Why Men Love With Their Eyes: What Does Science Say?

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Why Men Love With Their Eyes: What Does Science Say?
Why Men Love With Their Eyes: What Does Science Say?

Video: Why Men Love With Their Eyes: What Does Science Say?

Video: Why Men Love With Their Eyes: What Does Science Say?
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why do men love with their eyes
why do men love with their eyes

If a question arises, including why men love with their eyes, a modern man looks for an answer on the Internet. And here, what the Internet said, it will be true.

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  • 1 Without science anywhere
  • 2 It all starts in the head
  • 3 Psychology will explain everything
  • 4 Genetic memory is serious
  • 5 Male logic
  • 6 The people want to know!

I recall an episode from the Soviet film "The Groom from Miami", when one of the applicants claimed that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. And it doesn't matter that a man doesn't think so or doesn't want to eat. Said - through the stomach, so so be it! Is this not the case with the conventional wisdom that men love with their eyes? And what is the general point in this phrase?

Nowhere without science i

Scientists in developed countries often take various aspects of the life of human society as a basis for research. The issue of relations between a woman and a man, including love through the eyes, was no exception.

At the University of California, a study was conducted that found out why men love with their eyes. It turned out that inside there are chemical reactions that affect behavior. When his gaze is fixed on female beauty, the body produces two hormones, without which a man's life is not a joy - testosterone and cortisol.

The first pleases the owner with high spirits, male health and vitality. And the second, on the contrary, tames the raging emotions and brings a feeling of blissful peace. And he and the other hormones, being produced, make a man happier. So looking at a beautiful woman is not only pleasant for men, but also useful. That is why they look, or, in other words, love with their eyes.

It all starts in the head2

And here's another statement. Researchers show that men and women have differences in the location of the centers of the brain that affect attraction. The male center is associated with vision, the female center with hearing. An excellent confirmation of the theory that a man loves with his eyes and a woman with his ears!

Psychology will explain everything3

Psychology is also a science. But sometimes psychologists change the scientific and social views. It is understandable, because the subject of study here is a person, a very, very unpredictable being.

At the end of the 20th century, a new branch of psychology appeared - NLP psychology (NLP - neurolinguistic programming).

So NLP psychologists do not understand at all why everyone says that men love with their eyes. They argue that men, like all normal people, are subdivided into visuals, audials, and kinesthetics.

men love with their eyes
men love with their eyes

They differ from each other only in one - the most significant channel of perception of the surrounding world. For visuals, these are eyes, for audials, ears, for kinesthetics, sense of smell and touch. So only male visuals love with their eyes, and they are about 45% of the total. For others, it is not so much the beauty of a woman that is important as her scent, purity of skin, timbre of voice.

So, the statement that men love with their eyes is already divided in half.

Genetic memory is serious4

Some researchers talk about the importance of genetic memory.

It has long been required of a woman to conceive and bear offspring. For which, of course, health is needed. If she was ugly, crooked, or with poor skin, she doesn't smell healthy. Men avoided this.

And now the appearance speaks volumes. For example, a girl is overweight. It can be assumed that she lacks the willpower and consistency to lead a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, such a girl has neither physical nor moral health. She cannot give birth to a healthy child, and she won’t make a man happy either.

how men love
how men love

If she follows her appearance, then a lot of good can be expected from her. In theory. Surely, these thoughts do not flicker in the head of a man who glanced at a woman. But subconsciously, he makes a choice between attractive and unattractive in favor of the former for these reasons. In this case, the choice of a loved one with the eyes is a logical explanation.

Male logic5

The eyes are more truthful and logical than the ears. As they say, it is better once … Words can skillfully lie. What the eyes see is more often called reality.

And here one more psychological moment of “love with eyes” comes to mind. Men are more logical and rational creatures than women. Therefore, just words are not enough for them, they need visual evidence.

men's logic
men's logic

Suppose a girl and a guy met on the Internet. Phoned. She told him that she had good looks. The guy will believe it only when he sees it himself. His masculine nature teaches such logic. In this sense, yes, he loves with his eyes.

In ancient times, a man had one task - to impregnate as many women as possible, to own them. But those days are over. Nothing, there is always a way out - to own one, but to see many others in it.

Therefore, it must be the best. But do not invite everyone to have a heart-to-heart talk with their woman! It's much easier to convince everyone that his is the best when she is beautiful. Therefore, the first rule of how to attract a man's love is to look after your appearance! It immediately becomes clear that the man is cool and wealthy. And now let everyone around him love his woman. But only with your eyes!

And so it has always been, at all times. Men want to look at the beautiful, get carried away with it, idolize, write poetry and paintings. And in this sense, female beauty is the most refined and attractive pleasure. That is why all men look at beautiful women. They watched and will watch. But love has nothing to do with it.

who attracts men
who attracts men

The people want to know! 6

Answers to the question: "Why do men love with their eyes?" were obtained as a result of a survey on the streets of Kiev and numerous Internet surveys. What has emerged? And it turned out that almost everyone agrees that a man is attracted by a beautiful female appearance, but he loves a woman for other qualities. And beauty is just a nice addition.

Why do men love gas? Maybe because the internet said so? Maybe someone else. In fact, a man looks at a woman with his eyes, but loves her with his heart and soul. And the appearance of a man can be attracted for the first two or three days, and then something else will be required, much more.

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