35 Signs A Girl Likes You

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35 Signs A Girl Likes You
35 Signs A Girl Likes You

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How to understand that a girl likes you
How to understand that a girl likes you

A lot has changed in the modern world, and this concerns not only technologies, but all areas of our life. And here is the case when I am glad to be unchanged. He and She are still looking for each other, although both have changed their ideas about themselves and the world around them.

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  • 1 How to understand that a girl likes you on a non-verbal level
  • 2 How to understand that a girl likes you on a verbal level
  • 3 What does a girl do if she likes you?
  • 4 How to understand that a girl likes you on social networks

So much so that the fear of rejection revived again. So it was in the old days: a man rejected by a woman could find himself outside the community, and this almost always meant certain death. Now everything is not so deadly, but fear lives on. And just come up and ask if you like it or not. Then how do you know that a girl likes you?

There are many ways to understand this:

  • non-verbal;
  • verbal;
  • behavioral;
  • actions on social networks.

The most important thing is to take your eyes off your own navel and look around. But if you don't have a lot of experience with girls, these tips will help.

How to understand that a girl likes you on a non-verbal level

Indeed, no matter how she hides her location, this will certainly manifest. Although, in general, psychologists try to be careful about talking about non-verbal signs sent by girls. They are very shy, they went, and even if there is no non-verbal, this does not mean that there is no falling in love. Here and understand these women!

Although there is one rule that unites all signs of a woman's love. How do you know that a girl likes you? Easy! If a girl in your presence changes her behavior, in any direction, this is almost a 100% sign that she is not indifferent to you.

Do you doubt it anyway? Then here are some non-verbal signs for an attentive man:


Oh, those treacherous lips begin to dry as soon as the object of desire appears on the horizon. How to keep from licking? And when that's not enough, nibbling? It looks tempting.

Older or more experienced women will only smile when their eyes meet you. Here, do not flatter yourself too much. This is not only a sign of sympathy, but also a light, meaningless flirtation, habit and even neglect. So the smile is different.


It is not only a mirror, but also a very emotional instrument. If the girl looks at you calmly, looking away during the conversation, this is hardly a good sign. But if you intently, but as soon as you turn around, look away, then you can already talk about something. And if she threw a quick and burning sullenness and turned away sharply, leave doubts.

An important addition - if a girl's pupils dilate, then do not lower your eyes and do not react indifferently, because these are already serious emotions. Just find out which ones.

How to tell if a girl likes you
How to tell if a girl likes you

The girl will follow the subject of sighing with her eyes. And as soon as you look at her directly, he will lower his head, but look coquettishly from under his eyelashes.

A bolder girl will "eat" your eyes. Whether it's pleasant or not, it's up to you to decide, but there is definitely something behind it.


Tries to face you. If you entered the room, and she changed her position, turning to meet, then she likes you.

Body position

She tries to “sell” herself profitably. For example, not just sitting, but slowly and erotically throws her legs over her legs.

But this does not end there. On the foot on top, the shoe begins to swing, and then completely slides off. And the feet at this time are deployed in your direction.

Playing with hair

A purely feminine movement! Here is not just sympathy, but flirting, enticing. Curling your hair around your finger, throwing it back with a sharp motion, playing with a lock are all considered sexual appeals. Decide for yourself how to answer it.

There is one more movement - throwing the hair to the side or back so that the neck is exposed. This is not only a desire to show her beauty, but also a subconscious posture of defenselessness. By this, the girl shows that she wants to trust you, is not afraid and wants to get closer.


But what hair! If passion slowly captures nature, then you want to touch not only your hair, but also the whole body. The girl touches her lips, neck, and some other part of her body. Whether she does it consciously or not, it shows that she wants you to do it. Of course, if you ask about it directly, she will ardently object to such a seditious thought, she may even be offended, girls are quick to do this.


But scientists say that verbally (in words) we have learned to lie masterfully, even to ourselves. And truth finds other ways to express itself, and this is non-verbal. It is not without reason that it is believed that in this way people transmit more than 55% of information. Just accept!

