Modern Views: The Attitude Of A Man To A Woman With A Child?

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Modern Views: The Attitude Of A Man To A Woman With A Child?
Modern Views: The Attitude Of A Man To A Woman With A Child?

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Watching Hollywood films, one can come to the conclusion that they teach us right from the TV screens that children from another marriage do not interfere with new relationships, but even, on the contrary, help to strengthen our feelings. But is it? And how to find out how a man treats a woman with a child? Ask him about it directly? Option, but not the fact that the answer will be true.

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To understand this issue for female representatives, a study will help, as a result of which it was found that men generally have a negative attitude towards a woman with a child and they even named some of the reasons for this behavior.

The main reasons why men do not like women "with someone else's load" i

The logic of men is a very strange thing. But, nevertheless, in order to find out how a man treats a woman with a child, one must understand how he thinks and what conclusions he draws for himself. So, let's begin.

Reason one2

The simplest one. The whole problem for a man in this case is directly in the child or children, if a woman has two of them at once, or even three. A man likes a woman / girl, but does this mean that he should take care of her child / children from another man because of his sympathy? In the course of the survey, it turned out that men do not believe that this is necessary. And women, for their part, immediately consider such men to be selfish.

But men are by nature and are selfish creatures. His main task is to ensure the continuation of his OWN family, and not the education of an ALIEN. Women like to say to each other: "What does it matter for a man, is it his child or not?" For a man, this means a lot, they are women, they don't even know how much!

It is natural for a normal man to educate his children, teach them skills, give knowledge and pass on their genes. And the acceptance of someone else's child in itself is contrary to male nature. For a visual understanding, you can give an example even from the kingdom of animals: a lion kills the children of his female, which she had from another male. That's the whole essence of nature.

Views on a woman with a child
Views on a woman with a child

For a man, someone else's children are a constant reminder that before his chosen one belonged to another. And not every man will be able to constantly live with such memories.

And if women condemn men for their unwillingness to accept them with other people's children, then it is worth asking them a completely logical question: "Are they ready to build relationships with a man who has children from another?"

Reason two3

A man who marries a woman or simply decides to live together expects that with his arrival a new family will be born in the house and a new life will begin. But if a man enters a family in which there is already both a woman and a child, then of course he will no longer create what he wanted so much, and moreover, in such a family the woman will be the main one, not he. And this is simply unnatural.

In other words, in such a relationship, the hierarchy deteriorates from the very beginning, in which only the man should be the main one. A man who enters a family that consists of a woman and a child / children realizes that his pride has been severely damaged. Over time, he comes to the realization that a woman dominates in their relationship.

how does a man treat a woman with a child
how does a man treat a woman with a child

A smart man always understands that by taking a woman with a child, he automatically puts himself in third place. And it will turn out well this way. Sometimes in such a family there is another person - this is the woman's mother. Right there, you shouldn't count on at least some significant place in their family ladder.

How will a man react to a woman with a child if she offers him a life together? Only negative! Especially if she has a son, about whom she always says something like this: "He is my favorite man, and everyone else is just goats."

But don't forget that there are exceptions. It is possible that the relationship between a divorced woman with a child and a man will turn out very well. But this can happen only if the woman has very strong and serious feelings for him, and is ready to change her priorities, giving the man the first place in the leadership of the family.

Reason three4

When discussing how a man treats a woman with a child, one cannot but mention the financial side of the issue. A man, having met a woman who immediately tells him that she has a child, understands that there is a possibility that he is just an additional source of income. And how sad it is to talk about it, but it's true.

Attitude towards a woman with a child
Attitude towards a woman with a child

Most women really want to build a relationship with a new man in order for him to help provide for the child, because it is difficult for herself.

In this case, the man feels himself a "cash cow", and besides, he feels that his personal needs and desires are not taken into account at all.

As you can see, men have a very negative attitude towards women with a child. But there are those who will look at this, as they say, from a positive side. Very often men accept other people's children, and even rejoice at the opportunity to participate in the upbringing of a new man.

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