6 Reasons Why A Man Ignores A Woman - Behavioral Psychology

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6 Reasons Why A Man Ignores A Woman - Behavioral Psychology
6 Reasons Why A Man Ignores A Woman - Behavioral Psychology

Video: 6 Reasons Why A Man Ignores A Woman - Behavioral Psychology

Video: 6 Reasons Why A Man Ignores A Woman - Behavioral Psychology
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Relationship drama is a dream come true for teenagers and those raised by love stories. An ordinary person wants stability and tranquility. That is why the question of why a man ignores a woman he likes should be resolved as quickly as possible. But for this you need to establish the true reasons for the cold behavior on the part of the nice guy.

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About beautiful women and boyfriends

A beautiful representative of the female part of the planet is forced to endure excessive attention to her person all her life. At school, this is pulling the pigtails, at the institute - regular invitations and impudent "tackles". Even in public transport and entertainment establishments, she will be the object of simultaneous admiration and attacks. Such a girl learns from childhood to respond sharply and aggressively. This does not stop self-confident guys, but more calm people repel.

Now it's worth considering the opposite sex. Insolent boys grow up to be polygamous and seductive men, and their more modest peers grow up into decent but shy guys. In whom female beauty is subconsciously perceived with something cold, and inspiring self-doubt (he remembers how effectively this beauty sewed hyperactive gentlemen).

That is why girls with a more modest appearance get married faster, and in the same club they will quickly be taken apart for a dance. Why does a man ignore a woman he likes? - he may simply be a hostage to stereotypes that all beauties are cold "assholes" who have exaggerated demands.

guy ignores
guy ignores

This is just one of the possible answers to the question. But in order to find out the real reason, it will be useful for the girl to analyze many options.


When a man trite does not understand what a woman feels for him, the lack of experience is to blame. Now, the situation is taken as a constant when a guy understands hints, but does not react to them. This reaction may be due to unwillingness or unwillingness to start any relationship:

  • Perhaps the lady is in too much of a hurry with her desires. A handsome young man may not be responsible. As if he is ready for sex, but there is no courtship and life together.
  • The girl did not even give the opportunity to make a decision herself. Excessive pressure can be unpleasant, and therefore silence will be the response.
  • A young man just needs time to weigh the pros and cons. Especially "quick-thinking" individuals can take a lot of time.

Decisive women sometimes "go too far" in their attempts to demonstrate their sympathy for the opposite sex, which makes the young man feel insecure. No, it is possible to take the first step (and sometimes it is necessary), but here it is important to correctly dose your initiative and observe the response.

how to attract a guy
how to attract a guy


If a guy likes a lady, but he does not make any attempts to become closer to her, excessive modesty often becomes the culprit. Such men see hints, but subconsciously try to give them a deliberately incorrect explanation.

There can be many reasons for insecurity: character traits, self-esteem lowered by the past girl, psychological problems from childhood, etc. Even if he likes a lady, he will feel insecure being around. Complexity can be observed in many modern guys.

Ignoring is one of the defense mechanisms of the psyche. If a girl causes embarrassment in a guy (due to his insecurity), the mind will try to avoid her, so as not to stress the body. The beauty herself is not to blame for this, here a man needs to overcome his imaginary inferiority, albeit with the help of a psychologist.

Girl replays4

The reason why a man ignores a woman he likes may be the behavior of the beauty herself:

  • Keeping a man at a distance for too long. To laugh off invitations and compliments.
  • Communicate only when she wants to.
  • Regular disappearances without explanation or reason.
how to get a guy
how to get a guy

If you play with your own independence, it will infuriate any normal guy. Pride will not allow such a relationship to endure for a long time, a person will simply go overboard and try to forget about the lady.


What if a woman is wrong in her assessment? Maybe feelings, and were once, but have disappeared without a trace. Before asking the reasons for a cold attitude, it is worth looking at the situation from a different angle. A sober look is able to bring understanding, perhaps the guy has only friendly feelings for the opposite sex.

Various people6

Sometimes guys are simply afraid to directly refuse a girl interested in him and begin to avoid her. The reasons why a man ignores a woman he likes is the following facts:

  • Different position in society. If a girl is the daughter of a director of a reputable company, and the guy is a simple factory worker, the latter will most likely try to "disappear from the radar" so as not to feel shame and awkwardness.
  • One of you is smart, well-read and well-educated. And the other partner is too naive, and does not have an interesting outlook. Not everyone wants to be burdened by an uneducated partner.
  • Too big requests. If a woman in conversations likes to talk about her considerable needs, it will strain even a wealthy young man. It would be better for him to disappear than to check on himself whether he can pull it or not.
what to do with ignore
what to do with ignore
  • Too eccentric. If a lady finds inspiration in quarrels and is not averse to practice throwing dishes, you should not expect a warm relationship from a man.
  • Past baggage. The gentleman may be embarrassed by the beauty's past relationship, or rumors about her. Also, the boyfriend himself, perhaps, is married, or has such skeletons in the closet that can shock any woman.

The best way out of such a situation (as in many other difficulties) is good old talk. Do not press the unfortunate person against the wall and knock out a confession, but in a favorable atmosphere ask an interesting question, without tears and pity.