Unexpected pose

In the sense that, as it turned out, a normal person would not take such a pose. Only the one who wants something from the interlocutor. It is about the fact that the girl clasps her hands behind her head, while opening the usually closed areas of the armpits. This is already a screaming pose of defenselessness. And she screams about trust in you, and a request for protection.

Gesture and voice

It has already been said above that today's girls are as shy as before, and maybe even more. And already in the stage of falling in love, bashfulness goes off scale. It is then that various, almost reverse processes take place. For example, a voice. It gets higher, louder and richer in intonation. It can also be accompanied by loud laughter, which is not always adequate. Everything in order to attract attention.

It's the same with gestures. There is a lot of it. These are all signs of insecurity in the presence of your god.


But this sign can be looked at in two ways. This is also a call, and very obvious to you, but it can also be unconscious. In any case, the conscious or unconscious discovery of the body will not leave you indifferent. You will certainly see a dress that has slipped off the shoulder and a skirt that has lifted up by chance. All this is for you.

Of course, there are many more non-verbal signs of interest in you, but these are quite enough to conclude that a girl likes you.

How to understand that a girl likes you on a verbal level2

Obviously, a girl who likes a young man wants to communicate with him. How does she communicate when in love?


In a conversation, he will definitely try to find out if you have a relationship. A negative answer will clearly please.



Your dialogue will not be limited to football: "how are you", "great, and what about you?" No, she will be interested in everything connected with you - views on what is happening, people and events, family, your mood. And you will not hear routine questions that are not expected to be answered, but sincere interest.


In a conversation with you, she will always be on your side, support you in any disputes and conflicts.


A very pleasant and dangerous sign for you. A girl in love with you will laugh at all your jokes, even not the most successful ones. This is nice, because it raises you in their eyes. And it is dangerous, because with further communication this skill disappears, she no longer laughs, as before, at everything you say. And you're already used to it!


Communication is a very important part of our life. Everyone needs it. But how to communicate if interests are different? This is not to be feared. A girl in love will be keenly interested in any topic that interests you. If you talk about football or cars, she will listen carefully. This is where you better remember about compassion.


And she will always be available for communication. If you call or write on the network, he will definitely answer.


He will tell you about himself, his plans, feelings, attitude to something, hobbies, preferences. And, again, do it sincerely, in detail.



The more daring girl will go forward to the embrasure. And he will pay compliments! Did she tell you something like that before? Not? Then don't waste time reading articles, call her on a date!

One thing is indisputable - interest. No matter what the girl says, it all has one vector - you. If so, do not let doubts into your life, but boldly move forward!

What does a girl do if she likes you?

Having penetrated with feelings for you, the girl begins to act. Sometimes it happens unconsciously, sometimes consciously. But there are special signs of behavior that put everything in its place. Here they are:

Where you are

The girl wants to be where you are. There are a thousand prepositions, and they are all so convincing!

She also wants to be closer. Of course, she won't dare to throw herself on her neck, but during a conversation she will lean forward, as if she wants to hear better, but in fact she just burns with a desire to visit your intimate area. A bright and clear sign of sympathy.

The taste of touch

She tries to touch you. In general, this feature is important to know, since psychologists tell us that we strive to touch any person we like. On the contrary, if the person does not like it, then the interlocutor will resort to any tricks, just to avoid touching.

So, if she touches you, and more than once, you can safely smile back at her. If, of course, there is a desire.


If the interlocutor is to his liking, the person will unconsciously copy the movements. Try straightening your hair or something in your clothes. Did the girl do the same? Feel free to invite her on a date!

How to tell if a girl likes you
How to tell if a girl likes you

Such a simple and meaningful smile

Nowadays, people have so many worries and worries that they walk about completely immersed in all this, but to the extent of liberty. But if a girl smiles at you, moreover, just like that, not in response to your joke, you have a reason to think in her direction.

Style change

The girl began to dress differently? No wide, shapeless sweaters, just flattering clothes? A clear sign that her heart is not free. Together with other signs, it can mean falling in love, a desire to show oneself in a favorable light.

