationship is not serious, why burden yourself with an extra burden in the form of relatives. If a serious relationship is planned, then they definitely want to introduce them to their chosen one (s) as soon as possible into the circle of family, friends and acquaintances. And if in the first case it can still be attributed to the severity of the father or mother, who will one hundred percent take a new acquaintance negatively, then, in the case of friends, this number does not work.

After all, it turns out that instead of showing off his choice to friends, the partner simply hides his relationship. There are two options in this case. In the first, he (she) does not consider the relationship serious. Second, he is ashamed of his partner. Here you still need to understand and figure out which of these options is worse.

But, in any case, such "hide and seek" unequivocally indicate that the relationship in a couple does not oblige anyone to anything (no matter how painful it was to one of the partners). Yes exactly. The most annoying thing is that in most cases, only one in a couple strives for a non-binding relationship. Cases when independence suits both are, unfortunately, very rare.

meet without serious relationship
meet without serious relationship

Likewise, if the partner not only does not seek to acquaint the lady with his relatives, but is categorically against himself, he personally meets her family. This also speaks of a reluctance to start a serious relationship. Why should he, in this case, be in vain to hypocrite once again "shines". He already knows that relationships are short-lived, why, in that case, burden them with unnecessary acquaintances. Instead of drinking tea and buns in the company of grandparents, there is a much more enjoyable time. For example, a cozy hotel room.

Lack of plans11

According to the famous psychologist Elena Kuznetsova, men initially do not particularly like to talk about the future, and even more so to plan it. Dreaming about a house, a car and a white Labrador is more typical of the fairer sex. But still, if the relationship is serious, at least some minimal thought about a joint future should "seep" from the cache.

Just do not confuse the joint plans for the future, expressed by a respectable wealthy man, with the naive conversations of fledgling young men who are ready to dream about everything at once (by the way, with everyone in a row).

Lack of common life12

The cherished phrase for many with a proposal to move together should be heard in the first six months of the relationship. If this did not happen, only one conclusion suggests itself - the relationship is windy and does not smell of seriousness here.

dating without serious relationship what is it
dating without serious relationship what is it

And it's not about where the couple will live - with him, her or in a rented apartment. The main component of the passphrase is together. After all, with your beloved man (woman) you want to fall asleep and wake up in the same bed, you want to constantly be around, take care and be surrounded by care. If such desires do not arise, it is quite logical to assume that the relationship is not serious.

Lack of status13

An equally important aspect is the lack of an “official” status. If at a chance meeting with a friend on the street the companion is not presented as “my boyfriend, Lesha (my girlfriend, Lena)”, this directly indicates that the relationship is not serious and no one is going to advertise it. Even worse, when, at such a meeting, the companion is simply called a friend or girlfriend.

Ending Date14

If no matter where the date took place, it invariably ends in bed, a completely logical conclusion suggests itself. Relationships are needed solely to satisfy sexual desires.

Of course, this is an optional indicator and, it is quite possible that both partners are striving for intimacy, but there are alarming notes in this and it is still worth thinking about.

what is dating without a serious relationship
what is dating without a serious relationship

Putting this whole puzzle together, you can definitely draw accurate conclusions about how serious the couple's relationship is. And then, everything depends on the partners themselves. Someone may be happy with a free flight, but someone should break off relations and start looking for true love.

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