Why Doesn't A Woman Want A Man? 11 Reasons And What To Do

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Why Doesn't A Woman Want A Man? 11 Reasons And What To Do
Why Doesn't A Woman Want A Man? 11 Reasons And What To Do

Video: Why Doesn't A Woman Want A Man? 11 Reasons And What To Do

Video: Why Doesn't A Woman Want A Man? 11 Reasons And What To Do
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Why doesn't a woman want a man
Why doesn't a woman want a man

Now this sweet moment has come, the guy is in anticipation of passionate sex, ready for love pleasures, and the partner clearly makes it clear that she is not in the mood for lovemaking. Why doesn't a woman want a man?

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  • 1 Fatigue
  • 2 Relationship problems
  • 3 Workaholics don't want sex
  • 4 Health problems
  • 5 Gadgets away
  • 6 Boredom
  • 7 Quarrels between partners
  • 8 Lack of attention
  • 9 Fear of getting pregnant
  • 10 Dissatisfaction with yourself
  • 11 Taking medication

There can be a large number of reasons, because every situation and woman is special: personal, subjective and relationship problems. Scientists have found that 30-40% of people around the world experience a lack of sexual desire for several months a year for various reasons.

Let's look at the most common reasons why couples don't have sex. And overcoming these barriers will provide a man with a 90% chance of making love.


The term does not mean the classic concept, when a woman has worked over, she needs to take a breath. Since, according to sexologists, this is the most effective way to get rid of stress and cheer up. From somewhere, strength immediately comes.

This is a state of chronic fatigue that has accumulated over a long time. This can include stress: moving, exams, changing jobs, the death of a loved one. Life changes can lead to a lack of sexual desire: financial problems, childbirth. Why does stress override sex drive?

If a woman has difficulties with children or worries about other people, then her head is filled with thoughts about current problems. A woman does not feel erotic, she takes the role of a mother, daughter, employee, and not at all a mistress. A bad mood, melancholy, on the contrary, cause her an increased desire for intimacy.

During nervous tension, the hormone cortisol is produced, which quenches sexual desire. If a woman experiences chronic fatigue, stress - she needs help, improve her condition, shift a little responsibility onto strong male shoulders.

Men can say: No, we did not agree so. Marriage is free and affordable sex. At any stage of building a relationship, a guy must invest in creating sexual desire in a girl. In the beginning, these are gifts, attention, romance, and then also a common life and responsibility.

Relationship problems2

If there is no sex in your union, think about whether everything is smooth between you. Few women experience overwhelming sexual desire, like men. 1-3% of the population are completely asexuals (people who are not capable of experiencing sexual attraction).

Most of the fairer sex depends on the moral side of the issue, that is, the relationship with a man is important to them. At the stage of falling in love, incompatibility in views and sex is not striking. A huge amount of hormones enter the human body, which push them to intercourse and conceive children. But falling in love passes and scrupulous moments are found.

Workaholics don't want sex 3

When a couple is young or people have just met, their busy schedule does not interfere with lovemaking. But in the middle age of partners, when they are in permanent, long-term relationships, sex fades not even into the background, but by 10. A woman's day is scheduled by the minute, she is busy at work, all in business and worries, then after such a grueling labor day for feats in bed, no strength, in fact, physical strength.

If there is a terrible team at work, the boss is a despot, difficulties in his own business or a huge household, moral strength is also lost. Intense work is not conducive to the joys of life. Therefore, there are difficulties in relationships.

wife does not want a husband
wife does not want a husband

The higher the position occupied by a woman, the less sexual activity she exhibits at home. All energy is used to guide and direct the wards.

Psychologist Alina Kolesova assures that a woman's sexual desire is absolutely independent of the age of partners or the length of the relationship. An active intimate life can be at an older age, and often young couples have a boring and monotonous sexual program.

Health problems 4

At the initial stages of the disease, when the manifestation is invisible externally (no temperature, runny nose, loss of strength), sexual lethargy occurs. If a woman has abruptly lost her sexual desire for a partner, this may indicate hormonal disorders, heart disease, gastrointestinal tract disease and, in general, any health problem.

A malfunction in the body is reflected in sexual activity. Therefore, if everything is smooth in the relationship, there is no stress, you cannot ignore possible ailments, you need to be examined by a doctor, consultation with a sex therapist will also not be superfluous.

The woman really experiences unpleasant discomfort and malaise due to female characteristics. If her critical days are hard, she does not want to relieve pain with the most useful medicine, please her with chocolate, hot tea and other signs of attention.

because of what a woman does not want a man
because of what a woman does not want a man

A psychological disease, depression (its mild manifestation is seasonal blues) can completely turn a woman away from her partner.

Health problems can be influenced by other factors:

  • Nutrition. For a full-fledged intimate life, a woman, like any person, needs a balanced diet. If there is overeating or a frequent occurrence for the fair half - a diet, then the body receives an insufficient amount of nutrients and is not able to provide energy for sexual desire.
  • To increase sexual desire, it is worth adjusting the girl's diet, adding aphrodisiacs: bananas, asparagus, oysters, celery, walnuts, raisins, figs, and prunes.
  • Lack of physical activity. If a woman leads a sedentary lifestyle, does not play sports, then congestion in the pelvic area accumulates in the body, the muscles become squeezed. Lack of physical activity affects intimate attraction.

Advice! Sport saturates the body with oxygen, accelerates blood circulation, and increases sexual activity. Invite the girl to roller-skate, bike, skate, run, swim. Or as a last resort, take a walk in the park. New experiences also help to increase libido.

