10 Signs Of Toxic Relationships Or How To Get Out Of The Swamp

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10 Signs Of Toxic Relationships Or How To Get Out Of The Swamp
10 Signs Of Toxic Relationships Or How To Get Out Of The Swamp

Video: 10 Signs Of Toxic Relationships Or How To Get Out Of The Swamp

Video: 10 Signs Of Toxic Relationships Or How To Get Out Of The Swamp
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not normal relationship
not normal relationship

Have you ever been interested in the statistics of marriages in Russia? The prospects are drawn truly not rosy. Every second family union ends in divorce. The reasons for this are endless, because all people are different. Someone cannot stand their husband's alcoholism. Others are not satisfied with the distribution of responsibilities in the family. Still others are tired of carrying on their shoulders all material responsibility for their loved ones. Often there are marriages where a man beats his wife and raises his hand to children.

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Since childhood, we all dream of endless love. We paint ourselves a picture of an ideal relationship filled with mutual respect, trust and care. With age comes the understanding that such a development of events, if possible, then not forever.

Most people give up when they realize that a relationship involves a huge titanic work on the part of both partners. It is not uncommon for one of the participants in a romantic relationship to act as a toxic partner. We can look at a couple from our point of view, and call their relationship sick. And at the same time they will be completely satisfied with the events taking place with them.

The fact is that many women and men are unable to assess their family life rationally and objectively. When parents try to explain to their daughter that she shouldn't work two jobs while her husband is trying to paint. This most often causes negativity in their direction. If friends tell their friend that his woman is using him as a credit card, he is likely to show painful aggression.

It is difficult for each of us to admit our shortcomings, to open our eyes to problematic issues in relationships. It is especially difficult if you love your chosen one very much. In this case, he is deified, equated to the face of the saints. His name can not be denigrated either by friends or close relatives. Perhaps Ivan will soon become a great musician, everyone around just does not see his talent. And let this Ivan dropped out of music school after a month of classes. The main thing is that the wife believes in him, and at this time he is taking a break from the mortal routine.

sick relationship
sick relationship

Today I would like to outline 10 of the most typical signs of sick and toxic relationships. Perhaps you will find yourself in them, or your partner. Not all of these relationship traits are negative. There are a lot of people in the world for whom difficulties in love give tremendous pleasure.

Olympic Racei

There should be no room for competition in the relationship between a man and a woman. If people constantly arrange a race, then they will cover the distance allotted to their love, much faster than originally intended.

Some women seek to prove to their men that they are a complete unit in a relationship. That is, without the help of a husband, they can earn substantial amounts, and also dispose of them at their own discretion.

This usually happens if the girl had a bad relationship behind her. She could be completely dependent on the ex-man in the material aspect. Or he daily criticized her mental abilities, passing on the impossibility of female self-realization in the profession.

The problem is that a man rarely seeks to tie the knot with his boss. In his woman, he wants to see a kind and affectionate companion of life, and not a rude hysterical middle manager.

signs of a sick relationship
signs of a sick relationship

It is common for women to bring all the negative received at the workplace into their home. In a team, she does not want to seem like a mentally unstable person, as this can harm her career advancement, ruin relations with her subordinates. But at home there is a devoted husband who so far earns less than his wife. And then it begins. Instead of a pleasant evening together with a delicious dinner and watching a movie, you start a competition.

Even the most ridiculous arguments are used. You plunge into the abyss of exploits in domestic matters. Who washes the dishes more often? And who won last month in the nomination “I take out the trash regularly”. By and large, there is no difference who does what more often. The distribution of responsibilities in the family is best built on the principle of "who has the time and opportunity." Then there will be no competitive moment. The main thing is that both partners treat this responsibly.

Energy Vampirism2

A harmonious relationship means that both partners act positively on each other. From spending time together, you are filled with new emotions, strength and desire to create in all other areas of life are added.

Quite often the opposite situation occurs. Someone alone turns out to be a real energy vampire. What does it mean? The partner constantly expresses his dissatisfaction, tries to provoke a conflict, does not try to smooth corners or compromise.

Regular squabbles exhaust even the strongest individuals. When you come home to your loved one, you absolutely do not want to sort things out. But the energy vampire needs only that from you.

victim of sick relationship
victim of sick relationship

He probably works less, earns little money, feels flawed somewhere else. To cover the lack of emotions, to increase his own self-esteem, the vampire begins to bully the person who least of all expects an attack. Recharged with negative emotions, he or she sets out to carry out his own affairs in a good mood.

The victim is left alone. The state is lousy, you feel completely empty. The phrase "squeezed lemon" is now one hundred percent clear. There is neither the strength nor the desire to do something useful, even for yourself.

Vampirism is always practiced by insecure people. Perhaps they were once seriously offended by someone, the boss made a fool in front of the whole team. A person does not have enough willpower and internal reserves to survive a problem situation on his own, to take experience and benefit from it. It is for this reason that he arranges reprisals against his soul mate.

