How To Understand A Man's Interest In 9 Signs?

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How To Understand A Man's Interest In 9 Signs?
How To Understand A Man's Interest In 9 Signs?

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how to understand a man's interest
how to understand a man's interest

Men are very afraid to show their feelings and carefully hide them. Then how to understand the interest of a man? Of course, there are gentlemen who, at the first meeting, can tell how the girl wounded him in the very heart, how he suffers, and cannot live without such a spouse. It happens. But very rarely. Most often, a man will hide his predisposition to the last. And all because he is afraid of rejection. This is when a person is indifferent, you can hear anything from him and not even pay attention to it, but when a person is dear, then it is scary to hear from him not only the wrong word, but even a different intonation.

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  • 1 Always near
  • 2 Touches
  • 3 Glances, so eagerly, so timidly caught …
  • 4 Specific posture
  • 5 The man is "teased"
  • 6 Smile
  • 7 More examples

That is why girls will have to guess for themselves how their chosen one treats them. And we will tell them how to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings.

Always near i

Yes, if a man likes a girl, he will try to be with her always. Of course, this is not always within his capabilities - there is still work, home life, study, but at the first opportunity a young man in love will be there. Because he is attracted to his beloved, there is no strength to be far away, not to see her, not to hear, not to know what she is doing now.

Therefore, if you are constantly with some absent-minded young man, pay attention to him, maybe this is the person who is ready for you to pluck a star from the sky?

Touch 2

A person who is very well disposed to you will always try to touch you. This will happen against his will, but the hand itself is reaching out to straighten a lock of your hair, touch your hand, take your arm. It is difficult to argue with this, because it is understandable - you never want to be close to the person who is unpleasant to you. And even take his arm or lean against his shoulder and even more so. So, girls, draw your conclusions.

Glances, so eagerly, so timidly caught … 3

Yes, the eternal sign of a man's love is looks. More than one poem has been written about them, and it's not in vain. No matter how the young man in love hides his feelings, his look will certainly betray him. Well, he cannot but look at the object of his desire! And when a young lady now and then catches the glances of the same man, there is no doubt that he is simply in love with her.

How to tell if a guy likes you
How to tell if a guy likes you

Specific posture4

Many signs are repeated in men and women. For example, both men and women follow the subject of their love with long glances, try to attract attention to themselves, and surround them with care. But there are signs that are characteristic only of men.

This is a pose. For example, psychologists are furiously trying to convince us that if a man stands in front of a girl with his hands on his hips, there is no doubt that he is in love! Yes, that's what his “animal roots” say in him. In other words, putting his hands on his hips, the gentleman advertises his most attractive organs. Well, women, of course, should not be indifferent to this. Although … it's best not to tell the macho what his posture means.

The man is "teased" 5

If a girl noticed that the young man repeats her gestures or copies her movements, she should not be offended. The guy doesn't tease her at all. He is in love. Yes exactly. When a person falls in love, he is so absorbed by the behavior of his beloved (or beloved) that he involuntarily begins to repeat her actions.


A smile always betrays a person's true disposition towards you. Yes, not every person who smiles at you is in love with you, but every person in love with you will smile at you. In any case, even if there is no great love, a sincere smile speaks of a wonderful location for you.

A guy's interest in a girl
A guy's interest in a girl

Here are just a few factors that unmistakably indicate that a man likes you.

And yet, any woman herself perfectly understands how a man treats her.

A few more examples7

  • increased excitability. Imagine this situation - guys are sitting friends, talking about something with interest. And suddenly a familiar girl approaches them. All the guys first jump up, greet her, give her the best seat, and then they all calm down a little. But one is looking for the best place for this girl, constantly asks, should I bring her some tea? Or maybe run to the pavilion for juice? Doesn't it blow her in this place? By the way, there is an amazing blanket … And all the time this young man fusses, jumps, flickers … It's clear that this caring guy has long been in love with this girl. And, most likely, she has known about it for a long time too;
  • sometimes, this also happens, a guy in love, in order to hide his real feelings, begins to cover them up with excessive harshness, rudeness or pickiness. The most striking example of our parents - girls who liked them, most often pulled their pigtails, took away their briefcases or somehow offended them. This is a childish display of affection. That is, the boy wanted to attract attention to himself, but he was afraid to be ridiculed by his friends, and to be rejected by the girl herself, therefore such rude methods were used. There are also men who grew up "out of knapsacks", but in their hearts they remained fearful boys, therefore, they show their attitude towards their beloved woman like this;
The guy is interested in the girl
The guy is interested in the girl

desire to appear good. And yet, in most cases, a man in love will show his best qualities. Therefore, he will begin to monitor his appearance, so he will try to get ballet tickets (although he did not know before which side they enter the Bolshoi Theater), so he will invite you to a restaurant (and spend a month's salary at a time), so he will start giving compliments that I haven't spoken before

A man in love changes. And it's hard not to notice. How to understand that a man is hiding feelings? Just be careful and you will definitely notice it.

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