What If The Guy Dumped You? Psychologists Give Advice

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What If The Guy Dumped You? Psychologists Give Advice
What If The Guy Dumped You? Psychologists Give Advice

Video: What If The Guy Dumped You? Psychologists Give Advice

Video: What If The Guy Dumped You? Psychologists Give Advice
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What to do if a guy threw
What to do if a guy threw

Parting with a loved one is a painful process, especially for the “injured” party. Many girls get lost and do not know what to do, if a guy dumped, they start making a lot of mistakes and behave stupidly.

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  • 1 Stay proud
  • 2 Analyze the situation sober
  • 3 Do not be angry
  • 4 Don't make hasty decisions
  • 5 Conversations with girlfriends
  • 6 Avoiding meeting with your ex
  • 7 Ignoring his new relationship
  • 8 Don't project your ex's behavior onto all guys
  • 9 Relaxation from relationships
  • 10 After a breakup, what can you do to ease your suffering?

To prevent this from happening, it is enough to heed the advice formed by psychologists from all over the world. The girls they worked with received peace of mind in a short period after the breakup by following a few guidelines.

Stay proud i

Whatever the parting - a sincere conversation or leaving "in English", it is necessary to let the young man go and not interfere with his decision. Trying to return him with tears and tantrums, the girl will only cause pity or push her ex even more.

It is necessary to understand that life does not end after parting, and to remain relatively cool at the time of parting.

The calmness on the part of the girl will leave the guy confused. It will also help her to feel confident in the future, because she came out of such a difficult situation in the most favorable light. And remembering how she sat in snot and tears in front of her abuser would be ashamed and unpleasant.

Analyze the situation soberly2

Yes, getting drunk after breaking up is one of the most popular "resurrection rites". In fact, this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. First, under the influence of alcohol, there will be a high temptation to call your ex and yell at him, or burst into tears, or even accidentally mix up the numbers and call the teacher.

Secondly, after a happily spent night out, morning will come, and signs of a hangover will only worsen an already shaky state. But what if one of your mutual acquaintances sees a former girlfriend in an inconspicuous form? Gossip and discussions will begin, which will surely reach the former.

actions after breaking up
actions after breaking up

Don't be angry3

It would be better to wish your ex-boyfriend all the best and block the number, page (or leave with your head held high) than to fill him up with reproaches and nasty things. This does not mean that ex-lovers will never be able to communicate again in their lives. It's just that at the initial stage, the girl must recover from the resentment and resentment that she wants to throw out into his eyes.

If you start to insult a man, he will only make sure that he did the right thing by parting with the lady. Therefore, it is better to wait out the period of "storm" in the soul somewhere far from it.

Don't make hasty decisions4

It's about an offer to stay friends. It is clear that this will be a desperate attempt to stay close to a guy for whom there are feelings, but it is better to think in advance, will such a friendship bring pleasure to both?

Initially, it will be difficult to change the format of the relationship. The girl used to walk with the guy by the hand, and now they just walk alongside. Previously, he always kissed her goodbye, and now awkwardly hugs or hits the "five." This will upset the fairer sex. What happens if your ex finds a new girlfriend? Then even more trauma cannot be avoided.

It's better to wait after the break. Time will tell if the couple can date again, already as friends.

tips on what to do if a guy dumps you
tips on what to do if a guy dumps you

Conversations with girlfriends5

Not your ex-boyfriend! In the company of close friends, you can discuss this unpleasant story, listen to words of support in response, and that will be enough. Do not forget that friends can also have problems, and it is at least not decent to focus all attention on their troubles. Talking about your ex can annoy and annoy your friends, no matter how much they want to help.

In addition, if you often discuss the act of your beloved, you will not be able to quickly forget it. Memories will hurt once more.

Conversations with loved ones will help to survive the tragedy, if it is gossip, discussion of fashion trends in clothes, hobbies, etc. Conversations are the easiest tool for forgetting your ex.

Avoiding meetings with your ex6

Many girls dress up and appear as if "accidentally" in the place where their ex is. Most likely, this will lead to new disappointments. After all, you can see that he is fun and quite comfortable without a soul mate, that he communicates with other girls and, in principle, feels great.

What to do if a guy threw
What to do if a guy threw

The girl, who had roared into the pillow for a week before, will get even more stress and again close herself under the covers, with a package of saving chocolate (and more!).

It’s best to do what you enjoy. For example, go to a movie with your friends (preferably not a melodrama, but an action movie or science fiction), attend a concert, spend a day in a beauty salon.

Ignoring his new relationship7

If the breakup happened due to the appearance of another girl, you just need to score. Interfering with the new relationship of her ex, the girl only strengthens their connection, because they have a common "enemy". Every time you have thoughts of your ex-boyfriend and rival, you need to quickly get distracted by something.

Prepare food, read a book, go to a group fitness class, take a walk with a friend, etc. This will help you quickly forget the traitor and start life from scratch.

Don't project your ex's behavior onto all guys

You can't jump to the conclusion that all men are goats, judging only by their ex. If this were so, then there would be no happy couples in the world. It is much more correct to look for individual positive aspects in each person.

if the guy left
if the guy left

The body's natural reaction is to be afraid of what caused it pain (both physical and mental). Therefore, girls are often disappointed in the opposite sex and become closed to them. Such behavior can only harm, because you can miss the chance to meet or get closer to someone who is really worthy of love.

Relaxation from relationships9

If a girl is at a loss and does not know what to do, if the guy left, then she needs to be alone for some time. You should not quickly find a replacement for your beloved, or, even worse, stir up your ex with a friend.

A relationship that started too quickly after a breakup is rarely successful. One of the parties always compares the other with the former half, constantly talks about her. And most importantly, the abandoned girl does not have time to analyze what her mistakes were in her past relationship, and allows them again with a new partner.

Well, if you hit on a guy from the company where the couple used to walk together, then in general you can disgrace yourself for a long time. It is better to cut off all contacts with the company altogether, at least temporarily.

what not to do after breaking up
what not to do after breaking up

What can you do after breaking up to ease your suffering? 10

First, don't hold back your emotions by yourself. If you want to cry, then you need to do it, and not repeat to yourself: "I am strong, I will not cry, he is not worthy." Holding back emotions, the girl is exposed to even greater stress, which over time can even turn into a disease. Therefore, it is normal to express emotions.

Second, focus on yourself. Make a new hairstyle, play sports, self-development. Plunge into study. Thirdly, if the separation is very painful and difficult, then do not neglect the help of psychologists. Then there will be no questions about what to do if the guy left, and a new life will begin very soon.

If you are interested in knowing what to do if a girl has left, follow the link further! We will tell you all about it!

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