The culprit of all troubles3

If your partner is showing aggression, run. When you hear accusations against you, analyze the adequacy of the claim. Blames you for all imaginable and unthinkable sins - do not give him the opportunity to instill in you a sense of guilt.

Most often, a strong half of humanity suffers from such a toxic quality. It is quite difficult for them to admit, even to themselves, that the case ended in failure only through his fault.

claims in a sick relationship
claims in a sick relationship

Men who have been unable to realize themselves in the profession for a very long time blame their wife for this. Like, if it were not for you and our seven children, I would now perform at Eurovision instead of Sergey Lazarev. And so I had to go to the plumbers to feed your hungry tribe.

If conversations can be ignored, then assault cannot be ignored. The man beats - don't even think about forgiveness. Domestic violence is like a drug. He tries, feels his own impunity and is drawn into the process.

Regardless of gender, realize a simple truth - you can never be the culprit of a huge number of human failures. All this is empty chatter and senseless excuses for their own laziness, incompetence and irresponsibility.

Unsuitable on all fronts4

This point of our conversation is a bit similar to the previous one. Only here we are talking about the fact that you are regularly presented with claims for all sorts of reasons. Everything can start with little things, like an unopened tube of toothpaste or things scattered around the room. It is quite possible to justify these discontent, to work on oneself, and not to commit in the future family life.

manipulation in sick relationships
manipulation in sick relationships

But it's not that simple. Over time, the toxic partner starts digging into the bullshit. I got old, lost weight, got fat, got stupid, and began to cook worse. The list of claims is endless.

If you suddenly fell for the actions of a manipulator and lost weight, for example, be prepared to lean on flour in a couple of months. The best thing that can happen is that it ignores the obvious changes in your figure. In the worst case, it will start to rewind the tape. He will say that before you were more curvy and sexy, and now some kind of board. Get fat, return the chest and butt - he will declare: "Fat."

Partner egocentrism5

Why do we have a family? It is foolish to listen to those who talk only about material comfort, the birth of children and the simplicity of survival as a couple. In fact, a person always strives to be understood and accepted with all its advantages and disadvantages.

self-centeredness in sick relationships
self-centeredness in sick relationships

If the wife only says that about herself, her needs and desires, but she is not interested in knowing about her husband's affairs from the word “absolutely”, then divorce is inevitable. We do not immediately notice when people stop being interested in our well-being and mood. All of this seems normal at first. We are all looking for an excuse for a loved one. Today she was probably tired at the service. Tomorrow meets with a friend, although I have the only day off a month.

We endure the self-centered narcissist day after day. As time goes on, our mood also changes. How can you love a person who absolutely spits on you. He is no longer interested in dialogue. He knows less about our life than his colleagues in the office. The result is a painful break in an equally painful relationship. It is very difficult to break off relations with a narcissist, because he was comfortable with a comfortable coexistence with a kind of servant and admirer.

Total control6

Suppose you are under total control. For all, the boundaries of freedom are located at different levels. Some are quite satisfied that the guy forbade meeting with his girlfriends in nightclubs. Although you do not come there to meet cute foreigners, but just to get distracted and dance to your heart's content. Others are madly enraged if the husband sets restrictions on the height of heels, the length of the skirts and the neckline.

total control in sick relationships
total control in sick relationships

There are couples who regularly hunt each other. They try to catch a partner in infidelity or even a small lie. Hacking of social networks, selection of a pin code for a smartphone, monitoring of the chosen one from behind the roadside bushes are used.

The basis of a healthy relationship is unquestioning trust in your significant other. Those couples who establish surveillance, dictate their own rules and norms of behavior fall apart at the moment when one of the partners can no longer breathe in his cage.

Personal space is vital for a person. The freedom of action should not be limited by prohibitions. People must control themselves on their own. If a man hits his woman for too flashy makeup, this indicates his self-doubt and hidden complexes. It is impossible to force a person to be faithful and outspoken if using aggressive methods. Fight lies with prohibitions - go with a knife into the annoying wind.

Unreasonable jealousy7

A toxic relationship cannot exist without jealousy. Man cultivates this feeling in himself. That is, its nature is purely psychological. We are able to put our nerves on the “stop”, completely trusting our loved one.

jealousy in a sick relationship
jealousy in a sick relationship

When a husband makes jealous scandals because you came home with a colleague who lives in the next doorway, this is already a difficult diagnosis. Seeing a catch in the most insignificant and harmless things is not the best quality for a loving person.

Can't stop being jealous? Consult a specialist, because the reasons are hidden much deeper in you than it might seem at first glance. If this does not help, then you will have to disagree with the object of toxic love. It is possible that in this situation he deliberately acts as an invisible provocateur.

If you want to build a really strong and reliable relationship, there are many rules to follow. The main one is to be self-sufficient, and do not try to artificially limit the freedom of your chosen one.

A person who wants to deceive or betray will do so even with your active resistance. Don't set any boundaries. If they are not there, then the pain from any actions will not come to you.

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