Sex is also a workout, to keep the desire high, they need to do it regularly. And over time, increase the load in the form of variety, games, the use of additional accessories and anything that can prolong the attraction between partners. "Every night needs a different menu." (Honore de Balzac).

a woman does not want a man
a woman does not want a man

Sleep. Everyone should sleep at least 7 hours, a woman is no exception. If she rocked the child all night and does not want to have sex with her husband, then the reason is that she just falls asleep on the go. And the body's basic need for sleep is its main goal. Is it good for a girl to sleep at night only for one reason - because of having violent sex

Gadgets away5

Modern people cannot imagine their life without computer games, social networks and television. The parallel world draws girls in, and there is no time for live communication with your partner. When women follow the life of famous people, live someone else's life and emotions, then there is not enough space for their interests. The way out in this situation is to limit technical devices, the appointment of a fixed time.

To begin with, of course, you need to realize this dependence. When a person does not understand that he is paying more attention to the virtual world than is necessary, then when he tries to pull it out, he begins to get angry. Therefore, if a girl does not want to devote time to your sexual pleasures, try to captivate her with yourself, make life rich and interesting so that she becomes better with you.

Boredom 6

Why doesn't a girl want a boyfriend
Why doesn't a girl want a boyfriend

Family life over time becomes monotonous, monotonous and resembles groundhog day. All events take place in a circle: work, home TV, sex twice a week or on schedule. Sheer monotony. In the relationship between partners, you always need to make an effort. To burn a sexual fire of love, toss firewood into it.

Start by creating new experiences: a shared pastime, a romantic trip for two. Arrange surprises, do unusual things, offer to do things that you did not think before. Surprise a woman and she will surprise you with her sexual desire. A woman is generally a grateful creature.

Special attention should be paid to sex itself. If from the day of the first meeting of a man and a woman, lovemaking takes place according to the classical scheme with monotonous poses, and even in pitch darkness, then over time any person will lose sexual desire and will sabotage intimacy in every possible way.

To do this, try something new, bring freshness to your thoughts. Many men think that it's time to rob a sex shop, do sadomaso, fisting, active role-playing games and other daring things, do not rush to decisions. Although the Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud argued: "Sexual deviation can only be considered a complete lack of sex, everything else is a matter of taste."

Often, a change in the man's sexual behavior is needed to satisfy a partner. As far as he satisfies a woman, this event, where he thinks only of himself, may simply be unpleasant for her. And she does not caress and does not bring to orgasm. Pay more attention to foreplay, update the set of poses.

Why doesn't a woman want a man
Why doesn't a woman want a man

It is pertinent to mention the statement of Bernard Werber: “Shyness was invented by men so that women would not dare to talk about their desire to experience orgasm. Perhaps all women want to make love all the time, but their upbringing does not allow them to talk about it."

In order to become liberated, you can watch films for adults and adopt some of the tricks of experienced lovers. Listen to your partner, she may not need all your efforts and in the end ask directly.

Quarrels between partners 7

The transition from violent scandal to passionate sex after a quarrel is a fiction of romantic comedies. In fact, an offended, upset, angry girl does not perceive her opponent as a lover until he takes the first step, apologizes or realizes the seriousness of the situation. She doesn't want to be touched even after the incident is over.

You should not blame the woman, this is due to biological law. When distrust is manifested by rejection of body contact. Faina Ranevskaya said about this: “Understand once and for all that the character of your woman is a reflection of your attitude towards her. For those who do not understand: it is not she who is a bitch, it is you who are dumb.

Why doesn't a woman want you
Why doesn't a woman want you

Lack of attention8

If a woman does not receive enough attention, care and affection from a partner. It's about when a man has free time and the opportunity to pay attention to his soul mate, listen, help with something, there is an opportunity to please her with flowers and gifts. But he does not do all this, ignores requests. Her sexual desire disappears, and instead there is dissatisfaction with her man and rejection.

Fear of getting pregnant 9

Often a woman does not want to have sexual intercourse with a man so as not to get pregnant. After all, no one method of contraception provides 100% protection. If this is not necessary for the girl at this stage of her life, sex is stressful and she will try to avoid intercourse.

Dissatisfaction with oneself10

When a woman undergoes changes in her body: she underwent surgery, recovered, stretch marks appeared, her breasts lost their shape after pregnancy, it is quite logical that she does not feel sexually attractive. In order not to show her defects once again, she will avoid intimacy.

It is known that a woman may not want sex even after 15 years of marriage. For example, she found herself gaining weight. And thoughts about unattractiveness prevent you from finding the state of being a true woman and experiencing sexual desire.

the girl does not want a boyfriend
the girl does not want a boyfriend

It is difficult for a man to imagine that his wife does not want him due to the fact that she has added a few pounds and now plans to lose them and conquer him with the beauty of her body. At the same time, a woman does not show such attention to her husband's body, after a few years of relationship, he becomes her family, regardless of appearance.

In this case, the man must convince her otherwise, with compliments, attention, admiration, or pay for the services of a plastic surgeon, cosmetologist, psychiatrist (if the complex is far-fetched). As Oscar Wilde said: "Men can be analyzed and discussed, but women can only be adored."

Taking medication 11

Some drugs have a side effect - decreased libido. These are antidepressants, pain relievers, antihistamines. A woman needs to replace the remedy with a similar one without side effects.

If a woman does not want a man, but feels sympathy for him, a way out can always be found. For this, the partner needs to be attentive to his soul mate, to give confidence in his feelings, love and care. Then the woman's heart will open and be filled with tremendous sexual desire.

But why the guy does not want sex (yes, this also happens), you will find out in our next article on the link.

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