Request for help

Some men call this "making himself a victim." In fact, there is nothing insincere about this. On a subconscious level, a woman is always looking for protection and patronage. And it is quite natural that she expects this from someone who likes. There is no lie in this. Sometimes a girl suddenly notices how she begins to drop and break everything in the presence of a man. Weakness itself comes from somewhere, and it falls or slips where it has never done it before. This makes you look at the person next to you with different eyes.

In this case, the girl will ask for help. And there wouldn't be anything worth paying attention to. But she wants help to come from you, and not from someone else. But this is just very important in the development of relations. Shows not only what you like, but also that she agrees to let you into her life. This is no longer just a game of sympathy, feelings are much more serious. Again, you decide what to do with it.

Play with feet

The feast will be accompanied by a game with all available items - a glass (especially with its leg), decorations, a telephone. The movements will be slowed down, as if in thoughtfulness, smooth, sexy. You cannot fail to notice and appreciate them. Remember only one thing. This is not a sign of sympathy, this is a call to action, sexual play. Are you ready? Then into battle.

How to tell if a girl likes you
How to tell if a girl likes you


If a girl likes you, she can go for a provocation. For example, start flirting with another guy in front of you. How do you know if she's doing it for you, or just flirting with someone else? Just. If for you, then it will be important for her to understand exactly your reaction. Then he will throw short glances in your direction. And when he sees that you are not indifferent, he will smile and straighten his shoulders.


She will introduce you to her friends. Gladly agree to a meeting at which he will not be picky and capricious. Do not be upset that you went wrong or that you are doing the wrong thing. She's good everywhere with you.


She is genuinely interested in you and your life, worries if something does not work out, seeks to help and support, shares interests. You know, these are no longer signs, it's just a feeling. And this is not just a hobby, this is what people call love. The smartest thing you can do if you like a girl too is to maintain that attitude. It's worth a lot these days.

Despite the fact that psychologists assure that these signs are almost undeniable, they recognize that the human being is so complex in its manifestations that universality and uniformity have always failed. Connect your brains, eyes, ears - everything that is in the arsenal. And then the enthusiasm for you will be easy to read.


How to understand that a girl likes you on social networks4

Social networks have become a part of our life. It is easier for some people to communicate there than in real life. This also happens in interpersonal relationships. Sometimes, when meeting, a girl does not betray her feelings, but she behaves more openly on the network. How do girls in love behave online?

Like this:

  • She often appears on your page, because this creates the impression of closeness.
  • She wants to draw attention to herself, so she likes your posts and photos.
  • Hangs out where you are - subscribes, watches news and other pages. Develops topics that interest you, makes reposts.
  • Writes you messages. And this is not a formal reply, but a heart-to-heart conversation. She so wants to talk about how she feels! And it is for you.
  • May ask for help. Requests may be frivolous, but she so wants to get an answer from you!
  • She is very attentive to your online life, she comments on everything you post, while joking and compliments. Sometimes she even flirts.
  • You can learn a lot about a person by his status. If a girl is in love, then a quote will tell you about it.
  • And if you see photos on her page where you are, this is a reason to think about her feelings.

Perhaps you will have a flash of thought that you don't really need these facts. You are a man, you yourself will choose a woman, you yourself will take care of her. Why do you need to know who you like? And here you are wrong.


The fact is that some researchers divide men into ranks - high and low. A high-ranking man is engaged in a career, business, and other important business that he and this world need. He does not have time for courtship. And he gives the questions of interpersonal relations to the woman. Such men trust only skillful hands, which create coziness, comfort and warmth for him. But in order to find such a woman, he also does not have time. Therefore, it remains only to peer more attentively into the environment and try to understand that the girl likes you.

Low ranking men are not very busy. Having worked out their assigned 8 hours, they are ready to spend the remaining time on courting and conquering. They don't have a question about how to find out that a girl likes you.

What rank you belong to is up to you, how and how to act. Now you know how to understand that a girl likes you!

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